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Recently, many users are concerned a called the CLEVO P150EM notebook, because of its high cost - $ 800 price, it uses the Intel Centrino 2 platform, Core 2 Duo P7350 processor, GeForce 9600M GT (GDDR3) discrete graphics. This is for those on a limited budget for game enthusiasts, and is full of attractive. At the same time, however, there are a lot of friends on the sidelines, said the quality feel of this low-cost notebook is not very reassuring, especially in terms of heat dissipation effect. To be honest, many editors are interested in this product, just to take this opportunity, through personal experience and the actual test, to comprehensively examine the CLEVO P150EM real work exactly.


Our evaluation consists of five parts: body details and operating feel, hardware configuration and run test points, the popular 3D game demos, internal and external temperature limit test, a simple dismantling view the internal structure. Through this article, you will see a real the CLEVO P150EM notebook.


Saying: can not have both fish and bear's paw, subject to cost constraints the CLEVO P150EM have a powerful hardware configuration, it is difficult to have a beautiful, beautiful design. It's a whole body pure black, the keyboard feels quite satisfactory, the touchpad is more comfortable.


This is a 14.1-inch models, the standard 1280 × 800 screen resolution, the display is pretty good. By actual weighing We found it with the battery weighs less than 2.2 kilograms lighter than similar models, the average weight of 0.25 kg, portability is good.


CLEVO P150EM battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  14.8V
Capacity: 5200mAh / 8Cell
Weight:  455g
Color: Black


In addition, the left side of the fuselage provides a sync output audio / video HDMI digital interface, VGA port, Express Card 34 slot, and multi-card reader; headphone and mic connectors are located on the front of the fuselage center of; the right side of the body in addition to the USB interface but also a DVD burner; power connector and cable interface at the rear of the fuselage. Overall, this notebook interface layout is quite reasonable.


The CLEVO P170EM the outlet is located in the left side of the fuselage, and most users do not have any effect. It provides three USB ports, which are located in the body left, right, rear, and the distribution is quite reasonable. It is worth mentioning is that the left side of the USB interface is also E-SATA interface.


First, from the point of view the hardware specifications, GTX, 570M, and their brothers GTX, 580M uses the same GF114 chip, but the card is only 336 CUDA cores, compared to the GTX 580M less a set of stream processors, so the product positioning and performance is relatively low. GTX 570M core frequency of 575 MHz stream processor frequency is 1150MHz, with 1.5GB of GDDR5 memory and 192-bit memory interface, support OpenGl 4.1, PCI-E2.0, 3D Vision, CUDA, DirectX 11, PhysX, SLI- Optimus and other technology.


Product positioning point of view, the GTX 570M's biggest competitors should be AMD Radeon HD 6970M In this article we will also have measured the performance of the two products in a simple contrast.


CLEVO P170EM battery Compatible original Battery Code:
6-87-X510S-4D72 6-87-X710S-4271 6-87-X710S-4272 
6-87-X710S-4J7 6-87-X710S-4J72 P150HMBAT-8 


This CLEVO P150EM after the actual testing of the Everest software, we see that this evaluation using the standard Intel Centrino 2 platform, the three components are the Core 2 Duo P7350 processor, PM45 motherboard chipset, 5100AGN wireless card.


Other hardware, CLEVO P150EM, also equipped with a 2 × 2GB DDR2-667 dual channel memory (32-bit systems only recognize 3GB), 250GB 5400 rpm hard drive, as well as high-end discrete graphics, the GeForce 9600M GT (GDDR3). 4999 notebook, the notebook's hardware configuration is almost the highest.


Examine the integrated performance of the PCMark05 test, CLEVO P150HM, a total score of 5386, and the results of each subproject are very average hardware with well-balanced, and is particularly suitable for running large-scale 3D games. Here we look at the graphics parameters:


9600M GT graphics card has 32 stream processors and 500MHz core clock, memory interface 128. The good news is the CLEVO P150EM this card with GDDR3 memory, the equivalent frequency up to 1600MHz. And those 9600M GT DDR2 memory compared to its gaming performance can enhance more than 25%.


CLEVO P150HMBAT-8 Battery Fit machine:
CLEVO P150 Series CLEVO P150EM Series CLEVO P150HM Series
CLEVO P151 Series CLEVO P151HM1 Series CLEVO P170 Series
CLEVO P170EM Series CLEVO P170HM Series CLEVO P170HM3 Series

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