6cell HP ProBook 4740s Battery and TOSHIBA Satellite C805 L875 Battery

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Fujitsu LIFEBOOK notebook using the "craftsman" design concepts in the design was particularly evident, whether it is a unique look full of personality, highlighting the spirit of the brand and to break the stereotyped mold F dialogue curve of, or seamlessly integrated floating-point positioning touchpad filled with a sense of future technology Blu-ray power button, and island-style super-feel of multiple anti-leakage keyboard design results are commendable.


For example, Carpenter's design concept of the first embodiment of the Fujitsu LIFEBOOK LH532 "unlimited" logo to its low-key quiet and simple atmosphere, the LOGO quietly embedded in the dazzling and bright the mirror appearance, which makes clear Fujitsu Infinity "brand spirit and never-ending pursuit of quality. In addition, the the LH532 colorful colors coupled with the curvature of the rounded corners are more fully demonstrate the "play" the youth of America 'theme, shines with confidence light. In addition, in order to break the routine, create a new visual experience, Fujitsu is also "Carpenter" heart SSIM C surface in a notebook set up the personality of the F-line dialogue curve, the curve is whichever is with the user dialogue meaning, widely used in all the product design. Has a Fujitsu laptop, regardless of how the environment can make people a recognizable, from different, highlight the distinguished taste.


FUJITSU Lifebook LH532 Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V
Capacity: 4400mAh / 6Cell
Weight:  325g
Size: 204.60 x 41.90 x 20.75 mm
Color: Black


The LH532 imaginative another embodiment of its seamlessly integrated floating-point positioning touchpad, the touchpad with ergonomic one design concept, the more users feel more comfortable, point to a more accurate. Careful attention to the full of the sense of future technology Blu-ray metal power button for each boot process as if the wisdom to open the ceremony, Blu-ray of inspiration, you can enjoy the show self-confident style.


The most recent Toshiba P, M, L and C series were fully upgraded, the Toshiba Satellite home entertainment notebook series, the Testing Center received a Toshiba Satellite C805-T02S, which is a equipped with the SNB processor and the GT 630M significant independence, the biggest change at the use of new mold and 7-series chipset motherboard. Compared with the previous generation P700 new product is clearly beautiful, especially the champagne flowers engraved metal designs, fine workmanship, the whole seems very temperament.


Satellite series of new models: this year, Toshiba released the P, M, L, in C sub-models of new products, each series has a variety of sizes to select, configure the new Satellite series uses Intel's second generation of cool wisdom i3, i5, dual-core processor, high to low, respectively, P> M> L> C.


TOSHIBA Satellite L875 Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V
Capacity: 4200mAh / 6Cell
Weight:  352g
Color: Black or Grey


P Series from the position in terms of entertainment, combined with portability and entertainment as a whole, positioning, and price is slightly higher than the M and L The M Series is more mainstream, L Bright series is more streamlined to remove a metal roof, and four USB3.0 reduced to two.

HP officially launched two new notebook products, the most important position in the general consumer market s series, the ProBook 4740s and ProBook 4730s, continued the emphasis on craft aesthetics go ProBook 4730s introduced the "Carpenter" design style, and new releases the product, the choice of colors has become more diverse, including ProBook 4740s Japanese design and manufacture. I sent this new product evaluation.


ProBook 4740s is a configuration more mainstream machine, hardware configuration, the previous generation of the SNB Core i3 processor, coupled with the NVIDIA GeForce GT640M the LE part of storage, respectively, a 750GB mechanical hard drive and 4GB memory, the overall view, be regarded as a more mainstream product configuration.

Designed and manufactured in Japan can be regarded as ProBook 4740s is a major feature, introduced the three colors of black, white, pink, and to strengthen the quality of sound output, with ONKYO speakers, and optimization software with DTS UltraPC II Plus audio, so that the notebook more high-quality sound.


HP ProBook 4740s Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V or 11.1V
Capacity: 47Wh / 6Cell
Weight:  363g
Size: 210.00 x 20.00 x 70.30 mm
Color: Black


The previous test, we have a certain understanding of the configuration information and performance of this product Overall this ProBook 4740s is still very unique in terms of the appearance of design, materials and workmanship reflect the Japanese product quality, the overall design of the body than the average 14-inch notebook thinner, using a full keyboard with a digital region more convenient for the user's. The transparent material of the palm rest at the beautiful, but the general feeling of the material and the use of the touchpad is not very smooth.

The launch of the Satellite C805 in the old version of the Satellite C800 on the basis of greatly improved, not only more stylish appearance, thickness, weight, configuration, have been a comprehensive upgrade, the following is a specific evaluation.


Shell metal Material: get the Toshiba Satellite C805-T02S feel this is a metal or plastic? A surface of the material more difficult to describe, but in fact it is metal, hand touch and the metal cold, the pattern is brick block filled with rules of graphics, three-dimensional texture, very easy to leave fingerprints. Champagne top cover with silver-gray metal wire drawing LOGO with feel tranquil and quiet, very gentle tone.


TOSHIBA Satellite C805 Battery Compatible original Battery Code:
PA5023U-1BRS PA5024U-1BRS PA5025U-1BRS
PA5026U-1BRS PA5027U-1BRS PABAS259

The noise performance is not very satisfactory, full load operation, the noise is too large, play games or deal with some of the more complex applications, the user can still clearly feel the noise of this product.

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