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IdeaPad since its inception, has been giving the expensive, high-end, stability, security, business image, but has always maintained a mysterious black appearance, unsmiling. With the changing times, however, IdeaPad, not only in price down the high-end altar, more and more mainstream in appearance, color, fashion, and more close to the mass consumer group, and the most rare in the evolution of all this , the quality is still worthy of appreciation, security, business's image is still deeply rooted.

Of course, this is a mighty long evolutionary history is not in IdeaPad all Series in look so obvious, undoubtedly one of the most representative of the new series - "S" series, the series appeared last year in the continuation IdeaPad "AV Concept One" on the basis of, IdeaPad S series sub-brand boldly proposed the new concept of "think different, do different, not only in appearance reinterpreted business definition color break with tradition, added the red, white two classic elements, IdeaPad instant Yuet move, fleshed fashion business elements.

This time, the arrival of the new IdeaPad S300 once again break the routine, the ultra touch dark green appearance, chrome frame and unbounded Diamond screen embodies the new generation IdeaPad S300 brings high quality experience as well as the fashion element, the whole body to make you feel both familiar and strange, equipped with the new SandyBridge i7-2617M processor, has a stylish slim body at the same time, the performance is also able to win a competitive edge. In short, IdeaPad S300 heritage IdeaPad usual elegant atmosphere, but what is certain is that evolution is quietly coming.

Before the E series notebook already has a strong visual impact of the large red, while we get this IdeaPad S300 chassis is not a true black tones, dark green matte material feels very comfortable, at the same time reduce fingerprint troubles. Aluminum-magnesium alloy material selected materials compared to the previous E series of engineering plastics is quite substantial, and at the same time reflects the high-end business of the proper temperament. Plated the chrome body's border IdeaPad series is a bold attempt, and even can be said is an innovation in the notebook sector, With E series before the appearance of the bottom of the bold and innovative, so for such a change, we also pour embrace . " It can be said that we are familiar with the IdeaPad like appearance has been very difficult to find, but it also reflects the the E Series Positioning crowd - fashion, innovation of young white-collar workers.

IdeaPad S300 uses a 4cell LENOVO IdeaPad S300 Battery and a non-removable lithium-ion polymer battery design, performance on the thickness and weight of the good, the bare metal is only 1.505 kg, travel weight of only 1.835 kg. The IdeaPad S300 keyboard using arc island-style design, compared with the previous E-series models, its Esc, Delete key area is relatively large, and similar to the T-series keyboard design also allows users to more easily these two commonly used key position. At the same time, the overall keyboard with spill-resistant design, and improve the overall security.


This year, Lenovo introduced the S300, S400 two IdeaPad S Series family of elite version of the product (the flagship product in the E series), although their appearance than Classic family has undergone enormous changes, but still maintained the exquisite workmanship, body firmness and more stylish appearance, can be said to expand market duty E Series elite positioning performance, portability, quality, comfort, price and after-sales service personal, stylish user.

Just recently, Lenovo has introduced a new S-series (also belonging to the S-Series family) S400, S220 two products, with the S405, S300 same mold, just color from dark green to the so-called Mocha Black (in different angles, brown and black alternating), hardware upgrade slightly. On the campaign trail, the S series will replace the S series elite version of the series, and gradually fade out of vision, being a pioneer S405, LENOVO S300 will exit the stage of history.

In fact, from the body of the E series elite version, we can easily find the association of their great hopes, compared with the other E-series products, they use higher-cost aluminum-magnesium alloy, less weight, more body compact, the volume further reduced. Elite version of the E-series in some out of tune, can also say that it is too bright, the other so-called compatriots seem depressed. Elite Edition divided out, this is Lenovo's market development strategy, S series was born, and it continues the positioning of the E series elite version.

The protagonist of this evaluation IdeaPad S400, which is identical to the S405 mold, strong magnesium alloy body, class skin coating, texture chrome frame, rounded corners, unbounded Diamond screen ...... all so familiar. The only difference is the change from dark green to black mocha casing. Lenovo's official website that the positioning of its charm Commerce "by querying breakthrough the IdeaPad has always black limitations, let a S400's aesthetic thinking to integrate to Classic Technology.

After the new interior design, the battery is not removable, slot-loading drive so that the body of the IdeaPad S400 is more compact with high quality LENOVO IdeaPad S400 Battery, at the same time, the thick and fully guarantee the soundness of the fuselage with a curved screen, even so, S400 The fuselage is almost the same thickness of a dollar coin. The compact design 14-inch IdeaPad S400 advantage in portable machine weighing less than two kilograms, with the thinner body can easily be placed in the package, it is also more convenient to carry.


S series as Lenovo IdeaPad its product line, from the beginning, the birth was labeled a fashion label, surely we are no stranger to it. However the period tested this S Series S405-440132C (also called version of IdeaPad elite) seems very special, not only become more sophisticated fashion appearance, and the configuration and performance has also been greatly improved, especially without Aspect, border glossy screen, magnesium alloy body, the 1.98kg thin 14-inch body design, mixed hard to break the S Series to the mainstream market positioning image, the powerful surface of the notebook business and entertainment in very good embodies.

For small size notebook, 1.98kg, while not lightweight, but the weight on a 14-inch independence was the but is particularly rare, because the market fresh 2.0kg weight will be lower than 14-inch notebook. Control the thickness of the fuselage, LENOVO S405 has a good performance, the thinnest at only 2.3cm, who belong to a high-performance alone was the good results.

In addition, in terms of body material S405 This has a great breakthrough in the S Series product line was first introduced in the magnesium alloy material. Addition to the antenna parts using carbon fiber material, the rest are, without exception, use a magnesium-aluminum alloy. Meanwhile, in order to ensure the body strength, IdeaPad classic roll cage design with this product.

Business notebook understanding of fashion generally more restrained, but that there is a new interpretation in S405, exterior minimalist interior is very bold, bold introduction of which the consumer notebook above fashion elements, such as border screen, chrome border, the personality and taste of the product is well represented out.


Assessment by the Windows 7 operating system endurance we can see, this machine is in energy saving mode theory endurance of 3 hours and 44 minutes. Lenovo IdeaPad S405 with new LENOVO IdeaPad S405 Battery is a mainstream performance notebook, to ensure high performance and thin body more than three hours of endurance that good. I believe that everyone watch this evaluation would take the Lenovo IdeaPad S300 and S110 series compared However, as we mentioned before, the main reason for the existence of the IdeaPad S300 or to meet the needs of different users. Is called turnip cabbage all have love, while still inherited a lot of classic IdeaPad notebooks this IdeaPad S300 carrying innovative design concept, which is the charm of this product.

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