6Cell li-ion FUJITSU LifeBook P701 S751 S761 Battery

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Buying Tips For Laptop Battery
The Most common question now days about batteries that how to choose new batteries for laptop. So here we write this article which can help while choosing good batteries for your laptops.


FUJITSU LifeBook P701 Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V
Capacity: 4400mAh / 6Cell
Weight:  350g
Size: 204.60 x 41.90 x 20.75 mm
Color: Black


The RX 450h stores its 288-volt nickel metal hydride (Ni-MH) FUJITSU laptop battery pack under the rear seat. It’s more compact and lighter than that of its predecessors. The power control unit that houses the power converter, inverter and condenser—we’ll just have to learn this new electrical jargon in this new era of hybrids and electric cars—is also smaller and lighter.


Alternative Anode Chemistry (LTO)
The anodes of most Lithium based secondary cells are based on some form of carbon (graphite or coke). Recently Lithium Titanate Spinel (Li4Ti5O12) has been introduced for use as an anode material providing high power thermally stable cells with improved cycle life.


FUJITSU LifeBook S751 Battery Compatible original Battery Code:
CP293550-01 FMVNBP146 FMVNBP177
FPCBP250 FPCBP250AP S26391-F795-L300
S26391-F795-L400 S26391-F956-L100 S26391-F956-L200


Fit machine:
FUJITSU LifeBook P701 Series
FUJITSU LifeBook S751 Series
FUJITSU LifeBook S761 Series


Although Lithium secondary batteries may cost two or three times more than the cost of equivalent Lead acid batteries and even more when the necessary FUJITSU LifeBook S761 Battery management electronics are thaken into account, this is more than compensated for by their longer cycle life which may be five to ten times the life of Lead acid batteries. Valid cost comparisons should therefore take into account the lifetime costs as well as the initial capital costs.

High cell voltage of 3.6 Volts means fewer cells and associated connections and electronics are needed for high voltage batteries. (One Lithium cell can replace three NiCad or NiMH cells which have a cell voltage of only 1.2 Volts)
No liquid electrolyte means they are immune from leaking.

Very high energy density (About 4 times better than Lead acid). For example a 3.5 ton electric powered LDV light van uses 750Kg of Lead acid batteries. The same capacity could be provided by less than 200 Kg of Lithium batteries, allowing the van an increased payload of half a ton. Alternatively. The van's range of only 50 miles could be quadrupled by using the same weight of Lithium batteries.
Very high power density. As above.
Very small batteries also available. Solid state chemistry can be printed on to ceramic or flexible substrates to form thin film batteries with unique properties.

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