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Samsung Group was founded in 1938, founder is Lee Byung-Zhe, the Korean company's first major export of the southern peninsula of dried fish, vegetables and fruits, in the 1950s and gradually expanded to sugar, pharmaceutical, textile and other manufacturing industries, and established as a family enterprise. Samsung Electronics was established in 1969. Samsung Electronics to sell the 1980s the main refrigerator, established in 1986 when Lee Byung-Zhe Samsung Economic Research Institute. Its subsidiaries include: Samsung Electronics, Samsung SDI, Samsung SDS, Samsung Electro-Mechanics, Samsung Corning, Samsung Networks, Samsung Fire, Samsung Securities, Samsung Corporation, Samsung Heavy Industries, Samsung Engineering, Samsung Air and Samsung Life, etc., within the family by Lee membership management, of which three subsidiary of the U.S. "Fortune" magazine as the world top 500 enterprises. In 1996, Samsung Group ranks among the world's fifth largest group, including several affiliated companies and certain other legal entities, in nearly 70 countries and regions and nearly 300 corporate offices, 196,000 employees, 62 subsidiaries, Total assets

Up to $ 280.8 billion (2007), the average annual salary of employees of the Group up to 71.3 million won (approximately USD 40 million), Samsung in South Korea exports $ 31.2 billion accounted for 18.1%, while in 2004 more to (592 billion U.S. dollars), 20.7% of exports. The South Korean government in 2003 in the tax budget, the Samsung accounted for 6.3% tax. There is no doubt that Samsung is South Korea's leading enterprises, while Samsung has a direct impact on economic conditions in the Korean economy. In 2006, Samsung Group is the world's 35th largest economy in terms of countries to rank, will be greater than Argentina. South Korea registered in the U.S. patents in 8782, 3611 Samsung Electronics has applied for, the percentage more than 40%. From $ 3.1 billion in 1999 to $ 16.2 billion in 2006, Samsung's brand value grew five times, in 2002, Samsung's market value for the first time overtaken Japan as Sony, four years later, Samsung Electronics, among the one hundred billion U.S. dollars Club; 2009, Samsung Electronics market continues to forecast the semiconductor leader Intel may one day replace the position. Since 2001 until the end of 2010, 10 years, Samsung's semiconductor revenue growth of up to 355%, currently ranked World No. 2, compared with Intel's leading market share of only 4.1% of the gap. Samsung currently has nearly 20 kinds of products in global market share to get the first, ranking first in global business. Group 3 enterprises to enter the U.S. "Fortune" magazine ranks of the Fortune 500 in 2003, of which Samsung Electronics ranked 59th, 115th Samsung Corporation, Samsung Life No. 236. Samsung Group's turnover in 2003 of approximately $ 96.5 billion, up $ 10.85 billion brand value in the world's 100 largest brands ranked No. 25, for two consecutive years to become the fastest growing brand. Group's flagship company - Samsung Electronics in 2003, "Business Week" IT hundred in the third, becoming the industry leader, its influence has gone beyond the tradition of many in the industry giants. Samsung has nearly 20 kinds of products the world market share of the world's first enterprise in the international market, highlights the strength. Samsung Electronics, for example, the company's annual Industrial Designers Society of American industrial design
Total Award (Industrial Design Excellence Awards short IDEA) to get the selection of numerous awards, winning for several years to become the largest company. The proof of Samsung's design capacity has reached world class level. Samsung in the United States in 2003 to obtain a patent up to 1313, all companies in the world, ranked ninth. The corporate brand in the world brand laboratory (World Brand Lab) prepared in 2006, "World Top 500 Brands" list ranked twenty-sixth in the "Barron" published 2006 by the world's 100 largest companies respect the degree of Top ranked forty-second.


SAMSUNG NT-NF110 battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  7.4V
Capacity: 6600mAh / 6Cell
Weight:  294g
Size: 207.35 x 52.45 x 20.61 mm
Color: Black / Blue / Red/ White / Yellow


The late 1970s to early 1980s, is a diversified gradually improved, in Samsung's core technology businesses worldwide growth phase. In 1978, Samsung Semiconductor and Samsung Electronics to become two separate entities, but also began to offer new products to the global market. In December 1983, successfully developed a 64K DRAM (dynamic random access memory, Dynamic Random Access Memory) VLSI chip, and thus become the world leader in semiconductor products. Prior to this, Samsung is only for domestic market production of semiconductors. Samsung Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. (founded in 1977) is based on another high-tech business - aviation. And in February 1987, the company's name to Samsung Aviation Industry Corporation (now the name of Samsung Techwin), Samsung is at an unprecedented pace to develop their own aviation industry. Its future plans include the development of future space station and even planned development in the early twenty-first century for the Moon and Mars aviation equipment. In the mid-eighties, Samsung entered the system development business, established in 1985, Samsung Data Systems (now the name of Samsung SDS) as including systems integration, systems management, consulting, and network services, information technology services leader who. Samsung increasing emphasis on technology, and led in the mid-eighties another important development, which is the company's Institute of Economic Research and Development Institute was born: in 1986 the establishment of the Samsung Economic Research Institute (SERI), and Established in 1987, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT). As a pioneer of both R & D organization, has successfully helped Samsung to expand its business even further to the electronics, semiconductor, polymer chemistry, genetic engineering, optical communications, aviation, and from advanced nanotechnology to a wide area network structure. Samsung's new notebook

In the November 19, 1987, president of Samsung founder Lee Byung-Zhe in charge of the Samsung Group, nearly 50 years after his death. His son succeeded Lee as Samsung's new president. Samsung Group in 1988 to celebrate its 50th anniversary celebration, he announced that the company began to "second pioneering" Samsung will lead the further development of a world-class twenty-first century business. In order to "second pioneering" Samsung challenge themselves, re old business, and began to enter new business areas, the goal is to become the world's top five electronics companies. Samsung Electronics and Samsung Semiconductor & wireless communications to this merger is undoubtedly a key goal. Because the company's history, this is the first time, Samsung took the time to maximize the technical resources to develop value-added products of the road. Overlapping the overall project cost savings and efficient use of capital and manpower. Half of the eighties, Samsung Electronics and Heavy Industries in creating a solid effort finally paid off, the company won the match with the reputation of high-tech products.

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"New business" era (1994 ~ 1996) "New business" is not just redesign the structure of the Samsung business, but to create a world-class products, providing all the customer satisfaction, as well as being a good corporate citizen overhaul movement. In retrospect, the "new business" is the Samsung decisive turning point in the development process, the whole company "quality first" as the basis for re-positioning stage. During this period, 17 different products, from semiconductors to computer monitors, TFT-LCD display from the color picture tube, in their respective fields, the product's global market share ranked the top five. 12 kinds of other products are among the best in their respective fields. In some areas, such as LCD, etc. Samsung is the first from the start. Since 1993, into the LCD, Samsung is the undisputed world leader. Another example is Samsung Heavy Industries of the drilling vessel, since Samsung entered the field, you have a 60% world market share. There is no doubt that the success of Samsung in these areas, partly thanks to Samsung factories around the world in its strict quality control. As a result of "one-stop line (Line Stop)" system, as long as any employee found to be not in the production process the details of Samsung mobile phone plans

Qualified products, you can immediately turn off the assembly line. The whole production line will be stopped until the problem is resolved. In total quality management process, Samsung also stick with the "Six Sigma (Six Sigma)" method. Of course, the "new business" just to get high-quality products, but also to get good people. Samsung's business development regardless of what the world, Samsung Human Development Institute will be dedicated to all direct contact with customers to provide customer service seminars. Samsung's located in downtown Seoul, a world-class hotel - even Shilla Samsung Life Insurance, Samsung Securities and Samsung credit card companies offer etiquette training for employees. Samsung also improved its internal structure to make it closer to consumers, such as Samsung Corporation to establish 48-hour domestic train service systems and Samsung Card security system. As the first also means recognizing that corporate social responsibility, regardless of the cause of social welfare, environmental protection, cultural activities or sports. In fact, Samsung actively participate in sports marketing, as the company's outstanding achievements in various aspects, President of Samsung's Lee Kun-hee, in July 1996 was also elected as the International Olympic Committee (IOC) members, which greatly enhance the company's positive for the world sports contribute to the image.


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SAMSUNG NF110 Series(All) SAMSUNG NP-NF110 Series(All) SAMSUNG NT-NF110 Series(All)
SAMSUNG NF210 Series(All) SAMSUNG NP-NF210 Series(All) SAMSUNG NT-NF210 Series(All)
SAMSUNG NF310 Series(All) SAMSUNG NP-NF310 Series(All) SAMSUNG NT-NF310 Series(All)


1997 for almost all the Korean people are dark. In that year, almost all Korean companies have a state of contraction, Samsung is no exception. Subsidiary company by the number reduced to 45 (the standard number of subsidiary companies under the "fair trade" (Fair Trade Law) to determine), laid off almost 50,000 people, to improve the company's financial structure is reasonable, the company's liabilities rate from 365% in 1997 down to 148% in 1999. Company for $ 1.5 billion of the company's original business units sold to 10 foreign companies, including Samsung's acclaimed heavy construction equipment business was sold to Sweden's Volvo AB, the forklift truck business was sold to Clark. Although the news was very sad, but because of its digital and network technology leadership, and in electronics, finance, and other related services to the stability and focus, to make Samsung one of the few to the economic crisis continue to grow after one of the companies. In October 1999, Samsung Aerospace (which is later Samsung Techwin), Daewoo Heavy Industries and Hyundai Aerospace formed an independent economic entity, Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI, Korea Aerospace Industries)

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