7800mAH/9Cell ACER Aspire 7739G 7739ZG 5553G 7745 Laptop Battery test

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Many people have been asking all kinds of laptop batteries, I have answered many times, because of various problems are similar, so I put together what I hope to help users find the answer in question, a question we hope not the same I had repeatedly asked that he find an answer in the paste.


First tell you a little knowledge: Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of various types of battery laptop

The first launch of the rechargeable battery is nickel-cadmium battery (NiCd), but this battery has a "memory effect", each must be discharged before charging, very easy to use, soon to be nickel-metal hydride battery (NiMH) replaced, NiMH is not only no "memory effect", and can make more per unit weight of 10% of the electricity. The most commonly used battery is a lithium-ion battery (Li-Ion), it is also no "memory effect", compared with NiMH, get more weight per unit of electricity, the price twice as high than the NiMH. Blue notebooks are now using lithium batteries, S12A polymer lithium battery, volume control, and life in the performance even better. In the same weight, battery life of these three ratio is 1:1.2:1.9.


ACER Aspire 7739G Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  11.1V
Capacity: 7800mAh / 9Cell
Weight:  394g
Size: 269.59 x 48.51 x 23.91 mm
Color: Black



Question 1: inside the battery has not run out of power more than a direct charge, OK?

A: Because of the rechargeable battery inside the laptop most of the use of lithium-ion battery (Li-Ion), no memory effect, you run out of power and not run out of charge is the same, do not worry. And buy something is to use, can play the largest role in the notebook is the most important, considering the fear of damage to the battery can not charge contingency, that is the biggest losses.


Question 2: Why is my laptop battery will be useless broken a few times
A: Many people laptop batteries have been inserted in the books above, usually do not have life function, a direct use of the adapter, this strange use of a battery is not bad.

Where are all the battery life, notebook battery life, but according to charge and discharge cycles to be calculated. But many people do not fully understand on this issue, coupled with the general notebook battery charge and discharge times are at least 500 times or so, so many of my friends think that laptop battery life is about two years.

Even if the laptop battery not, there will be self-discharge phenomenon, once the place for too long, there will be excessive discharge situation. Once this level, I am afraid a lot of battery power are not on the charge, battery, hey, they come to an end a few useless.

In other words, even if you do not use the battery for a long time, nor capable placed, preferably over a period of time on a charge and discharge, in order to maintain the battery's "state." However, because of lithium itself has a certain memory effect (no memory effect Lithium generally say it is wrong, in fact, lithium also has memory effect, but only a very small), preferably within the battery power runs out first, then charge, so The results will be better. Of course, the best control of the charging time of 12 hours, or over-charging can lead to reduced battery life.

So remember usually at home, plug the power use, the laptop battery should be removed. There will not be used, as long as proper care, custody before discharge completely, not bad.


Question 3: Why are the 6-cell 4400 mA battery, and some can be three hours, and some have a film's worth, what is going on.

A: In addition to reducing battery life issue itself, the notebook's own power is a critical impact on battery life, text processing movies certainly better than the cost of electricity, play 3D games is certainly better than the movies costs of electricity, certainly better than open wireless no wireless costs of electricity, of course, the CPU power design is also very important.

Take my Blue SL16E (R232) laptop, because the use of the Intel (R) Core CULV processors (ie, consumer level notebook market for ultra low voltage processor), so is power, real-time using wireless cases, the Internet, the use of 3 hours 40 minutes is not a problem. And I had not the speed that HP520 laptop now Blue SL16E (R232) faster, but also on the wireless to the Internet, with up to 1 hour 20 minutes, if a movie is 1 hour to reach, business no endurance performance.


Question 4: Why should the original battery 1,000 yuan to buy no-name's okay.

A: Many of my friends have long life time of need, especially the kind of year-round business travelers, ten hours of battery life is necessary, so the configuration and then configure an additional battery is necessary, but a asked a battery of several price discovery in 1000 dollars, almost the price of the Internet to catch up with the cottage. The fact is that, as Asus, HP, DELL Original battery of this notebook easily seven or eight hundred, more than a thousand dollars, black as hell, but it also made a bit of individual brands, such as the Blue brand a 6 cell battery price of 300 yuan, with a still acceptable.

If the original battery that can not afford to buy a non-original can it be? Remind you that there are many fake and non-original batteries, look exactly the same with IBM's performance to be a lot worse, most of the price of 300 yuan or less, are sold everywhere on Taobao, this battery not buy, then it could explode to a Han You can kind of overwhelmed by the crime, it is not you buy a BYD, product wins the match battery is required.


ACER Aspire 7739ZG Battery Compatible original Battery Code:
AS10A6E AS10B31 AS10B3E
AS10B41 AS10B51 AS10B5E
AS10B61 AS10B6E AS10B71
AS10B73 AS10B75 AS10B7E
AS10E36 AS10E76 AS10E7E


Notebook laptop computer knowledge to protect the body shell is the most direct way, but also affect its cooling effect, "weight", the importance of aesthetics for. Notebook computers have a common shell material: alloy shell with aluminum-magnesium alloy and titanium, plastic shell with carbon fiber, PC-GF-# # (polycarbonate, PC) and ABS plastic.


Al-Mg alloys: Al-Mg alloy is generally the main elements of aluminum, then mixed with small amounts of magnesium or other metal materials to enhance their hardness. By itself is metal, its thermal conductivity and strength is particularly prominent. Aluminum-magnesium alloy hard and light weight, low density, good heat resistance, compression is strong, can fully meet the highly integrated 3C products, light, micro, and drop collision and electromagnetic shielding and heat dissipation requirements. Its hardness is several times more than traditional plastic case, but weighs only one-third of the latter, often used in high-end ultra-thin notebook or smaller shell. Moreover, silver magnesium alloy casing makes the product more luxurious, beautiful, and easy to color, surface treatment process can be turned into personalized powder blue and pink, the notebook considerably, which is plastic and carbon fiber can not be compared. Al-Mg alloy which has become the first choice for portable notebook shell material that the majority of notebook manufacturers are using aluminum-magnesium alloy casing technology. Disadvantages: not very strong magnesium alloy wear-resistant, high cost, relatively expensive and difficult than the ABS molding (stamping or casting process needed), so the laptop is generally only used in the aluminum-magnesium alloy top cover, it is few models with the aluminum-magnesium alloy to produce the entire case.


Titanium: Titanium material can be said that the enhanced version of the aluminum-magnesium alloy, titanium and magnesium alloys in addition to the incorporation of different metal itself, the biggest difference in the sense that also infiltrated carbon fiber material, regardless of heat, intensity, or surface texture are superior to aluminum-magnesium alloy, and better processing performance, shape more complex than the aluminum-magnesium alloy. The key breakthrough is more strength and toughness, and become thinner. Look on the strength and toughness, titanium magnesium alloy is three to four times. The higher strength and toughness, can withstand greater pressure, the more able to support large-size display. Therefore, even if the aircraft is equipped with titanium alloy 15-inch display, do not set aside four weeks is too wide in the panel framework. As for thinness, titanium thickness of only 0.5mm, is half the magnesium alloy, the thickness of half the size of laptop computers can be more petite. The only drawback is that titanium must pass welding and other complex processing procedures, in order to make the complex structure of the notebook computer case, derived from the production process of these substantial costs, it is very expensive. Currently, titanium and other titanium composite materials is still a dedicated IBM, which is more expensive IBM laptop one of the reasons.


Carbon fiber: Carbon fiber material is a very interesting material, both with strong features elegant aluminum-magnesium alloy, ABS engineering plastics have a high plasticity. It looks like plastic, but the strength and ability to conduct heat better than ordinary ABS plastic of ACER 5553G Laptop With ACER Aspire 5553G Battery , and carbon fiber is a conductive material, metal shielding can play a similar role (ABS housing need another layer of metal film coated to mask). Thus, as early as April 1998 IBM Corporation pioneered the use of carbon fiber on the shell of the notebook, but also has strong sales of IBM's lead. According to IBM's data show that strength and toughness of carbon fiber is twice the aluminum-magnesium alloy, and heat the best. If you use the same time, carbon fiber shell models feels the least hot. The disadvantage of carbon fiber is expensive, no ABS shell is easy to shape, so the shape of the carbon fiber chassis are generally relatively simple lack of change in color is also more difficult. In addition, carbon fiber chassis and a disadvantage is that if the ground is not good, there will be a slight leakage inductance, IBM in its carbon fiber chassis is covered with a layer of insulation coating.


First, protect the battery
Only, the laptop just natural glory, with a total show off to friends, who introduced what is most desirable. As a result, frequent electrical storage battery alarm is natural, and there are close to a power plug, and can Continue (continue to) the. In this simple action, hidden with the laptop deadly killer - greatly shorten battery life. The best way is to: previous use of laptop computers, laptop battery should be in power more than completely used up to the laptop no longer boot level, then in case of shutdown, 4 to 6 hours to fully charge . (In principle, best not to start work while charging side, this will extend the charging time, even if the full four hours, although the show is 100%, it may be true power, so promoting the kind of pure charging method.) best to remove the battery charge is completed, if conditions permit, usually the direct use of lighting power, once the battery is enabled, we must adhere to the charge storage exhausted after filling. This battery will work long-term stability

Second, they plan and avoid pressing the mouse
As you known, the "books" nothing more than a mouse, there are two, one is pressure sensitive, the other is the touch-screen, both have their pros and cons, pressure sensitive action is simple, move the pointer range is the entire desktop, but many people grasp how bad the best of the pressure should be, some people just learning to hold as the use of mechanical computer mouse, so too early to make sense of pressure unresponsive. The touch-screen surface is a layer of hair-like PVC material, the use of the process, if the finger is dry, move the pointer not working and should be minimal. Many people deal with this situation is to exert oneself, while also wipe with a beat, according to this long-term trend continues, will not only scratch the surface, but the mouse is no longer flexible. The best way is: Gently press the light moving the former, the latter often with a soft cloth (eyeglasses cloth) to clean the surface, use a number of slightly moist to the fingers, so that reduces the friction, but also allows you to move freely .
Third, the screen avoid casual "ground wiping"


PC-GF-# # (polycarbonate, PC): PC-GF-# # is the notebook computer as a shell material, its raw material is oil, after processing by the polyester chips plant particles into polyester chips , and then the plastic-processing has become finished products, from a practical point of view, its thermal performance is better than ABS plastic, the heat is more evenly distributed, it's biggest drawback is the relatively brittle, a fall on the break, CD-ROM is to use our common this material. The use of this material is more significant FUJITSU, and are used in many models of this material, but for all housing all this material. No matter the surface or from the feeling of touch on, PC-GF-# # material sense are like metal. If the notebook computer does not identify it, not just from the outside surface to observe carefully, you may think that the alloy material.


The main screen is a reflector of man-machine dialogue, which allows you real-time monitoring computer's every move. But the LCD screen and decided by the form of her more finicky, especially the surface. Users often while working his mouth to speak, there will be surface blemishes, some users will be hard to love the beginning, can not be waved his big hands several times, directly erase. In this inadvertently, it will scratch the screen, the phenomenon is not obvious at first, can the course of time, there will be color, shading and other physical characterization, and some scratches. The best way is: use a clean soft cloth with some of the neutral stimulus is neither oily nor wipe the display surface of the liquid, then dry with a soft cloth to dry.


ABS plastic: ABS plastic that is PC + ABS (plastic alloy), the Chinese name in the chemical industry plastic alloy, are named for the PC + ABS, is used because it not only has excellent heat-resistant PC resin, weather resistance, dimensional stability and impact resistance, and excellent processing with ABS resin flow. Therefore, applications in thin-walled and complex shaped products, to maintain its excellent performance, and maintaining an ester composed of plastic and the material formability. ABS plastic is the most shortcomings in the quality of weight, poor thermal conductivity. In general, ABS engineering plastics because of low cost, by most notebook manufacturers to use, for most of the plastic shell laptops are made of ABS engineering plastic raw materials.

ACER Aspire 7745 Battery Fit machine:
ACER Aspire 7739 Series ACER Aspire 7739G Series ACER Aspire 7739GZ Series
ACER Aspire 7739Z Series ACER Aspire 7739ZG Series
ACER Aspire 5553 Series ACER Aspire 5553G Series
ACER Aspire 7745 Series ACER Aspire 7745G Series ACER Aspire 7745GZ Series
ACER Aspire 7745Z Series ACER Aspire 7745ZG Series

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