7800mAh / 9Cell ASUS N53JC N53JH N53JL N53JV Battery test

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Selecting the Maximum Performance setting sets your computer's graphics, processor, memory, and hard drive processes to run at peak levels of performance, but disregards any power savings or battery endurance.  This means you'll have the brightest screen, fastest processor setting, and constantly spinning hard drive - but your battery will not last long.  If you are running this setting while powered by your notebook PC's battery, you may end up with as little as 2 hours of battery life.


ASUS N53JC Battery detail:

Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V or 11.1V or 11.25V
Capacity: 7200mAh / 9Cell
Weight:  426g
Size: 203.51 x 67.72 x 21.43 mm
Color: Black


Let’s face it, almost everyone has problems with the battery life for notebooks and cell phones.  Our iPhone barely makes it through a day without charging. More and more devices come with rechargeable batteries and we felt it was time we looked into ways to extend battery life and extend cell phone or iPhone battery life. Eventually all batteries will die, but this article focus on extending the life of lithium-ion batteries that are present in most modern devices so the battery lasts as long as your device will.


ASUS N53JH Battery Compatible original Battery Code:
15G10N373800 90-NED1B2100Y 90-NWF1B2000Y
A32-M50 A32-N61 A32-X64
A33-M50 L062066 L072051 L0790C6


Most manufacturers recommend you to go through at least one full charge cycle per month.  Charge the battery to 100% full and then running the battery down to zero. Batteries slow discharge without use, so charge it up periodically to exercise the battery. Notebooks will need sleep to be disabled during the rundown process. See technique below.


ASUS N53JL Battery Fit machine:
ASUS N53 Series(All)
ASUS N53J Series(All) ASUS N53JC Series(All) ASUS N53JE Series(All)
ASUS N53JF Series(All) ASUS N53JG Series(All) ASUS N53JH Series(All)
ASUS N53JL Series(All) ASUS N53JN Series(All) ASUS N53JQ Series(All)
ASUS N53JR Series(All) ASUS N53JT Series(All) ASUS N53JV Series(All)
ASUS N53JR Series(All) ASUS N53JT Series(All) ASUS N53JV Series(All)
ASUS N53JX Series(All)


1,The first three rechargeable lithium batteries the right way and everyday use considerations.
2,Running the pack down in the equipment does this, if ignored the fuel gage will become increasingly act less accurate and in some cases cut off the device prematurely. Keep the lithium ion battery in the cool, avoid a hot car and for prolong storage, keep the battery at a 40 percent charge level, that’s important. Consider removing the battery from the laptop when running on fix power
3,Degraded laptop battery run time is an indicator for less ASUS N53JV Battery life time.

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