5200mAh ASUS X44HR battery and ASUS X54C X54HR battery

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SMEs and individual users in order to meet the growing demand for mobile office, ASUS launched the X series notebook computers. Pay more attention to keeping the series mainstream computing power while lowering the cost of stand-alone purchase, provides users with a more cost-effective choice. Today to introduce the 15.6-inch X44HR notebook, The use of the Core i3-380M processor, 2G memory, 500G hard drive, the latest in business quoted at 4,999 yuan, concerned friends may wish to consider.


Asus X44HR uses stabilization business specifications design concepts, structure and appearance of the appearance of a fashion innovation. Overall, the ASUS Young days X44HRA-ITH innovative high-touch matte surface appearance, gives a high quality experience for business people use. 15-inch LED-backlit LCD screen design uses no mercury, than existing LCD (CCFL-backlit LCD screen) more environmentally friendly, and lower power consumption, energy saving, effectively extending the battery life. 16:9 golden ratio is more suitable for visual experience, 1366 × 768 resolution to support high-definition video and high definition video games.


Configuration, the ASUS Young days X44HRA-ITH using the latest Core i3-380M processor, Intel motherboard chipset HM55, also equipped with a 2GB DDR3 memory and 500GB 5400 rpm hard drive. NVIDIA GeForce 310M graphics card to join the aircraft in the business office also has the ability to entertainment games, pre-installed Windows 7 Home Basic operating system.


The machine also provides four USB2.0 ports (one for the E-SATA-compatible interface), Express Card interface, VGA port, RJ45, anti-noise microphone, headset jack supports stereo / audio output, four-time card reader (SD / SD pro / MMC / MS pro), HDMI high-definition output.


ASUS X44HR battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V or 14.4V
Capacity: 56Wh / 6Cell
Weight:  344g
Size: 272.01 x 49.31 x 22.31 mm
Color: Black


X55HR using gray and black metal, the surface of the drawing process, angular, ASUS's LOGO engraved metal technology and surface spin-mixing as a whole, showing cold and resolute man style.


In X55HR on, can not find a trace of sleek design, the overall style is straight tough, the screen with sunken shaft design, the battery on the laptop's "bottom" position.


Open ASUS X54HR after blowing a 16:9 ratio LED backlit glossy display, as X55HR screen frame is quite narrow, the screen looked great.15.6-inch screen so that books can also enjoy the big screen, the configuration also uses Intel Core i3 processor, to meet the needs of most users. This time the offer of 4,999 yuan, higher cost, it is worth considering.


Need to explain here, why emphasize these two different mold machine. Now some manufacturers. Put the old notebook model a change of name, change a little shell and random software on sale when the new notebook. Of course, doing so will save costs, it can quickly bring new products into the market hot, but after all the commercial needs of laptop and home laptop is not the same, attention to quality and reliability of commercial notebook, home notebook with a midrange graphics card because of the need to focus cooling system design . Therefore, the development of new mold notebook can best embody the company's R & D capabilities.


X55's touch pad, raised above the particles, this design can increase finger touch, the actual use of the X55 touchpad positioning precision, feel good, so flexibility is also just the right buttons with up and easy to use.


ASUS X54C battery Compatible original Battery Code:
A31-K53 A32-K53 A41-K53 A42-K53 


I experience a few days later, found that X55's really good metal, in addition to more robust body, shell after the glue is not directed at the fingerprint did not see the light, but also easy to clean, wipe with a wet rag to see no one out. However, X54 notebook design too man, do not know the women will not like.


ASUS laptop keyboard feels very early attention, whether you are a new Asus notebook users, or the old Asus notebook users will find the X54 keyboard that is so familiar, so good.


ASUS X54 keyboard marked with white letters, FN shortcut key combinations marked with orange, all current Asus notebook keyboards are so designed.


X54 with a small numeric keypad area, with a small number keys, you can enter the right-hand figure, the digital input speed significantly improved the financial and personnel is quite a force design.


Arrow keys on the flip and on the next page, is a sign of Asus keyboard design, the arrow keys with the FN key combination, can adjust the screen brightness, sound volume, HOME and END keys function, when you are familiar with X54's keyboard, not looking at the keyboard can know the location of these keys.


X54 touchpad design in the middle of the space bar, rather than in the middle of the notebook. We are typing, when the space bar on the left and right sides, touchpad design in the middle of the space bar is the best.


ASUS X54HR battery Fit machine:
ASUS X54 Series
ASUS X54C Series ASUS X54F Series ASUS X54H Series
ASUS X54HB Series ASUS X54HY Series ASUS X54HR Series
ASUS X54HY Series ASUS X54K Series ASUS X54L Series
ASUS X54LB Series ASUS X54LY Series

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