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The Akoya S3211 is thin and reaches a height of about two DVD packages. The notebook is finished in black gloss paint. Because of the glossy paint surface detects the users very quickly unsightly fingerprints and grease stains. Clearly visible is the white Medion logo. The frame of the LCD panel is also black, but dull. The chassis is designed similarly. Only the palm rest, stands out from the silver-gray color.


On the display frame is a Medion logo, but this stands out not as strong as the logo on the lid. The notebook name is also clearly visible. The keyboard is like the chassis and matte black. The buttons are labeled with white. One drawback however is the label of the function keys. They are marked with lilac colors. This label identifies the user in poorly lit environments only cumbersome.


Be careful, though: a Steam account or Metaboli is indispensable. Indeed, the MEDION S3211 does not include a DVD player, if you have applications in DVD version, they will be useless. In short, with no frills but a balanced configuration, the ultraportable Medion appears rather versatile. Better still not to apply too much by running multiple demanding applications simultaneously (like Deezer in the background, an HD video and next to World of Warcraft): its punch and autonomy then fall dramatically, of course.

 In terms of connectivity, no surprises and no revolution. With three USB ports, VGA output, HDMI output and a multiformat card reader, it does absolutely nothing more nor less than its competitors ultraportables. Just note that it does the touchpad is multitouch and thus enables the display size of the page with your fingers, but it lacks a bit of responsiveness.


What about performance? The S3211 pat on the midrange, with a low-power processor core (the SU2300), an integrated graphics chip rather than a true 3D processor (the 4500M HD) and 2 small GB of RAM. Specifically, the ultraportable Medion is perfectly comfortable with the desktop, multimedia and HD video. He even managed to run some games, like the old Half-Life 1 in full resolution (which does not look far), World of Warcraft medium resolution (and pretty), or Left 4 Dead 2 low resolution (but at least with the details and come to terms with jerky animation).

MEDION BTY-S31 Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  14.4V or 14.8V
Capacity: 4400mAh / 8Cell
Weight:  325g
Size: 216.00 x 93.00 x 15.00 mm
Color: Black or White


Present a common laptop battery specification, the common voltage nothing less 10.8V/11.1V, 14.4V/14.8V these four, nothing less than the common capacity 3600mAh, 4000 mAh, 4400 mAh, 6000 mAh these types.
These specifications in the end mean?
From the nominal specifications we can know what?

We know that laptop batteries can be divided into housing, protection board (written with software in it) and the batteries of three parts. Batteries which are combined through the series and parallel, from the laptop battery specification that we can know the specifications used in batteries of indicators and combinations.
Series and parallel

Most laptop batteries are based on the cylindrical batteries in series and parallel approach by a combination. Thread's purpose is to provide a higher voltage to laptop to work properly, parallel aim is to provide higher capacity for notebook to work longer hours.

Because so far the market has not appeared to rely on single batteries can provide more than 10V while the capacity is greater than 3000 mAh batteries, it can only be used in series with parallel approaches to achieve their goals.

Li-On: Lithium-ion is currently the most widely used rechargeable batteries, cell phone, PDA, notebook computers use lithium batteries are now basically, so this article will focus. So why is this called a lithium battery to do? That is because the battery inside the sake of lithium and lithium ion batteries with rechargeable batteries than two generations, not only higher capacity, smaller (higher energy density), and it does not exist the so-called memory effect and lattice phenomenon can meet the needs of charge and discharge at any time, it can be widely used.

Lithium batteries are not without drawbacks, such as expensive, is expendable, if used improperly, serious security problems. Many people buy cell phone or laptop when there are sales staff will advise you how to activate the battery, then we really need this operation?

Lithium-ion battery when the factory goes through the following steps: educate electrolyte battery shell seal ---- --- --- into --- Constant Pressure Discharge. So successive cycles, so that the full invasion electrolyte electrode in order to meet the requirements of capacity up to, then the battery under the battery's capacity to classify, divide the battery level, so when the battery factory has been activated (Ni-Cd batteries and nickel-metal hydride battery is activated only factory).

MEDION Akoya S3211 battery Compatible original Battery Code:
BTY-S31 BTY-S32  


Even a good battery, after several cycles after the discharge curves are from the blue to the red curve A curve B development.

In "How to extend battery life? "Article mentioned in the general case notebook battery life span of only 300-600 cycles, with the increasing number of cycles, the battery's capacity will gradually shrink.

Atrophy of the fact that curve B from A curve into the process. Above the curve is used, "the percentage of electricity - the use of time" relationship.

In fact in our daily work, test the battery is used in professional equipment, greater use of the constant current discharge under the "voltage - time" relationship.

The following diagram (the left part of the curve is to first conduct discharge and then followed by constant voltage charging, constant current charging phase, the right part is the constant-current discharge stage, cell type not S3211):

Comprehensive understanding notebook batteries for your endurance more books>> for the laptop screen dead pixel, you very likely will not mind, but we are in fact virtually silently watching the notebook battery life. Why use the mobile version of the processor? Not because its technology is more advanced and performance will be higher than the desktop version, but it has a unique energy-efficient computer technologies, such as Intel's SpeedStep and AMD's PowerNow! Technology to extend notebook battery life. Why have a mobile PC and portable computer notebook difference? Why the premise is more expensive, there are still so many people choose notebook, but to give up mobile PC? Know notebook computers and mobile PC, where the biggest difference? Not because The latter uses the desktop parts, but because it is not the battery.


MEDION Akoya S3212 battery Fit machine:
MEDION Akoya S3211 Series MEDION Akoya S3212 Series MEDION MD97199 Series
MEDION MD9724 Series MEDION MD98150 Series


Simple and attractive, the Medion Akoya S3211. More punchy and more comfortable than a netbook, especially for HD, it does not mean sacrificing their autonomy. In addition, it enjoys a rare thing, a real nice semi-gloss screen: it takes less and glare while providing a better viewing angle, to enjoy two for example. Without its problems of heat, it was a stroke of heart.

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