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Promote the concept compared to the Lenovo brand, founded in China Taiwan's Acer seem to be more focused on the quality of the product itself. In early 2010, long-term U.S. and European markets as the main objective to the Acer a sudden increase in investment in Chinese mainland market, and by strengthening the concept of product quality, increase service into ways to enhance their position in the minds of Chinese consumers. "A trustworthy brand," a time of dark green covered with various types of advertising and IT vertical portal site's home page.


The success may be a coincidence, but by chance to explore the inevitable factors. Lenovo is the Chinese interpretation of user requirements need to learn from other brands, but "sturdy little Y" was not deliberately simple imitation. The small Y-like bamboo shoots after the emergence of the old K, LENOVO Small G, A big marketing concepts such as the effect of view, users prefer from their own creation. Lenovo said that the future will continue to promote the "sturdy little Y" the successful experience of user groups more closely, to make adjustments in the change. It can be said that type of brand association, product promotion ideas.


Acer 1976 was founded in China Taiwan, through years of development and growth, HP is now only the world's second largest PC maker, and its share of the European market so that other brands can not match. But in the Chinese market, Acer has been very dull performance, regardless of brand or channel systems do not form a good loop. Although the Acer in the European market through large channels proxy mode was a great success, but it is relying on European channels and mature 3C stores the user's buying habits. In China, computer or electronic stores and through an extensive distribution network sales, online shopping is far from universal and mature stage. Thus, Acer in China can not copy the successful experience of the European market.


The face of China, the world's fastest growing IT consumer market, Acer has finally started to adjust strategy in 2010, re-examine the needs of this huge market segment.


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The first is the format of the channel model, Acer has a very rich experience of local brands, and this time it even more on local brands marketing system. May 2010, Acer began to build a strategic partnership with Founder contacts; October 2010, Acer CEO and President Jiang Fan can be global. Samaranch in Beijing held a press conference announced the preliminary and Founder of integration has been completed: Founder computer coexist with the Acer brand brand, Acer Founder brand new set of independent institutions will be responsible for brand Founder's PC business, the original team of 698 people Founder smooth integration into the Acer Group. Thus, Acer to build with local characteristics of the channel system was officially launched.


On the other hand, Acer has begun to strengthen the concept of the brand in the minds of people, publicity and promotion of Acer products, "trustworthiness."


The first step, Acer retail outlets for the 1750 domestic stores were redesigned and renovated, and a salesman by 13,000 professional training to enhance the level of sales channels of the terminal, so that consumers can more clearly, more intuitive understanding of Acer products and brand positioning.


The second step, by putting a large, covering a wide range of carpet ads, to strengthen the brand image concept in the minds of consumers, "I believe I chose. Acer Computer" slogan and the image of the handsome airline captain successfully landed on the domestic the consumer's perspective. Best time to play in just the right slogan and the image of endorsement, so Acer 2010, China quickly became the fastest growing brands of computers, even in a period of time in the domestic search engine "Acer captain" of the entries have climbed list the forefront.


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AS10D75 AS10D81 AS10G31


Upon completion of the re-brand and channel shape after the transformation, Acer began to focus on pushing the product line with China's consumer tastes. Domestic users and through the observation of the market environment, Acer and Lenovo laptops with a similar idea - using the latest technology to seize market opportunities. In 2010, Acer has introduced a variety of configurations with high-grade 14-inch mid-range price of mainstream notebooks, including the Aspire 4750G, Aspire 4741G, or even the desire for new technology to reach the point of tit for tat with the association. Lenovo launched the first equipped with NVIDIA GeForce GT 130M graphics card's performance after the IdeaPad Y450, Acer first launched in early 2010 the first equipped with ATI Mobility Radeon HD5650 DX11 graphics card laptops, followed by either an Intel Core i-series processing follow-up products or devices the first DX11 NVIDIA GeForce G 400M graphics card, Acer's new release speed in no way inferior Lenovo sensitivity, price and more competitive.


Time spinning in 2010, Intel released the new Core i intelligent processor, Lenovo launched the second generation of re-leveraging small Y - IdeaPad Y460 notebook computers. The new small Y in the configuration to further enhance cost-effective, it is equipped with Intel Core i3/i5/i7 processor, and the first DX11 graphics card technology - ATI Mobility Radeon HD5650, the average price of only 6,000 yuan. In addition, Lenovo also refine the design of small Y style, so the whole product look more refined; for multimedia applications to enhance the JBL audio system for dual-drive system technology to accelerate the TSI are highlights of the product.


Proved, Acer in 2010, the layout of the Chinese market in exchange for amazing results. Statistics show that as of the third quarter, Acer's market share in China from 8% to 13% growth rate from 5% to 9%. Among them, business notebooks and netbooks, respectively, occupy the second position of their respective market segments. Thus, Acer's marketing, "China" strategy is successful. Acer on the channel, brand image and product repositioning so that more Chinese people know the brand, "high quality" has become a "cost" after yet another synonym for Acer laptop


At the same time, tasted the sweetness of the association grab for the IdeaPad U, IdeaPad Z, IdeaCenter and one desktop computer, and Lenovo Yang days were introduced personalized marketing programs. U from the "zebra" to the Z-series of the "most popular" from the Young Days "Sima TA" to one computer the "Terminator", Lenovo put the product and the perfect combination of the concerns of young people together, supplemented by extensive marketing network and distribution channels, Lenovo with "sturdy little Y" pattern in 2010, gained market success.


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