4400mAh / 6Cell ASUS A32-N71 A32-K72 Battery Tips

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      the different needs of current laptop is different from the 2A ~ 5.4A are small machines need less current, a large machine is greater. Third, each company laptop power adapter interfaces are different, it is difficult general. Therefore can not yet common to all notebook power adapter 
     Although a joke, it reflects the many friends of the use of misunderstanding. In a notebook, the previous design is that if some models are ASUS A32-N71 Battery powered, so even if the AC adapter plug, books, or use battery power, or "charge does not go" phenomenon.

     Specific information for each manufacturer: Standard Smart Battery Data Specfication away some information. This information is only five, different manufacturers are different, the BQ2060 is VCELL1-4 and PackConfigureation. For BQ2085, PackConfigureation the significance and BQ2060 not the same.

     ManufactureAccess, the standard Smart Battery Data Specfication, the manufacturer-specific operations, such as BQ2060's Seal, read and write EEPROM, Calibration, are accomplished by it.
Specific information on the significance of each forum was translated BQ2060 the DATASHEET, this is not repeated.

    Lithium (ion)  ASUS A32-K72 Battery is required to maintain a certain electromotive force to maintain its internal chemical activity. Therefore, to achieve full charge when the full release, generally can charge the previous three six-hour or so.

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