60Wh / 8Cell DELL N887N J037N Battery Basic Knowledge

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 That being the case, why the professional staff also asked us many times the depth of charge and discharge it? That is because DELL N887N Battery electrode passivation problems will exist, after the battery factory, and then get the user's hands, ranging from needs 1,2 months, will need six months long, so manufacturers recommend that users first use the battery, the best carried out 3-5 times a full charge and discharge process to eliminate electrode materials passivation, to achieve maximum capacity, this is known as the second activation. "
        For the storage period of 1-3 months of liquid lithium-ion battery, put it to the cycle of deep charge deep processing, its capacity to improve the phenomenon does not exist. Lithium-ion batteries and nickel-based batteries than the best state of the phenomenon does not exist, from the lithium-ion DELL J037N Battery scrap battery factory to the final date, the performance of its capacity is to use a little time. It is worth noting, however, lithium-ion batteries will be subject to changes in ambient temperature showed different properties, such as in the 25-40 degree temperatures, will show its best performance, but low or high temperature, its performance is being reduced. In this way, make your lithium ion battery play their best performance, we should pay attention to the use of the environment, to prevent high and low temperature phenomena, such as to avoid direct exposure to the sun to use the computer, pay attention to notebook heat, as well as the temperature is lower than 0 degrees when the ban on the use computers and so on. In the north, the same laptop, its battery life may no longer south.
        With lithium-ion battery power density very high, so it's the shape of great plasticity, according to the needs of notebook design, and create different shapes of the battery, rectangle, square, or even fanciful types , and the volume can be very small.

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