5200mAh/5.2Ahr 0r 4.8Ahr/4800mAh /6-Cell LG R470 R490 R570 R590 (3D) Laptop battery

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LG R470 Laptop detail:
The children are using the LG XNote R470 but due to financial trouble should manage the new festival

took him about it ban.Cau gaming, not to modify the standard graphics, beautiful machine, so glossy

spend very carefully:
M520-2.4GHz CPU Intel Core I5
HDD 320G 7200rpm faster
-VGA Nvidia Geforce 512M graphics GT310M run spoiled GOOD GOOD rated games
14 LED wide screen mirror
-HDMI, full Wifi, Bluetooth
Better battery life 2:30

Cpu Intel Core I5 M520 2.4Ghz (4*2.4Ghz),DDR3 2Gb,Vga 512M Nvidia Geforce GT310M đồ họa

OK,Bluetooth,DVD-RW,Hdd 320G,14" Wide gương,Pin 2H
Windows 7 64BIT bản quyền


LG R470 Battery feature:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V or 11.1V
Capacity: 5200mAh / 6Cell
Weight:  365g
Size: 204.01 x 50.01 x 20.01 mm
Color: Black or White


LG R490 Laptop detail:
Sticker for LG Xnote R490 SGP Skin Guard Set will give your laptop a stylish look in seconds. This is an

excellent solution for protecting your laptop from scratches, dust, dirt, fingerprints and scuffs. The

sticker is easily applied to the surface of the laptop and just as easily removed without leaving

traces. The set included microfiber cloth.


Sticker for LG Xnote R490 SGP Skin Guard Set will be delivered in Moscow and throughout Russia. Send

label (the film) for LG Xnote R490 SGP Skin Guard Set without prepayment.


LG R490 battery Compatible original Battery Code:
3UR18650-2-T0188  916C7830F  EAC60958201
SQU-804  SQU-805  SQU-807 
SQU-904 SW8-3S4400-B1B1 


LG R570 Notebook detail:
Laptop / Display Size: 15.6 inches / LED Backlight / Max Resolution: 1366x768 / Aaron Dale / CPU clock

(speed): i5-450M (2.4GHz) / Memory: DDR3 / Graphics Chipset: GeForce GT 335M / graphics terminal: D-SUB,

HDMI / Other terminals: USB 2.0, eSATA, card reader / HDD: 320GB / ODD: DVD Multi / WLAN: n / wired LAN

(Gigabit) / add-ons: webcam, Bluetooth / operating System: Windows 7 / Battery: 6cell / Weight: 2.52kg /

Windows virtualization technology, a numeric keypad / A / S: World warranty

LG R570 battery Fit machine:
LG R470 Series LG R490 Series LG R570 Series
LG R570 3D Series LG R590 Series LG R590 3D Series


LG R590 Laptop detail:
ION (AION, The Tower of Eternity) 'represents the country ㈜ NC Soft game development company, the last

official service was started in November 2008 to perform multiple-access role playing game (MMORPG) is

Will cost about 20,000 won per month service, even from the beginning. "Chodaebak 'scoring of the game

is a masterpiece that is doing just fine so far. Online games include 3D graphics, unparalleled quality

and robust scenario colorful, large-scale and mix until March 2010 the domestic online game ranking 1,

2, is continuing its leadership role. In addition to seamless gameplay, a pretty high specification

computers for the computer purchase is recognized as a high-end standards.


Used in the workplace has been replaced by a new notebook. Select LG XNOTE was looking for when

searching. The official name is LG XNOTE R590 PWK wite a 6cell LG R590 battery. Intel Core i7, called on both the LED backlight I'd love to, but, the resolution takes. 1600x900. It's not a business laptop with movies is to use

applications, 1,600 x900's a little cock. Get in 1400, even if the horizontal and vertical width of 1050

seems to be If it was not beyond reproach.


Of course, his computer is lower, even slightly above average specification of the graphics options set

to the intermediate levels below the greater should be able to enjoy the game if you do not. Quality of

the graphics settings to reduce the visible intended to increase, not a game that determines the

execution itself is not a major factor. Therefore, the 'graphic quality' rather than 'gameplay' focusing

on the user if the graphic is too responsive to the specifications is not required.

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