80Wh/85Wh/87Wh DELL TC023 UG679 DH074 Battery

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Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V or 11.1V
Capacity: 80Wh/85Wh/87Wh / 9Cell
Weight:  434g
Size: 206.71 x 68.02 x 23.84 mm
Color: Black or Grey


DELL TC023 Battery info:

Compatible original Battery Code:
310-0450 312-0373 312-0450
312-0451 451-10284 451-10285
451-10351 C9551 C9553
C9554 CC154 CC156
DC224 DH074 FC141
RC107 TC023 UG679
Y9943 Y9947 Y9948


DELL UG679 Battery Fit machine:
DELL Inspiron 630m DELL Inspiron 640 DELL Inspiron 640m
DELL Inspiron E1405 DELL Inspiron PP19L DELL XPS M140

The 14-inch Inspiron is a compact machine that is easy to travel with and offers a good balance of speed and

performance with excellent battery life. The laptop can run up to 10 hours on a single charge, which gives users

enough charge for a full work day and a few hours extra, and it can run Windows.


While there are always trade-offs when buying a laptop, it is comforting to know that with new battery technologies

and improvements, buyers don’t have to sacrifice speed and performance for better DELL DH074 Battery life.


DELL Warranty: DELL Warranty existing policies and regulations, for outside (non-target sales to USA) to buy Inspiron business notebook series and Inspiron PC products, require the user to provide an effective foreign (target of sale) purchase local certificate, the China Inspiron and found them, in mainland China to provide Warranty Service. Home Presario notebook series in mainland China do not enjoy the Warranty Service. As the product is not global services policies, and mainland China did not participate ITW (International Traveler "s DELL Warranty) project, all holders of the product user, can provide effective even outside (the target of sale) purchase vouchers, to the current so far still can not enjoy the warranty service.

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