9000mAh/12Cell GATEWAY AS10B3E AS10B5E battery compatible GATEWAY ID79C Laptop battery

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Laptops are easier to store when not used, and are more energy-efficient than (older) Desktop PCs.
Laptop memory is relatively easy to upgrade, so you will not have to focus on this too much.
As with Fuzzy Logic, standard software packages are available to facilitate its implementation.


GATEWAY ID79C battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V or 11.1V
Capacity: 9000mAh / 12Cell
Weight:  414g
Size: 269.59 x 48.51 x 23.91 mm
Color: Black


1,Self-discharge of Li-ion at various temperatures and state-of-charge
2, Self-discharge increases with rising temperature and higher SoC.
3, Capacity fluctuations on two identical charge/discharge tests of 91 starter batteries. The capacities differ

+/–15% between Test 1 and Test 2.


GATEWAY AS10B3E battery Compatible original Battery Code:
AS10B31 AS10B3E AS10B41
AS10B51 AS10B5E AS10B61
AS10B6E AS10B71 AS10B73
AS10B75 AS10E76 AS10B7E


This is hardly known to casual Android users. There is a built-in Battery Usage Screen which exactly tells what

is eating your battery. To access this screen go to Settings > About Phone > Battery use. Now you can easily

check out what is killing your Samsung Galaxy S battery.


GATEWAY AS10B5E battery Fit machine:


GATEWAY eat a lot of battery while connecting to 3G networks for web connectivity. When you are not using 3G network, try to use it on 4G network mode. You can do this by pressing menu button > Settings > Wireless and network > GATEWAY networks and then select option for “Use only 4G networks”.


Avoid keeping the battery plugged in an electrical outlet for prolonged periods, since it reduces battery life.
Use these numbers as a comparison measure - these numbers give you an idea of the absolute maxmium possible. The real battery life you can expect from these machines will likely be a few hours less.

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