11.1V Li-ion ASUS X88 Z99 Battery Review

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  Li-On: Lithium-ion is currently the most widely used rechargeable batteries, cell phone, PDA, notebook computers use lithium batteries are now basically, so this article will focus. So why is this called a lithium battery to do? That is because the battery inside the sake of lithium and lithium ion ASUS X88 Battery with rechargeable batteries than two generations, not only higher capacity, smaller (higher energy density), and it does not exist the so-called memory effect and lattice phenomenon can meet the needs of charge and discharge at any time, it can be widely used.
        Lithium batteries are not without drawbacks, such as expensive, is expendable, if used improperly, serious security problems. Many people buy cell phone or laptop battery  when there are sales staff will advise you how to activate the battery, then we really need this operation?
        Lithium-ion battery when the factory goes through the following steps: educate electrolyte battery shell seal ---- --- --- into --- Constant Pressure Discharge. So successive cycles, so that the full invasion electrolyte electrode in order to meet the requirements of capacity up to, then the battery under the ASUS Z99 Battery's capacity to classify, divide the battery level, so when the battery factory has been activated (Ni-Cd batteries and nickel-metal hydride battery is activated only factory).

   then discharge into the can not recapture the power measured so far. In the course of the discharge can not have charge, because only in the discharge process DCR counts up, charging down the course it will not count.

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