47Wh ASUS X72D X72F X72J X72V Battery-10.8V or 14.8V

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Do not store batteries for long periods plugged into or attached to any power source. This includes AC adapters and laptop security carts plugged into an outlet.


ASUS X72D Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V or 14.8V
Capacity: 47Wh / 8Cell
Weight:  337g
Size: 154.27 x 80.47 x 21.07 mm
Color: Black


It is recommended to utilize the thermistor during charge and discharge to protect the battery against over heating. The thermistor can be measured with the Ohmmeter. The most common thermistors are 10 Kilo Ohm NTC or 10kOhm at 20°C (68°F). NTC stands for negative temperature coefficient, meaning that the resistance decreases with rising temperature. A positive temperature coefficient (PTC) will increase the resistance. Warming the battery with your hand may be sufficient to detect a small change in resistor value.


ASUS X72F Battery Compatible original Battery Code:
07G0165A1875 07G016WQ1865 15G10N3792YO
15G10N3792T0 70-NFU1B1000Z 70-NFU1B1100Z
70-NFU1B1300Z  70-NSQ1B1100PZ 70-NSQ1B1100Z
70-NSQ1B1200PZ 70-NSQ1B1200Z 70-NU51B1000Z
70-NU51B2100PZ 70-NU51B2100Z 90-NFU1B1000Y
90R-NTC2B1000Y A32-F70 A32-M70
A41-M70 A42-M70 L0690LC L082036


The SMBus battery has five or more battery connections consisting of positive and negative battery terminals, thermistor, clock and data. The connections are commonly unmarked and attempting to test this type of battery appears complicated. Figure 2 describes the functions of a battery with 6 connections.


ASUS X72J Battery Fit machine:
ASUS X72 Series (All)
ASUS X72 Series ASUS X72D Series ASUS X72DR Series
ASUS X72F Series ASUS X72J Series ASUS X72JK Series
ASUS X72JR Series ASUS X72V Series ASUS X72VM Series
ASUS X72VN Series ASUS X72VR Series


Laptop batteries, including those stored in laptop systems, should maintain an Operational Storage Temperature of 0° to 35°C (32° to 95°F).


ASUS has a rigorous qualification process by which all ASUS batteries are validated to ensure proper function, performance and safety. Some non-ASUS batteries are available in the market with claims of compatibility with ASUS systems. ASUS cannot verify these claims, nor the safety of using them in a ASUS system. ASUS strongly encourages our customers to use only ASUS X72V Battery advertised as appropriate for their laptop model. Only ASUS laptop batteries come with a 1-year warranty, are engineered for optimal safety and performance for ASUS systems, and are supported by ASUS technical support for the length of the warranty period.


Anyone attempting to repair SMBus battery must be aware of some non-compliance. Unlike other tightly regulated standards, the SMBus allows some variations. This may cause problems with existing chargers and the SMBus battery should be checked for compatibility before use. More information on SMBus is available on If the cells are weak, cell replacement makes economic sense. While nickel-based cells are readily available, lithium-ion cells are not sold on the open market. This precaution is understandable when considering the danger of explosion and fire if the cells are assembled in a careless way. Always replace the pack with the same chemistry cells.

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