62Wh TOSHIBA Dynabook Satellite B651 B551 B450 Battery Test and Review

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First, protect the battery
Only, the laptop just natural glory, with a total show off to friends, who introduced what is most desirable. As a result, frequent electrical storage battery alarm is natural, and there are close to a power plug, and can Continue (continue to) the. In this simple action, hidden with the laptop deadly killer - greatly shorten battery life. The best way is to: previous use of laptop computers, laptop battery should be in power more than completely used up to the laptop no longer boot level, then in case of shutdown, 4 to 6 hours to fully charge . (In principle, best not to start work while charging side, this will extend the charging time, even if the full four hours, although the show is 100%, it may be true power, so promoting the kind of pure charging method.) best to remove the battery charge is completed, if conditions permit, usually the direct use of lighting power, once the battery is enabled, we must adhere to the charge storage exhausted after filling. This battery will work long-term stability


Second, they plan and avoid pressing the mouse

Such as the well-known, "notebook computer" mouse no more than two, one is pressure sensitive, the other is touch-screen, both have their pros and cons, pressure sensitive action is simple, move the pointer over the entire range of desktop, But many poor people to grasp how much pressure should be the best, some people just learning to hold as the use of mechanical computer mouse, so too early to make sense of pressure unresponsive. The touch-screen surface is a layer of hair-like PVC material, the use of the process, if the finger is dry, move the pointer not working and should be minimal. Many people deal with this situation is to exert oneself, while also wipe with a beat, according to this long-term trend continues, will not only scratch the surface, but the mouse is no longer flexible. The best way is: Gently press the light moving the former, the latter often with a soft cloth (eyeglasses cloth) to clean the surface, use a number of slightly moist to the fingers, so that reduces the friction, but also allows you to move freely .

Third, the screen avoid casual "ground wiping"

The main screen is a reflector of man-machine dialogue, which allows you real-time monitoring computer's every move. But the LCD screen and decided by the form of her more finicky, especially the surface. Users often while working his mouth to speak, there will be surface blemishes, some users will be hard to love the beginning, can not be waved his big hands several times, directly erase. In this inadvertently, it will scratch the screen, the phenomenon is not obvious at first, can the course of time, there will be color, shading and other physical characterization, and some scratches. The best way is: use a clean soft cloth with some of the neutral stimulus is neither oily nor wipe the display surface of the liquid, then dry with a soft cloth to dry.


TOSHIBA Dynabook Satellite B651 Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V
Capacity: 62Wh / 6Cell
Weight:  314g
Size: 206.80 x 45.10 x 20.00 mm
Color: Black


Treatment of notebook computer should treat their bodies as regular maintenance and reduce the inappropriate habits. Inappropriate usage will quickly damage the laptop "healthy." Below, I list some of the common habit of improper use of laptop computers, hoping to arouse the attention, not to beloved laptop because we used to lead to failure or improper use of scrap.


Used to discharge the battery and the full power of idle transition

Currently, most laptops use lithium batteries, nickel metal hydride batteries do not need than very concerned about the transition charge and discharge. However, over-discharge lithium battery is the main reason is to shorten life, so it's best not to lithium laptop battery use to less than 5%.


Long-term idle computer time can cause the battery fully charged battery chip rapid aging. We should charge the battery to 40% to 50% capacity, then remove the battery and the use of packaging, placed in a cool place.


Habit of pointing the LCD screen

Many friends like hand pointing to supplement their own LCD screen notebook computer to explain the contents of this process for LCD screens for notebook computers, but disaster. Nails can scratch the surface of the LCD screen coating, a serious cause many dead pixels LCD screen appears, affect the normal use of laptop computers. Even if there are no more than two serious consequences, will leave nasty fingerprints, to remove fingerprints on the LCD screen, but to spend tremendous efforts oh. We can use the mouse pointing the contents of the LCD screen.


Accustomed to personal use

Some friends think is to move the laptop computers used, this is not an error. However, the total hold on the body using a laptop computer often block vents and reduce the cooling capacity notebook computers, over time reducing the life of notebook computers. We should try to place the laptop on a hard, flat work surface, work must be forced to close as much as possible on the leg, the vents exposed.


Habit of stumbling

We often do not accidentally pull the cable, resulting laptop fall; the move using a laptop computer, stumbled. If not careful often happens, the threat should be the first laptop hard drive, followed by the LCD screen and casing. Therefore, we should develop good habits daily to minimize the notebook PCs stumble.


Used to drink above the keyboard

Many people used to drink in the use of computers, it will be if you do not accidentally spill liquid on the keyboard, if lucky enough liquid into the keyboard may be just inside, causing the keyboard problem, possibly through the keyboard if you do not luck into the motherboard, along with destroying the motherboard . I do not oppose the use of computers while drink, but try not to drink at the top of the keyboard. Once the liquid into the keyboard, to immediately disconnect the power, remove the battery, the laptop legs up upside down, leaving the liquid, then dry with hair dryer cold residual liquid, the best machine on the cool air place to dry naturally.


TOSHIBA Dynabook Satellite B551 Battery Compatible original Battery Code:
PA3786U-1BRS PA3787U-1BRS PA3788U-1BRS


Feel free to use an external power supply used to

We usually order to increase the computer power supply or extended battery life time, casual place in a power outlet to the external power supply for laptop computers. If you have an external power supply voltage is unstable, very easy to destroy the laptop motherboard, so an external power supply are not familiar with the situation in the place, if you can get in a few hours work, to try not free to use an external power supply.


Basic maintenance laptop LCD screen for a long time not using the computer, through the function keys on the keyboard LCD screen only temporarily turned off, in addition to saving electricity can also be extended outside the screen life. Do not force the LCD screen lid or cover the screen to place any foreign objects between the keyboard and display screen, the glass cover to avoid stress caused by damage to internal components. Do not use fingernails and sharp objects (hard objects) to touch the screen to avoid scratching the surface. LCD screen surface adsorption due to static electricity and dust, it is recommended to buy liquid crystal display screen special cloth to clean your screen, do not shoot with your fingers to avoid leaving fingerprints in addition to, and gently wipe. Do not use chemical cleaners to wipe the screen. No external power supply when the battery case, if the working conditions at the time slot being less than PCMCIA cards, remove the card first proposed to extend battery life. Room temperature (20-30 degrees) for optimum battery operating temperature, the temperature is too high or too low operating environment will reduce battery life. Can provide a stable power supply in the environment using a laptop computer, remove the battery for extended battery life is not right by. On ASUS notebooks, when fully charged battery, the battery charging circuit will automatically shut down, so the phenomenon of overcharging does not occur. Recommended to conduct a three-month average battery power correction action. Power adapter (ACAdapter) when used with reference to international voltage that "the keyboard (Keyboard) accumulated dust, used a small brush to clean the cracks, or use the camera lens is usually in the high-pressure jet cleaning tank, blow the dust, or use a handheld vacuum cleaner to remove dust and debris on the keyboard. clean surface can be coated with a soft cloth on a little cleaner, in the case of gently wipe off the surface of the keyboard hard disk (HardDisk) in a stable condition as possible, to avoid the easy shaking locations operate a computer. switch process is most vulnerable when the hard drive at this time the hard disk speed is not stable yet bearing, if the vibration is likely to cause a bad track. it is recommended to wait about ten seconds or so after shutdown and then move the laptop. average once a month and re-scan the disk to improve disk access efficiency. Floppy (Floppy) to avoid the appearance of bad or moldy floppy disk. buy floppy drive cleaning tablets, regularly clean the read-write heads. CD-ROM (CD-ROM) with CD-ROM clean sheet, periodically clean the laser lens. your hands and land into the disc drive, one hand supporting the CD tray in one hand and a CD film really fixed, the CD tray to avoid distortion.


These are the few we are using a laptop often inappropriate habits, these habits and often inappropriately ignored us, here to remind you, so as not to remedy the situation to happen.


TOSHIBA Dynabook Satellite B450 battery Fit machine:
TOSHIBA Dynabook Satellite B450 Series(All) TOSHIBA Dynabook Satellite B450/B TOSHIBA Dynabook Satellite B450/C
TOSHIBA dynabook Satellite B551 Series(All) TOSHIBA dynabook Satellite B551/C TOSHIBA Dynabook Satellite B551/D
TOSHIBA dynabook Satellite B651 Series(All) TOSHIBA dynabook Satellite B651/C TOSHIBA Dynabook Satellite B651/D


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