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MSI CR70 power consumption of 0.1W, 12.7W and 47.6W, some of the test data on the market using a similarly configured notebook product compared to the three conditions, the power consumption in standby mode at the same level high load running under the power indicator will have slightly lower than similar products, and test data indicate that this product uses a high-performance parts, so its power consumption to be seen, users enjoy high-performance at the same time, is bound to bear the resulting high power consumption.


Links in this test, we use a FLUKE Ti25 thermal imaging equipment to test this product, heat a test measuring the temperature of the MSI CR70 notebook C surface, the bottom and vents. In tests, we use the EVEREST software, select the System Stability Test, check all items, 15 minutes after the test, we measure the indoor temperature, so that readers have an intuitive understanding of the test data.


Temperature test, our test platform around five points and five-point temperature were 25.7,25.7,25.6,25.2 and 25.5 degrees Celsius, averaging 25.5 degrees Celsius.


From the test results, the C-side of the notebook control of the heat very well, C face only a small part of the regional heat performance, mainly on the left. According to the graph side of the temperature scale, we can see, the temperature of the entire C-surface heat most of the area at about 33 degrees. From the figure we can see everyday use more contact with the left side of the keyboard and palm rest area, the average temperature of 30.5 degrees C surface maximum temperature of 33.6 degrees Celsius. The integrated image shows the C surface of this product with the measured temperature of view, the maximum temperature and average temperature of the selected area are much lower than the body's normal temperature, so we believe that users of this product will be very good and comfortable to use.


MSI CR70 Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V or 11.1V
Capacity: 4400mAh / 6Cell
Weight:  354g
Property: MSI Replacement Battery
Color: Black or Silver


MSI CX70 notebooks, used in this evaluation is to upgrade the configuration of the discrete graphics processor, equipped with a 2670QM processor brand new NVIDIA Geforce 635M discrete graphics card and Core i7. Unfortunately, the aircraft is not equipped with Intel's latest Ivy Bridge platform, but I believe that soon will be upgrading.


Before the start of the performance test, we first AIDA, 64 CPUID tool to look at this Intel Core i7 2670QM processor, it is based on the 32nm process technology, the core code-named Sandy Bridge, clocked at 2.2GHz, the initial use of Turbo 2.0 technologies to accelerate their frequency can be boosted to 3.1GHz, 6MB shared L3 cache, the overall TDP of 45W, and support Hyper-Threading Technology with the latest AVX instruction set.


Hardware configuration, the hardware upgrades this the MSI CX70 notebook equipped with a 32nm process technology, the Intel Core the i7 2670QM dual nuclear processor, equipped with Intel HM65 chip group, Seagate 7200 switch to 750GB hard drive, and a single 4GB of DDR3 1333MHz high-speed memory is configured , graphics cards, the models using the latest NVIDIA Geforce 635M discrete graphics card with 1GB dedicated graphics memory.


Understanding of the basic information of the processor, we use the software CINEBENCH R10 its performance was evaluated, the software on a single processor and multi-core performance gives intuitive score, Fengyun Core i7 2670QM processor soon completed all of the contents of the tests, and ultimately its single-core 4961 points, the quad-core 18017 points, the high-end models of the mobile processor.

PCMark Vantage on its overall performance was tested from each individual achievements, games, music, communication and productivity four major projects performed satisfactorily, which indicates that the product with excellent games, entertainment and office the performance output.

MSI CX70 Battery Compatible original Battery Code:
40029150 40029231 40029683 E2MS110K2002
E2MS110W2002 E2MS115K2002


Recently, ASUS has launched an ultimate thin and light ultra-portable notebook the Eee PC R11CX by female consumers. The Asus uses a more thoughtful design is not only small and lightweight, carry extremely light, the color is also a colorful and charming, a female friend who put it down. Wyatt smart move, light and intimate, Asus Eee PC R11CX touch the feminine heart, providing people with the best reason to choose it.


Under the pressure of fast-paced life, the Asus Eee PC R11CX meet the important requirement of a majority of female friends traveling light and casual. Asus Eee PC R11CX thickest at only 22mm *, the machine weighs only 1kg, whether it is work, meals, or long-distance travel, the Eee PC R11CX slim body can easily zero burden. In addition to the thin outside, the Asus Eee PC R11CX in color is also very lovable, it has four stylish colors: tender red texture is delicate, charming, women appear to be warm and lovely; pearl white is clean and clear, to bring out the pure and elegant women; dream of black low-key classic, reflect women's capable calm; the quicksand brown rich content, women restrained and details of the performance of the head. So colorful, so the majority of female friends who can pick and choose according to their own gas field character, with its own complement each other.


Asus Eee PC R11CX in the configuration, performance is also very good, it is equipped with a IntelN435/N455 processor, 2GB DDR3 memory and 250GB HDD hard drive, with free cloud storage space can experience that can help friends fast, secure storage of large amounts of data and feel the rich experience of the cloud. ASUS Eee PC R11CX with ergonomic chiclet keyboard, ladies can enjoy a great comfort during operation. 10.1-inch screen in the Eee PC R11CX above the built-in 300,000 pixel camera, video call more clear and smooth. In addition, the ASUS Eee PC R11CX has 802.11n wireless network together regardless of the Ladies and Friends, or work outside the home can be ready to connect to the network signal, easy Fun Internet; the Eee PC R11CX built-in Bluetooth3.0 + HS (can be equipped with the election), the efficiency of information transmission is faster and more stable than ever before, more in place; the Eee PC R11CX fuselage built-in two USB ports and an SD multi-function card reader slot, the transmission of data quick and easy. It is worth mentioning, the Eee PC R11CX ASUS exclusive power management technology, SHE, compared to the ultra-portable notebook is similar with the 3-cell battery, standby time up to 4-5 hours (depending on the selected systems may be) makes in providing the ultimate thin and light portable outside to ensure long-lasting joy applications.


Powerful entertainment performance is the Asus Eee PC R11CX another bright spot. Asus Eee PC R11CX Meego operating system pre-installed, default mainstream Website Myzone, gently point to enter the main page, facilitate the ladies visit the website immediately and girlfriends who share their feelings. Asus Eee PC R11CX of cloud computing services is very powerful, portable way to landing, rich audio and video data will lead to the fine ladies and enjoy the colorful world. In addition, for the convenience of the majority of users to download rich software, the ASUS app store to provide the latest search and download of application software, load a simple, safe, at any time can easily in the "cloud" side.


ASUS Eee PC R11CX Battery detail:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V
Capacity: 2200mAh / 3Cell
Weight:  209g
Color: White or Black

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