4800mAh / 6Cell ASUS X82 X85 Battery Model

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Nickel-cadmium batteries now mainly used in mobile phones, PDA, digital cameras and other small electronic devices above, the application of a laptop is almost gone, we do not have to worry about buying a laptop to use such batteries.
        Ni-MH battery>> As a memory effect of nickel cadmium batteries, and the lattice of the phenomenon is very serious, hence more suitable alternatives, that is Ni-MH battery. ASUS X82 Battery has the advantages of large capacity, and the memory effect has also been significantly reduced, but still under the influence of the lattice, but more than the nickel-cadmium battery is smaller. 
        Ni-MH battery memory effect although relatively small, but also for the depth of discharge so as to avoid the accumulation of memory effect, but the frequency of discharge depth it has not so frequent, probably once every three months can effectively alleviate the memory effect. Nickel-cadmium batteries and nickel metal hydride batteries (nickel-based batteries) have certain best to maintain properly, it should be in the 100-200 cycles when used to its maximum capacity. Such as factory capacity 3000mAh Ni-MH battery after using the 150, its capacity may reach 3000mAh. Perfect ASUS X85 Battery  have better performance because the current applications in electronic devices is very common, the scope is much broader than the nickel-cadmium batteries.
        Note: Nickel-cadmium batteries and nickel-hydrogen battery charging device can not be mixed with, or may cause an explosion and other serious consequences. But the depth of discharge of nickel-based batteries, can rely on nickel-metal hydride battery chargers.

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