6Cell ASUS X60 X61 X80 Battery Tips

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Most can be mass production of cylindrical Li-ion batteries between single capacity between 1800 mAh ~ 2200 mAh. Now there are 2400 mAh or more cylindrical batteries, but cost considerations may be rarely used in laptop batteries.
Therefore: If the two and (2P) capacity should be 3600mAh (1800 mAh * 2) ~ 4400 mAh (2200 mAh * 2), between
If c and (3P) capacity should be 5400mAh (1800 mAh * 3) ~ 6600 mAh (2200 mAh * 3) between
The following table:
1800mAh 1900mAh 2000mAh 2200mAh
2P 2 and 3600Ah 3800Ah 4000Ah 4400Ah
3P 3 and 5400Ah 5700Ah 6000Ah 6600Ah
How calculated?
  To 10.8V/3.6AH (3600mAh, 1A = 1000mA), for example, we can tell from the voltage 10.8V must use three 3.6V ASUS X60 Battery in series, we can tell from the capacity of 3.6AH must use two sets of capacity for the 1800mAh batteries in parallel is made, so this is definitely a 3 * 2 = 6 cell battery group.
 And so, if the specifications are 14.8V/6.6AH, we can tell from the voltage 14.8V must use four 3.7V batteries in series, we can tell from the capacity of 6.6AH must use three sets of capacity 2200mAh of made batteries in parallel, because
This is definitely a 4 * 3 = 12 core of the battery pack.
Notebook ASUS X61 Battery capacity are usually marked on the plate, such as 4.0Ah, 4.4Ah, etc.. A new high-quality notebook battery, nominal capacity and actual capacity is essentially the same. For the same machine, the larger battery capacity, use longer. All built-in power larger machines are often equipped with large capacity batteries, such as 5.4Ah, 6.6Ah, etc., ultra portable small machine power consumption is relatively small, often with smaller-capacity battery, such as 1.8Ah, 2.2Ah, etc. .
Standard 14-inch 2-Spindle Machines (built-in optical drive) standard battery capacity is usually between the 3.6Ah to 4.4Ah.
If the battery's actual capacity is really up 4.0Ah, you can use how long?
In theory, 4.0Ahr (= 4000mAhr, 1A = 1000mA) means that if the discharge ASUS X80 Battery current of 1 A, can continue to discharge 4 hours, or 2 security with continuous discharge current can be 2 hours. The table below can be used for reference:
If it is a small ultra-portable machine, standby current is typically 800mA (0.8A) around the current operating at full capacity, usually no more than 2A, so comparison is power. Standard 2000mAh battery so often you can use more than 3 hours.
Actual usage, the discharge current is always fluctuating, not stable at a particular level. In particular, to start a big program or start the CD-ROM / DVD when the peak current, often leading to a higher level.

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