46Wh / 6Cell ASUS K50A K50C K50I Battery

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Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V or 11.1V
Capacity: 46Wh / 6Cell
Weight:  331g
Size: 120.91 x 81.41 x 19.41 mm
Color: Black


ASUS K50A Battery Compatible original Battery Code:
70-NLF1B2000Y 70-NLF1B2000Z 70NLF1B2000Y
70NLF1B2000Z 90-NLF1B2000Y 90-NLF1B2000Z
90-NLF1BZ000Y 90-NLF1BZ000Z 90-NVD1B1000Y
90NLF1B2000Y 90NLF1B2000Z 90NLF1BZ000Y
90NLF1BZ000Z A32-F52 A32-F82
L0690L6 L0A2016  


Fit machine:
ASUS K50 Series(All) ASUS K50A Series(All) ASUS K50AB Series(All)
ASUS K50AD Series(All) ASUS K50AF Series(All) ASUS K50C Series(All)
ASUS K50I Series(All)
ASUS K50ID Series(All) ASUS K50IE Series(All)
ASUS K50IJ Series(All) ASUS K50IL Series(All) ASUS K50IN Series(All)
ASUS K50IP Series(All)
Is it good or bad to run the laptop without the ASUS K50C battery?”
If the power goes off then your laptop will also go off and there is where your problems can come many fold
First of all you are running your OS which will not like being shut down is such a way
Then the DVD program will also not like being shutdown is such a way.
So if you accidentally knock out the power cord or the mains goes off there could be data errors left on your hard

drive because the read arm is not stopped in the ‘park position’ also the chip set may be hot due to driving the

video and sound devises and then suddenly not having a cooling fan the residual heat could end up damaging those

chip sets


Teach you how to identify cargo posing a new laptop prototype
I of the ASUS K50 of the group, it is nearly 20 people to buy K50 To the present, Although it can not because

this will determine the prototype of a problem, but it certainly is a hidden danger exists relatively large sample,

buy a notebook computer should look, tell is not the prototype.
a. Carefully observe the keyboard and the screen frame in the gap there are more dust, as well as the outlet, used

the machine does not turn the fan is not possible, as long as the fan will run into the dust.
b. Check whether the keyboard and mouse keycap signs of wear, if you use over time, will inevitably leave a shiny

mark on the surface.


Adjust screen brightness:  Adjust the screen brightness as low as your eyes can take and you will see a big

improvement in ASUS K50I Battery life.

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