4000mAh / 6Cell SONY VAIO VPCCA VPCCB notebook Battery test

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SONY VPCCA Series Laptop review:
On the outside, this laptop is very attractive. What now of her womb? Here, unfortunately, things go seriously wrong. Indeed, Sony has chosen a Core i3-2310M to animate his Vaio. It's not a bad choice in itself, but the performance will be more limited than on a laptop with a Core i5. Especially since next display is not better: if the GeForce 410M GT is the same generation as the GT 520M, 525M and 540M (the name is misleading ...), its technical characteristics and hence its performance is less than a GeForce GT 520M already winded. So do not expect miracles from this Vaio!

It does not improve when moving to storage, since Sony has opted for a Seagate drive whose capacity is reduced (500 GB) and whose speed is low (5400 rpm). The amount of RAM, however, is more reasonable: they are two modules of 2 GB of DDR3 1333 MHz who support this configuration.


SONY VPCCA Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V
Capacity: 4000mAh / 6Cell
Weight:  351g
Size: 272.00 x 21.01 x 50.02 mm
Color: Black


The keyboard is in turn a gray area that inspires confidence and brings a real plus in the aesthetic. And the surprises keep on coming: with only 2.38 Kg, the Sony Vaio VPCEH is the lightest 15.6-inch laptops. As for its dimensions, they are also smaller than other laptops in this category. In short, in terms of aesthetics and finish, it's a full house for Sony!

It is a little less enthusiasm, however, regarding the display of the Vaio. It is in the middle of the slabs in this test, and if its shiny colors creates flattering, it is also the source of a large number of reflections.


Finally, the sound from the speakers of this laptop is powerful, clear, and even offers a serious response in the spectrum. It is therefore better than average, but still worse than what can be heard on the ACER laptop, and more on the Dell XPS 17.


There's good and bad in this Sony Vaio. The performance of this model are clearly down compared to other notebooks in this test, due to a pair of components (i3-Core 2310M and GeForce 410M GT) relatively weak. Another complaint of dissatisfaction, the touchpad, too small to provide an ergonomic fit.


SONY VPCCB Battery Compatible original Battery Code:


Fit machine:
SONY VAIO VPCCA Series(All 2011 modle) SONY VAIO VPCCB Series(All 2011 modle)


However, if performance does not interest you, you could crack. Car design is one of the most successful, its weight is low, the keyboard is very good, sound and the display is correct and the autonomy of this laptop is over 4 hours according to our protocol, which puts the Vaio fourth. Almost an achievement given the capacity of its battery (4000 mAh only). One would have expected a little better equipment, but at 500 euros, this is still correct.

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