83Wh / 9Cell ASUS Z37 Z37A Z37E Battery FAQ

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 Start charging in the end there is no harm? Once one of the guys I see my phone is switched charge, and then over that one: wow! How dare you start charging, you are not afraid of exploding ASUS Z37 Battery ?

 No, there are three obstacles, the first is the notebook manufacturers use various different voltage, such as IBM are 16V, COMPAQ mostly 18.5V, SONY part of the model is 19.5V, are inconsistent.

1. Static information: the static information is not detected, but added by manufacturers themselves, it is generally written in 24C01 in, BQ2060 to read from the 24C01 to its own inside.
ManufactureDate, ManufactureName, DeviceName, Devicechemistry, SpecificationInfo, DesignVoltage, DesignCapacity, RemainingCapacityAlarm, RemainingTimeAlarm, ASUS Z37A Battery Mode. This information is self-evident.
2. Dynamic information: dynamic information, some are detected, some are simply calculated, the purpose is to remove the user is calculated. Detection: Voltage, Current, Temperature, AverageCurrent, RemainingCapacity, FullChargeCapacity, BatteryStatus. Calculated: RelativeStateOfCharge, AbsoluteStateOfCharge, RunTimeToEmpty, AverageTimeToEmpty, AverageTimeToFull, CycleCount.. Information ChargingVoltage, ChargingCurrent charger should be used to tell how much charge current to charge ASUS Z37E Battery, how much voltage in the office should become a constant voltage charging. AtRate, At RateT ime To Full, At Rate Time To Empty, At Rate OK information is purely used to help the user computing.

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