10.8V/11.1V/8800mAh/12Cell EMACHINES G525 G725 D525 battery

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Notebook eMachines G525-902G16Mi is equipped with a beautiful 17-inch widescreen display, which supports the playback of a HD. Possessing a strong central and additional graphics processor, a sufficient amount of RAM and disk storage, this notebook can run on a single charge up to 3 hours. It can be customized to the implementation of various tasks. Thanks to modern equipment laptop eMachines G525-902G16Mi can easily cope with any task, whether it's watching videos, listening to music or playing modern computer games. With support for wireless network access with Wi-Fi laptop becomes interesting to the people leading sedentary lives. Connect with your friends and colleagues on-line now becomes convenient and affordable pastime thanks to the built-in laptop webcam.


EMachines notebook is not very well known to Russian consumers. The domestic market, they were recently. Contributed to this series of acquisitions of some companies in other, resulting in the 2007 Brand eMachines, initially popular and very famous in the U.S., was the property of Acer. Yes, eMachines is now owned by Acer, and this brand are available extra-personal computers, notebooks and monitors. Although some do Acer laptops are among the best in terms of quality / price, it would seem, much cheaper?


Apparently, there is much. And today's guest lab THG, notebook eMachines G725, is indeed a very affordable model in its class. Large notebook with a diagonal of 17.3 "aspires to the role of the working machines in the office or home. Of course, we do not find in powerful components, but the price of $ 600 is very appealing.


EMachines G525 supplied more than the poor. One could say "laptop + box," but no, there is also little documentation. The table below lists all.

Total length of cord is sufficient. Power supply of medium size, not heavy. Battery included eMachines G525 widespread capacity to 4400 mAh. It should last quite a few hours of battery life, although it actually turns out tests will tell.

Documentation set is fairly standard: a brief user's guide, warranty card, a guide to getting started and a couple of leaflets.


First the user must pay attention to the utility eMachines Recovery Management. With it you can create a system recovery disk with the factory settings, the editors recommend THG do immediately. Recovery system on the hard drive there, but, as experience shows, can fail. And then, in the absence of recovery discs may need the help of the service center, but it may cost some money. The need to create a disk is constantly reminding annoying pop-up reminder.


Utility eMachines Games offers users a single interface to dozens of small but highly entertaining toys. Many of them are available in demo versions, but the opportunity to buy a full copy of token money.

Among the third-party multimedia applications can be identified, for example, user-friendly player InterVideo WinDVD. There is also a utility NTI Media Maker 8, which will create a video / audio projects on optical media, and just burn data discs. The interface is very easy and interesting decor.

Preinstalled on the eMachines G525 and tools from Google. Standard side panel can be replaced by Google Sidebar with similar sets of widgets. You can also use the famous search technology to search for locally on the laptop and of course the Internet. To work with web-camera is also present utility called simply - Video Web Camera. You can use it to capture pictures and videos simple.


eMachines G525 comes with the operating system Windows Vista Home Basic. Maybe this option and void the user's media center, and the Aero interface support high-definition video in Movie Maker, but for extra-solution fits perfectly. Naturally, there is a set of preinstalled software.


There is a suite of office applications. To read PDF-files is Acrobat Reader 8. Also on the eMachines G525 can find Microsoft Works and 60-day trial of Microsoft Office 2007.


Do not forget about the vendors and security. For data integrity and backup utility is present NTI Backup. And for general security laptop from viruses and other malicious software on the Internet is Norton Internet Security 2009 from the Corporation Symantec.

EMACHINES G525 Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V
Capacity: 8800mAh / 12Cell
Weight:  420g
Size: 208.42 x 52.82 x 40.00 mm
Color: Black


Delivery test laptop was not impressed us. If things with the software situation is relatively good, with a material component sets all a bit worse. However, making such findings, it is necessary again to recall the low-cost eMachines G525.


It's not so bad, as it might seem. The modern platform Intel Cantiga in the GM45 northbridge and southbridge ICH9-M. This chipset has decent functionality and low power consumption.


EMachines G525 installed in single-core Celeron processor 900. The solution of the budget, does not possess a capacity for a number of problems but it will be more than enough. "Pebble" is based on the Penryn core design with a reduced size to 1 MB of cache.


Two gigabytes of DDR2-667 memory from Micron Technology and many users may not be enough. And if anyone is not - an upgrade will not cause any problems as occupied only one slot in the motherboard. Accordingly, the single-channel memory mode.


Little space - only 160 GB. In this, too, saved by a couple dozen dollars. However, this amount will be sufficient to document a number of films in HD-quality and low Jukebox. Optical drive is quite standard, writes / reads CD and DVD. There is also support double-layer burning.


EMachines G525 graphics card is the integrated adapter Intel GMA X4500HD, having 64 MB of internal memory DDR2. If necessary, the amount of memory can be expanded by another 668 MB from system RAM.


So we got to the most interesting characteristics of the eMachines G525, and the screen. Not only large diagonal and high definition distinguish the laptop screen. Illumination in this model is not traditional, lamp and LED. If earlier this technological achievement was available only in expensive laptops, but now it has gone to the masses by leaps and bounds. LED backlighting allows us to expect a good smooth images with decent brightness. The screen is glossy. This improves the contrast of the picture, but gives a glare in the presence of bright light sources.


Communications eMachines G525-poor - there are only basic network interfaces. Speed ​​wired Ethernet is limited to hundreds of megabits / sec. Gigabit Ethernet is not supported. Wireless WiFi adapter supports both a / b / g. With all the functionality of the chipset, with interfaces and expansion slots are also not a lot. Only two USB ports, audio jacks pair, a standard analog D-SUB to connect an external monitor and a multi "card reader". Here we found another article save. Multimedia capabilities are supplemented faint web-camera with a resolution of 0.3 MP and stereo speakers.

Dimensions eMachines G525 is impressive - it's heavy weight category. Weight of the laptop was 3.8 kg. Such a bag to carry every day is not going to - you can earn scoliosis.


Thus, the manufacturer has saved enough for stuffing - specifications indicate the minimum performance and functionality eMachines G525. Let's look at the design and ergonomics.


EMACHINES G725 Battery Compatible original Battery Code:
AS07A31 AS07A32 AS07A41
AS07A42 AS07A51 AS07A52
AS07A71 AS07A72 AS09A31
AS09A41 AS09A56 AS09A61
AS09A70 AS09A71 AS09A73
AS09A75 AS09A90 BT-00603-076
BT.00603.076 BT.00605.036 LC.BTP00.012


EMachines G525 housing is made of black plastic. The form of the classic, no fashionable decorations, corners slightly rounded. Cover with gloss, but it has a kind of fine wavy embossed. It looks very unusual. In the upper left corner gray corporate logo.


At the bottom of the eMachines G525 visible distinct compartments for easy access to replaceable components such as memory and hard drive. Closer to the battery has the levers with which it snaps into place. Clearly visible on the right cooling fan. The lattice is purely symbolic, as it did not prolong there. There is also a familiar label license Windows, certifying ownership of a copy of the operating system. Shock absorbing rubber feet elevate notebook is not very high and non-slip on smooth surfaces, as well as insulate the body from external vibration. Given all of the above, the editors THG strongly recommends that you install a laptop on a soft and fuzzy surface, so that the ventilation system does not suck into the case of foreign objects into a pile of the rug, or laptop does not overheat due to clogging of the vents on the bottom.


All interfaces are a few input-output eMachines G525 at the left of the user. The closest are audio ports, two USB ports, etc.. Given the large amount of space on the panel, would be the last two ports spread over a greater distance from each other, and they are pretty close to each other. Then you can see the analog video connector D-SUB to connect an external monitor. Toward the back of the - socket Ethernet RJ-45 jack and power.


The lid is secured to the housing eMachines G525 with two spring-loaded hinges. For convenient opening on the upper edge of the lid has a small plastic "tongue". The working surface matt, smooth. Touchpad is shifted slightly to the left, located on the same level with the working surface and a limiting circuit. The large size notebook manufacturer to make it possible the touchpad on a large area, which is very convenient. The keys are slightly lower, are on par with the work surface, flat. The shape of the narrow and long. Present on the surface and stickers. Right on the large label briefly describes the software and hardware stuffing a laptop, and the left are two standard sticker from Microsoft and Intel.

EMachines G525 keyboard is located in a small hollow shell in such a way that the keys are flush with the worktop. Corner keys are rounded, which gives the roundness of the entire keyboard. In addition to the basic type-setting panel of the present digital, full-size, without any loss of the keys. The layout is standard, so long accustomed to the keyboard is not necessary.


EMachines G525 screen bezel is made of glossy plastic. Along the perimeter of the border are rubber gaskets, shock-absorbing contact and cover the body in the closed position. Centered at the bottom you can see the manufacturer's logo, made, as well as on the cover gray. In the right corner indicates the name of the model. In the center is located at the top of a web-camera. Nearby you can see the sticker, which indicates that the web-camera is optimized for operation in low light conditions.


EMACHINES D525 Battery Fit machine:
eMachines D525 series eMachines D725 series
eMachines G430 series eMachines G525 series eMachines G627 series
eMachines G630 series eMachines G725 series


To ensure the strength design of such a large model as eMachines G525, inside should be sturdy frame. Apparently he adds a lot to the total weight of the notebook and provides the proper stiffness. If you even pick up the laptop, holding one end, no squeaks or shifts is not observed. However, the weak point, we still found - in the optical drive tray bottom portion substantially bend. On the work surface with pressure deflections are insignificant, as in the area of ​​the keyboard.
Design eMachines G525 may look and feel for people who prefer minimalism. The materials in the design of low-cost, but at first glance quite reliable. By the arrangement of ports and interfaces are unlikely to have any complaints, although the USB ports can be spread even further centimeter apart. But the placement of audio jacks, in the opinion of the editors THG, very good.

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