5200mAh/56Wh/6Cell ASUS A43S A43SJ A43SV Battery review

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To maintain the optimum performance of a Laptop Batteries pack, it is highly recommended to circle (fully discharging and recharging) it at least once a month.


ASUS A43S Battery detail:

Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V
Capacity: 5200mAh/56Wh/6Cell
Weight:  355g 
Color: Black


Compatible original Battery Code:


Why do batteries packs with zero voltage or low voltage?
(1) One of the cells voltages is 0V;
(2) Plugs are short or open circuit, or ill touched;
(3) Lead wires are broken from the soldering or weakly soldered;


ASUS A43SJ Battery Fit machine:
ASUS A43S Series(All)   
ASUS A43SJ Series(All) ASUS A43SJ-VX019D ASUS A43SJ-VX084D


In the copier is running, its optical system, HP EliteBook 6930p Battery mechanical systems, electrical systems, in addition to normal wear and tear, but also by internal and external from the copier dust and other debris of the abuse, causing copy quality deterioration and malfunction. Mainly for copier maintenance of optical, imaging, charge, transfer, separation, elimination electrode fixing and transferred to other parts and toner recycling system for cleaning or partial adjustment. Typically, the optical system of the debris will cause a copy of a heavier bottom ash, a black spot, the mechanical system will cause a paper jam in the debris, stains and other issues arise copies


ASUS A43SV Battery Fit machine:
ASUS A43S Series(All) 
ASUS A43SV Series(All) ASUS A43SV-103D2410M ASUS A43SV-123D2310M
ASUS A43SV-223D2410M ASUS A43SV-VX072D ASUS A43SV-VX132D etc


Characteristics of commonly used rechargeable batteries.
1) Internal resistance of a battery pack varies with mAh rating, wiring and number of cells. Protection circuit of lithium-ion adds about 100mW.
2) Based on 18650 cell size. Cell size and design determines internal resistance. Larger cells can have an impedance of <15mOhms,
3) Cycle life is based on battery receiving regular maintenance. Failing to apply periodic full discharge cycles may reduce the cycle life by a factor of three.
4) Cycle life is based on the depth of discharge. Shallow discharges provide more cycles than deep discharges.


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