5200mAh/56Wh original ASUS P43S P43SJ battery knowledge

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The P-series notebooks ASUS P43 be subject to particularly stringent quality tests that go beyond the requirements of industry standards and can withstand without problems case, hinge and pressure tests.


Rugged, shock resistant hard drive
The ASUS Shockshield feature protects the hard disk by a motion sensor and additional shock-absorbing cushion before effective ... More>>> vibrations that may in the worst case of complete data loss.


Optimal data protection - detect locate stolen laptops and
The laptop is stolen, preventing the Intel ® Anti-Theft Technology to access the operating system, while Computrace ® LoJack ® for Laptops by Absolute ® Software in cooperation with local police, the notebook located and acquired again (only available in select regions) .


ASUS Secure Delete - permanently delete confidential data
ASUS Secure Delete provides an easy-to-use interface, with the confidential data can be erased quickly and permanently, especially from the Recycle Bin. First we need to start simple and Secure Delete deleted by drag and drop the files.


ASUS PRO the P-series notebook is equipped with Intel ® Core processors, the second generation, enabling an adaptive capacity, which means that the power is automatically adjusted as needed, ie it is increased when additional performance is needed, or throttled, when less power is required. The integrated graphics also help that the user can still use the laptop efficiently.


The NVIDIA ® Optimus ™ technology optimizes real-time graphics performance of the notebook. She works in the background without the user being disturbed in his work. In this way they not only ensures the best graphics performance, but also for longer battery life


Perfect viewing even in very bright environments
A non-reflective screen allows the user even in extremely bright conditions outdoors without problems to read and view content.

Pleasant working environment thanks to the calm quiet office mode of Power4Gear
Power4Gear adjusts the fan speeds automatically, so that the operating noise can be reduced considerably and the work environment is quiet.


IceCool technology
The new notebooks ASUSPRO P-series are based on the principle of IceCool technology designed. They have a special motherboard designs where the components at both the top and were installed on the underside of the board. Those components that generate the most heat are positioned so that the hot air can not accumulate, but is derived from the heatpipes and fans. In this way is cooled mainly the palm rest. It remains even after several hours on the notebook cool and the user is neither at work nor at play on a hot storage area affected.


With the IF-Award winning Chiclet-/Wave-Tastatur
The chiclet keyboard features compared to traditional keyboards with larger keys, so that no dust can get into the spaces.


Business Card Holder
The business card holder is in the notebook itself is integrated, so that the user always has his business card to hand.

Presentations made easy with ASUS Scene Switch

The ASUS Scene Switch allows users to change during a presentation quickly and easily between different desktop backgrounds, volume control and input modes on or off and hide desktop icons screensaver - all over the +1- FN key combination.


Intuitive BIOS
ASUS has developed an accessible BIOS interface that can be operated via the touch pad and mouse. It allows the user hard drives, USB and I / O interfaces quickly and easily lock to protect your own privacy.


ASUS Power Recovery
With this powerful tool it is possible to secure the system at any time and restore. In this way, the notebook from a crash or hard disk failure is protected. Succeeds in restoring the system back up thanks to precise images (backups of operating system state at time of backup) is particularly easy. In addition, the entire process is accelerated so that the user's work can resume as soon as possible


ASUS P43S Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V
Capacity: 5200mAh / 6Cell
Weight:  342g
Color: Black


In addition to the monstrous video ROG MARS II, stands at ASUS are still many interesting products. At Computex 2011 representatives of this company have brought a lot of notebooks and netbooks, some of them we will tell.

Continues to develop a series of mobile PCs ASUSPRO. The exhibition was seen by the model ASUSPRO P43S and ASUSPRO P53S, which combines the reliability, security and rich functionality.


Differ in screen size and device used by graphics cards. New items are based on a progressive platform, Intel Huron River, where the model can be equipped with processors P43S Sandy Bridge Core i7. Supported by a proprietary "alarm" technology called Anti-Theft Technologu.


In the universal laptop ASUS K43 Series platform uses Intel Huron River and is permitted for the entire range of Intel Core second generation. Key features include a family of K43 solid aluminum finish, ergonomic keyboard, award-winning design competition iF, and the cooling system IceCool, involves placing the hottest components on the belly of the motherboard, making the upper body sufficiently cool.


A new product in a series of Eee PC - Eee PC X101. This model is designed for today's mobile users who work hard and communicate on the Internet. To do this, the device has a 10.1-inch display, standard keyboard and the processor Intel Atom N435. Equipped netbook can either SSD or hard drive.


In the new operating system pre-installed Intel MeeGo, which supports social networking and other communications online platforms. It should be noted that the Eee PC X101 can be equipped and Windows 7.


ASUS P43SJ Battery Compatible original Battery Code:
A32-K53 A42-K53 


Fit machine:
ASUS P43 Series ASUS P43E Series ASUS P43F Series
ASUS P43J Series ASUS P43JC Series ASUS P43S Series
ASUS P43SJ Series ASUS P43SL Series

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