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On a laptop, the display is that it's "face", "face" If no one embarrassing bad, but when purchasing a notebook whether we look at the display in addition to scratch the screen with or without dark spots outside the bright quickly purchased. In addition, in the course of the majority of users do not care how the screen, and even some friends of the use of the environment is very poor, leading to affect the life of the laptop screen.


Now comes life, some users will issue a doubt, something has a use of time, ah, long time friends of course, aging or damaged, replace it a bad screen does not have to. I believe that this method is not very appropriate, because if we usually use when the Medion E6214 notebook is a lot of attention and care about the screen, you can use it longer, even if you replace the screen but also to replace the professional service points, while in replacement process, but also ask what type of replacement screens and price the job.


So you use the laptop screen is the most closely, it's good or bad can affect your health and work mood. Therefore, from now on, you should pay attention to it, so as to effectively maintain good notebook screen. Here we have the most basic technical specifications from the start, with the laptop screen to share with you some thing.


Speaking of laptop replacement screens may have with their friends will say does not matter much, in part because of his friends is less demanding on the screen, make do with the like; the other is to buy a notebook after an external display, but most users still demanding on the screen, after all, to use the notebook screen and you are most closely. So what kind of people need to replace the screen it? Here we take a look.

MEDION Akoya E6214 Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  14.4V or 14.6V or 14.8V
Capacity: 5000mAh / 9Cell
Weight:  380g
Color: Black


Some people will say bad things normal Well, since you make this thing, then sooner or later be broken, so do not fuss. In fact, the remark Tingduo, life is something to be bad, but we can not guarantee in the course of an accident it? For example, accidentally fell a little notebook, the screen was shattered; so many people and very crowded screen by squeezing the case; inadvertently do not know where to put a laptop accidentally stepped on his foot or do a bit more factors cause damage to the laptop screen, so that when an accident happens, we need to replace the screen, of course, I hope that in the course of, or a lot of attention as well.


The quality of LCD panels, said first see it, because the panel will have a direct impact on the viewing screen and the LCD panel also occupy the whole part of the cost, impact the user experience is a key factor, so to choose a good LCD screen, first look at its panel. In addition, the LCD panel to a large extent determines the screen's brightness, contrast, color, viewing angle and other important parameters. However, due to different levels of the various manufacturers of technology, production of LCD panels are divided into several different types: TN panel, MVA and PVA panels such as VA, IPS panel, and CPA panels, on the current notebook market, our common a TN panel and IPS panels.


We say that life is still very concerned about the majority of people use their own electronic products, like a laptop, had to spend thousands or even million purchase, usually with 3-5 years, this is actually a very good sign, are thrifty class of people. But the general use of more than 3 years such as the notebook will appear the problem, took the screen, the screen is now the general life of the market in 3 years or so, if the user does not regularly maintained, then the use of time will be shorter. When our life beyond the screen, the screen yellowing phenomenon often, this phenomenon is the screen auto-aging, although the screen can continue to use, but the user is undoubtedly caused a deep injury, with a very vulgar words, you still have terrible notebook. So over the useful life of the laptop screen also needs to be replaced.

On the current laptop, most laptops are used in resolution 1366 * 768, high-definition screen, generally appear in the million-level notebook, so the majority of consumers, we will not be a high-definition screen and blind The million or more to buy the machine, most people would consider cost-effective, although this type of configuration to the user's needs, but on the resolution, or from the user want to have a great high-definition screen gap, so the purchase of these computers are like their friends, often to replace high-definition screen, so that both save money and can buy the things they like, why not?

MEDION Akoya E6220 Battery Compatible original Battery Code:


TN all called Twisted Nematic (twisted nematic) panels, low production costs make the TN has become the most widely used entry-level LCD panel, in the current notebook market, is widely used. We see more than a TN panel improved TN + film, film, namely, compensation films for TN panels make up the lack of visual angle.


As 6Bit panels, TN panels can only display red / green / blue color of 64, the maximum actual color only 262.144 kinds, through the "jitter" technology to obtain the performance of over 16 million color capability can only be displayed from 0 to 252 gray scale of the three primary colors, so the resulting color is 16.2M color display number information, rather than what we usually refer to color 16.7M true color; with TN panels to improve the contrast of the more difficult, the problem is directly exposed color thin, poor reduction, the transition is not natural.


TN panel is due to the advantages of lower output gray-scale series, liquid crystal molecules tilt speed, response time, easy to raise, but the disadvantage is the low viewing angle, strabismus occurs when the phenomenon of distortion or color cast.


IPS (In-Plane Switching, plane switching) technology introduced by Hitachi in 2001's LCD panel technology, commonly known as "Super TFT". Although Hitachi has led several major manufacturers are producing IPS screen, but in the field notebook, IPS screen is not a lot. In addition, we now use most of the IPS screen is provided by LG.


IPS panel, the biggest feature is its poles are on the same surface, unlike other LCD models in the top and bottom electrode, three-dimensional arrangement. The technical arrangement of the liquid crystal molecules have been optimized to take the level of arrangement, when faced with external pressure, the molecular structure down slightly depressed, but also the whole molecule is horizontal. In the face of external forces, the hard-screen LCD robustness and stability of the molecular structure is far superior to the soft screen! So there is no picture distortion and affect the color screen, the screen can effect the greatest degree of protection is not compromised.


The advantages of IPS panel is high viewing angle, response speed, accurate color reproduction, the LCD panel of high-end products. The disadvantage is the cost too high, the penetration rate is very low.


MEDION Akoya P6622 Battery Fit machine:
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