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SAMSUNG E3530 with chocolate floating keyboard design, with the previous U-series SAMSUNG same keyboard design, the keyboard feels soft when slightly less resilient. But here be pointed out that chocolate keyboard as the distance between each key large, adapted to the compact keyboard for users who need some time to adapt to the E3530.


Express Gate also built a lightning system, probably only about 8 seconds you can enter the interface center, Internet, music, online games, Pictures, instant messaging and VoIP operations. One real-time chat support ICQ, QQ, MSN, Google Talk, AIM, and Yahoo and other mainstream software. The key in the Windows system was Power4Gear power management switch key, SAMSUNG E3530 operating area is very simple, only the design of a power switch and turn key Express Gate functions. .


E3530 keyboard and touch pad area opposite the region with a silver-white color, but also plastic coating material technology. Through the plastic coating can clearly see the dark gray point, the plastic coating used to avoid a bit fingerprint marks, use a damp cloth can easily wipe. E3530 to use the two transparent plastic line will clearly outline the touchpad area, with the wrist rest area is a different area on the touchpad was a small protruding points, so avoid the long summer sweat appear on the fingers sliding phenomenon. And E3530 touchpad supports multi-touch, left and right analog wheel moves up and down the right mouse button and start the batter.


Thermal control E3530 done quite in place, 28 degrees room temperature in about three hours to run our C and D face surface temperature measurement, as shown above and the figure below. Visible E3530 warming is not obvious, C surface keyboard surface kept at 36 degrees below the average temperature to ensure a good comfort-hand operation. Excellent temperature control thanks to E3530 excellent performance on the one hand the design process, on the other hand the use of ULV low-power platform is one of the main.


SAMSUNG E3520 Battery info;
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  11.1V
Capacity: 7800mAh / 9Cell
Weight:  382g
Size: 204.00 x 49.51 x 40.20 mm
Color: Black or White


CineBench use of film and television industry, software development, Cinema 4D special effects engine, you can test the CPU and graphics performance. CineBench10 the last point more potential drain system, accurately reflects the system performance, E3530 can be seen through the test, Intel Core 2U7300's 2808 dual-core test performance score points with the Intel Core 2 Duo SU9400@1.4GHz quite single-core performance . Far more than single-core U3500 processor.


E3530 Core2 U7300 used to rely on a core of leading Core2 architecture, at least a generation of Intel's industry-leading 45-nanometer process technology, and higher secondary cache and front-side bus speed, U7300 still achieved very good results, performance, at least in the ATOM N270 4 times more, U3500 single core processing 2 times, should be a balance of performance and light, of course, the performance for the general office and entertainment applications that are not a problem.


Test results from PCmark05 is, E3530's overall performance compared to traditional notebook is not high, quite satisfactory; ultra low voltage Intel Core 2U7300 processor performance than the previous single-core U3500 significantly enhance, the whole graphic scores side set as E3530 with a X4500 graphics performance aspects were not so great advantage. From a practical point of view into the application, all the OFFICE office, entertainment, games, HD playback, and even make video compression and so is not an issue.


Integrated graphics X4500HD, It is reported that compared with the previous generation X3100 graphics, Intel GMA X4500HD fully supports DX10 and Shader Moder 4.0 API, built-in GPU calculation unit from 8 to 10, and support for Blu-ray and HD DVD high-definition video playback hardware frequency up to 640MHz, also built HDMI / DisplayPort / DVI interface. And in performance, compared to the X3100 at least 1 fold increase, almost comparable to the current entry-level single significant chip. At the same time, can result in higher energy consumption control in order to achieve higher battery life.


Through the 3Dmark06 test run E3530 integrated X4500 integrated graphics performance with other similar sets of ULV models were compared to the performance of the X4500 on average, but significantly higher than the X3100 set score 759 score, if you must use the E3530 running some large online games, the user only the lower resolution in order to complete the game, of course, X4500 integrated graphics and the biggest advantage is endurance performance in the excellent thermal performance.


The new positioning of the product SAMSUNGE3530 main light and long battery life, the configuration above, equipped with Intel's new ultra-low voltage mobile processor U7300 ULV processor, 13.3 inch high-definition LED backlit screen design, making it whole, whether in performance or life both in terms of ultimate balance, especially floating keyboard design, SRS virtual surround sound and other creative elements together with the integration of less than 2 kg of body weight of body weight, and other ordinary 13-inch notebook full advantage compared to .

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