8800mAh TOSHIBA Satellite P500 P505 P505D Battery PK 100Wh HP EliteBook 8460p Battery

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12cell TOSHIBA Satellite P500 P505 P505D Battery feature:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V
Capacity: 8800mAh / 12Cell
Weight:  479g
Size: 207.41 x 95.61 x 20.51 mm
Color: Black


TOSHIBA Satellite P500 Battery Compatible original Battery Code:
PA3729U-1BAS PA3729U-1BRS PA3730U-1BAS PA3730U-1BRS


Fit machine:
TOSHIBA Qosmio X500 Series(All)

TOSHIBA Qosmio X505 Series(All) 
TOSHIBA Satellite P500 Series(All)

TOSHIBA Satellite P505 Series(All)

TOSHIBA Satellite P505D Series(All)


TOSHIBA Satellite P505 battery can be 6-cell , 8-cell or 121cell meaning that there are that number of battery cells inside the battery. The batteries cells conenect together, the battery capacity reduce reason is that: all the batteries quality and discharge rate can not be in the same level. After discharge, one battery cell capacity in substantial reduction, in order to maintain voltage stability, the battery management chip will be according protection of core power as the "bucket principle", so after the electricity charge will decrease.


Charging New Batteries : If your laptop is brand new, you have an opportunity to maximize your battery’s health from the get-go. BBS authors Asher Moses and Brian Nadel state that long-term battery vitality can be ensured if “when first using your notebook on battery power, [you] let the battery completely drain before you recharge it. Don’t recharge when

the toshiba PA3729U-1BRS battery is only half drained. Do that for at least the first two sessions.” If you continue to do this every time you use your laptop battery, you will extend the length of time your laptop can run on TOSHIBA Satellite P505D battery power. Power Settings


A new TOSHIBAbattery health monitor is a pretty handy tool for keeping track of your TOSHIBA Satellite P500 Laptop Battery health, lifespan and your own personal habits. I like battery health monitors because they allow me to discern how quickly I'm going through a battery and figure out about how often I need to buy a new one in order to maintain good battery life


There are some pretty good computer programs out there that maximize and monitor the health of your battery, letting you know exactly how healthy it is and when it's expected to decline. This is just one example of a computer program that monitors battery health.


HP EliteBook 8460p Battery Feature:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V or 11.1V or 11.25V
Capacity: 8.85Ah / 9Cell
Weight:  429g
Size: 205.11 x 66.11 x 20.11 mm
Color: Black


Compatible original Battery Code:
BB09 CC06X CC09 QK639AA QK640AA QK642AA QK643AA ST09 


Fit machine:
HP EliteBook 8460p Series(All) 
HP EliteBook 8460w Series(All) 
HP EliteBook 8560p Series(All)

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