6cell LENOVO IdeaPad Y470P Y570P Y570N Laptop battery review

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When I got my first laptop, I was told to let it completely die before recharging. This idea is that of memory. This process of completely discharging before recharging to the max, would supposedly give my phone the complete battery capacity.


LENOVO IdeaPad Y470P battery detail:

Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V or 11.1V
Capacity: 62Wh / 6Cell
Weight:  367g
Size: 239.61 x 52.30 x 30.25 mm
Color: Black


The price of Lithium cells continues to fall as the technology gains more acceptance.
The target price for high power cells is around $300/kWh but cell makers are still quite some way from achieving that.


LENOVO IdeaPad Y570P battery Compatible original Battery Code:
57Y6625 57Y6626 L10S6F01 L10S6F01  


Numerous variants of the basic Lithium-ion cell chemistry have been developed. Lithium Cobalt and Lithium Manganese were the first to be produced in commercial quantities but Lithium Iron Phoshate is taking over for high power applications because of its improved safety performance. The rest are either at various stages of development or they are awaiting investment decisions to launch volume production.


LENOVO IdeaPad Y570N battery Fit machine:
LENOVO IdeaPad Y470 Series LENOVO IdeaPad Y470A Series LENOVO IdeaPad Y470D Series
LENOVO IdeaPad Y470G Series LENOVO IdeaPad Y470M Series LENOVO IdeaPad Y470N Series
LENOVO IdeaPad Y470P Series

LENOVO IdeaPad Y570 Series LENOVO IdeaPad Y570A Series LENOVO IdeaPad Y570D Series
LENOVO IdeaPad Y570M Series LENOVO IdeaPad Y570N Series LENOVO IdeaPad Y570NT Series
LENOVO IdeaPad Y570P Series


Lithium Nickel based cells provide up to 30% higher energy density than Cobalt but the cell voltage is lower at 3.6 Volts. They also have the highest exothermic reaction which could give rise to cooling problems in high power applications. Cells using this chemistry are therefore not generally available.

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