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The ultra-pole of this the concept has appeared in a few years, but in the eyes of the average consumer, the ultra-pole of this and the traditional notebook may only shape changes. Although the ultimate thin and light ultra-pole direction of development, but this is not super-pole all. Super this notebook is essentially different genetically.

Compared to traditional notebook, ultra-pole of this innovation is the influx of genes, crazy reorganization of the gene and stable gene of these three genes. Tide gene: a slim, thickness is controlled at less than the thickness of a coin, individual super pole this also has a discrete graphics and Beats sound. Mad gene: a strong performance, very hyun visual, Intel Core processor, quickly turn the pressure of high-definition video, multi-screen sharing. 20 seconds fast boot and two seconds an instant wake-up; extremely long battery life, can be used continuously for 8 hours, standby time of up to several weeks. Stable gene, super pole this also has the escort of the Intel identity protection technology and Intel anti-theft technology.

If placed in a few years ago, the influx of people will certainly choose the MacBook, but MacBook Black Street, would like to get more eyeballs in the fashion circle, must be out of place, super pole this has become a new choice, "you use the Windows I changed the Mac OS you are using the Mac OS, I changed back. "


Not long ago we had just reported the news of the Lenovo ThinkPad introduced several high-end products, and shoot a real machine diagram of the T430 tours, the first time in three weeks we finally got a new release products E130. The E130 and E135 can be said to have is tantamount to the relationship of hand, foot, compared with the carrying new IVB platform processor, the new six-row keys and thin configuration of the body is more higher end, which is its presence meaning, it can be said that the E130 is the handsome rich version of the T430, the king of the king of. So this high handsome rich business flagship product in the end what kind of performance?

ThinkPad gives the impression that business, irreplaceable business sense! This seems to be innate, and other brands not imitate. It is like there, low-key, restrained and calm. Confucius described the time as if water, lost time, day and night. "A good product can not remain unchanged forever, a new generation of ThinkPad T series products in the classical tradition colleagues quietly undergoing change. From a configuration point of view, the ThinkPad E130 with 6cell LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E130 Battery upgrade is still very obvious, the processors using the new IVB platform i5-3320M graphics cards will remain the same NVIDIA NVS series of professional graphics card, upgrade more robust performance after NVS 5200M. In addition is equipped with a high resolution screen, allowing users to be able to look at a more delicate picture. Let us start with the body the appearance of close contact with this machine Huang.


Super pole the weight and thickness of the fuselage must meet the standard of Intel, the achievements of a qualified super pole this is not done the thickness of the light so thin and so simple ordinary 13-inch notebook in the 30 ~ 35 mm (body most the thickness of the thickest, not including the body pad feet), weighs around 2.0 to 2.2 kg. For a 13-inch ultra-pole of this thickness compressed to less than 18 mm, weight is reduced to less than 1.5 kg.

The ultra-pole in the design of this most obvious difference with the notebook body thickness, ultra-thin ultra-pole this sign. Whether it is the small size of 11.6 inch or 14, 13-inch big screen, super pole body design than the traditional notebook is obviously slim. From the above table, we see a variety of looks extremely slim ultra-pole of this, the LENOVO Z830 and Asus UX31 these products have done it thinner than the 13-inch Apple Macbook Air.

Super pole this is not just the idol, or the strength of the faction. Strong performance and very flashy visual effects is the best interpretation of the mad gene. The ultra-pole could provide users with fast boot feature speeds up to 2 seconds, up to 12 hours of battery life, Intel's latest processor and SSD solid state hard drive with soaring ultra-pole speed. Even if you are a crazy gamer, can also be ultra-pole of this product inside to find a suitable for your.

ThinkPad line of new models: LENOVO this year released the P, M, L, in C sub-models of new products, each series has a variety of sizes to select, configure the new ThinkPad series using Intel's second generation of cool wisdom i3, i5, dual-core processor, high to low, respectively, P> M> L> C.

The positioning of the L series is 5000 ~ 6000 yuan level of home entertainment models, compared to a slim P series. Higher performance of the M-series, L series is a little low-key, but this time we received the ThinkPad E135 to change our previous view of the L series, the E135 with 6cell LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E135 Battery is also a bold use of Al-Mg co-brushed material, add two native USB 3.0, as well as new operating feel very brisk, the following is a specific evaluation.


Notebook products you want to do thin is bound to take into account the heat dissipation problem in the past, and the great heat of the standard voltage processor, which is directly thin thermal situation, choose low-voltage platform processor is a wise choice. But the problem will be the low voltage processor performance unsatisfactory, compared to the standard voltage vulnerable is very obvious, such a thin and light gradually fade from view.

Intel Ivy Bridge processor has been released, it shows superior performance for ultra-pole of this new turn for the better. This test Intel ultra-pole standard machine equipped with the latest low-voltage Core i5 3427U processor, clocked at 1.8GHz Turbo to 2.6GHz, built-in HD 4000 Core Graphics.


Unlike the traditional ThinkPad that is too strict and boring design style, the ThinkPad Edge E Series into a more creative element in the tradition of of ThinkPad excellent quality, simple design, clean lines and bold colors , closer to the needs of a new generation of notebook, the relatively low price also makes the ThinkPad E Series products become more popular in the Think series products. We are going to introduce, it is the ThinkPad Edge, a new member of the ThinkPad E Series E330.

E series of this test ThinkPad E330 and before most of the test is not too obvious change in the design, using a 13-inch display screen and configure a third-generation Intelligent Core processor, Intel's latest i5, 3210M, the performance of more able to meet the needs of most users, In addition, as one of the ThinkPad series, comes with a number of applications and security software is very powerful. The next detail we introduce more details of the ThinkPad E330.

Edge an E-series as the innovative spirit of the  E330's design style and LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E330 Battery and the style of the E series has not changed much. Calm style known for its pure black appearance, which continues the Edge, E-series of simple and elegant design style, body cap, in addition to brand LOGO, without too much modification, the overall design simple, elegant.


The performance of low-voltage processor is worrying people, a new platform for 22nm processor performance i5, 3427U what? Its ability to subvert the understanding of the past, people on low-voltage processor? CINEBENCH R10 veteran processor benchmark software to test the results surprising, the processor single core score 4818 points, multicore score of 9904 points. This result may seem unlike low-voltage processor, because this has gone beyond even the previous generation i5 processor performance.

According to McAfee's survey, in 2011, a day more than 55,000 new malware appears, more than 200,000 computers become zombie computers to be controlled. Super this very unique stable gene to flex its muscles on the business use.

Lenovo E335 E Series E330 outside of the highly anticipated, as well as a 13-inch notebook. 13-inch fuselage interior space is more ample, the hardware configuration stronger, more sturdy game performance, of course, its market price is relatively high.

With the listing of a new generation of E330, with alumnus E335 stunning debut, it is equipped with GTX660M graphics not only has more gaming performance than the E330, and this is the E-Series for the first time by NVIDIA for the enthusiast gamers launch of the GTX series graphics cards, it allows the Lenovo E335 series promoted to the ranks of high-end game of this. Then the next through the evaluation details of the game cutting-edge. Like a new generation of Lenovo E335 and E330M canceled before the orange waist, top cover with metal material, the surface after the drawing process, with vertical brushed texture, with dark brown body color, the overall look more mature, to disclose in the low-key a trace of murderous.

In addition to color changes, from the above picture you can clearly see, E335 top cover on both sides of the edge is no longer before the arc-shaped, instead of using the tough miter design, appears to cover a very tough . Lenovo E335 with a LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E335 Battery and E330, the screen frame by the plastic material to create the surface has a mirror effect looks very transparent, but its wear resistance is weak, and relatively easy to scratch, usually need to pay more attention to use, wipe should be more careful.

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