8800mAh/12Cell DELL UD535 WD414 XD184 XD187 YD120 Battery

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Perhaps the best example of this benefit comes from DELL laptops. In its  Inspiron and Latitude laptops, DELL uses lithium-polymer laptop batteries that are flatter, and that can fit around the rest of the laptop’s components in a way that a traditional laptop battery could not. By better utilizing the available space, they are able to fit more capacity into the

laptops, thereby increasing battery life significantly.


DELL UD535 Battery info:

Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V or 11.1V or 14.8V
Capacity: 8800mAh / 12Cell
Weight:  519g
Size: 205.01 x 60.02 x 41.20 mm
Color: Black or Gray


Compatible original Battery Code:
0XD184 312-0366 312-0416
451-10289 CGR-B-6E1XX HD438
KD186 TD429 TD611
TD612 TT720 UD532
UD535 WD414 XD184
XD187 YD120 


DELL WD414 Battery Fit machine:
DELL Inspiron 1300 / DELL Inspiron B120 / DELL Inspiron B130 / DELL Latitude 120L


when you buy stylish appearance, but also pay attention to the big brands to choose, because the big brands, often means a good after-sales service, which operate for those not familiar with the books to consumers is very important, otherwise there is no sale service and technical support, you can become expensive, ultra-thin notebook computer that you may not wait. Another is to buy a large memory capacity is also a trend of books, so you have to pay attention to this aspect of the equipment, otherwise good shape, with only a small capacity memory, ultra-thin really thin, can be encountered in the use of considerable much trouble.


NiMH dell batteryies are also less expensive to produce, in general, than lithium-ion DELL XD184 Battery. Unfortunately, there are some disadvantages to NiMH technology. NiMH have a lower energy density than lithium-ion and other more modern technologies, meaning it takes a larger battery to contain the same amount of energy. This is perhaps the biggest reason that lithium-ion batteries have mainly replaced NiMH for laptop and notebook batteries, because a compact size is so important for portable devices. This is also the case with digital cameras, mp3 players, cell phones, and many other portable electronics, as most of them have replaced NiMH with lithium-ion batteries as well.


Some consumers said the letter yourself Well, I just ultra-thin notebook with 12cell DELL XD187 Battery, portable and good books as long as I am. These are certainly good, what types of books are not Internet browsing information, send and receive E-mail ah? But if you buy the ultra-thin laptop is not a good performance, how to run stable? If you did not bring their own fashion baby Internet network equipment, or that the performance of network devices is not satisfactory, your computer no matter how thin and light notebook with a high degree of portability and flexibility of mobility, is also a headache.


The Inspiron 1300 is an ultraportable, or netbook, that not only has an impressive DELL YD120 Battery life of nearly 9 hours but is also extremely compact and portable. This makes it an excellent choice for travelers, especially those frequently stuck on long flights. In order to get this long battery life, buyers will need to add the 9-cell battery upgrade option.


Relative to the past parallel notebook is not difficult to buy, today's notebook market after several years of big wave dig a lot of sand has been standardized, as in the past those who sell parallel imports when the mainstream consumer fraud is so rare to see, the parallel market also much better, most of the parallel distributor has not engaged in the traditional sense that the behavior of the JS, and generally can get a good after-sales aspects of the protection, but does not rule out the possibility of individual profiteers deceive consumers, we buy a notebook parallel Try to pick the big dealers, the best on the multi inquire first major forum for asking, I believe the forum will give you a master of great help.

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