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Type of business in the Dell Latitude series laptop has a relatively low profile, rarely seen large-scale advertising, but it does not mean that the quality of products as HP Probook series, Lenovo ThinkPad series. Today brings you the latest Dell Latitude 2011 series of new machines - E5430, users can rest assured that, Latitude E5430, as always, a continuation of the previous generation of products of various benefits, including full-anodized aluminum alloy shell, spill-resistant keyboard features backlighting and so on. Users really want to consider is the Latitude E5430 design changes in appearance, smooth handling of the new body allowed to keep up with the generation of the corner edge of the difference is very large, you are ready to buy a business looks a little entertainment models.


Overall, Latitude E5430 is limited to changes in product changes on the mold, the mold was originally due to changes in the Latitude series of prominent business style to add a little touch of entertainment atmosphere. The material in the product is still on the users are familiar with the aluminum alloy, anodized La Sijia selection process, not only enhances the feel, the durability also has a good performance.


Mold on the edge of the change came from the corner of the fuselage, before the Latitude series are angular style of masculinity, the new design of the Latitude E5430 put the change to a more smooth process, which in the shaft and the front fuselage corner can clearly see that its role is limited to enhance the visual effect.


In terms of its size and weight, Latitude E5430, or to maintain the characteristics of the previous generation models of the same, so you can not get on the Latitude E5430 ultra-thin portable to experience, but the stability of its focus on the performance meets business users always required, after all, for business users, data is more important than the machine itself.


DELL Latitude E5430 Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V or 11.1V or 14.8V
Capacity: 97Wh / 9Cell
Weight:  422g
Size: 209.10 x 70.00 x 21.10 mm
Color: Dark Grey or Black


Facilitate the operation of the business users to do quick keys on the Latitude E5530 only three, and are used to the sound aspect of the shortcut keys, the location of the design is slightly different from the traditional model, users will not have any problems not suited to .


The screen always adopt the same with the previous generation 14-inch HD Anti-Glare LED, is a slightly different design on the screen resolution, Latitude E5530 offers two display resolution, one of which is the standard resolution of 1366x768, the other one kind can be customized according to user needs, resolution up to 1600x900.


Operating experience, Latitude E5530 also continue to maintain the good features of the previous generation, full-size keyboard offers a wide input space, the unique T-shaped key design full stop excessive dust intrusion. Not only that, Latitude E5530 also has a backlit keyboard with spill-resistant features, in the dark when the water accidentally spilled on the keyboard do not have to rush, Latitude E5530 offers you a full range of protective measures.


TrackPoint touchpad plus the double operation has always been standard on commercial aircraft, giving the user more convenient control of experience at the same time, Latitude E5530 has not forgotten to touch on the whole to enhance the performance level of the right and left of the touchpad the palm rest with a durable powder coating, which can effectively reduce the damage caused by scratching.


With respect to the interface, Latitude E5530 and taking into account the actual needs of business users, the left side of the fuselage is equipped with commercial aircraft currently in the gradual disappearance of the 1394 interface, and provides higher data rates for eSATA + USB line interface , in addition to HD output HDMI. The right side of the interface is relatively little something, a VGA interface, business users often were placed here. Latitude series inherits the advantages, Latitude E5530 also take advantage of the right and left rear fuselage space to the body in the Latitude E5530 offers more device interface, the amount of common RJ45 port USB interface, and has design, power supply port is also designed to with this, only these two can make your office desktop can be simple.


DELL Latitude E5530 Battery Compatible original Battery Code:
312-1163 312-1242 HCJWT


Business must have been the heat than ordinary consumer products with better performance, this is not to say ordinary consumer notebook cooling certainly bad, but because of general business notebook will look at the face of the user is unique. Performance of these business users demand for smaller, they seek stability and control of the whole experience on the bit, so the cooling module to do to strengthen the process, the result is a better business machine generally used heat.


As a business machine has performed well in the Latitude series, the heat from its unique design, to look at Latitude E6430 cooling performance you will understand that the keyboard does not exceed the absolute maximum temperature of the surface body temperature, so the operation use will definitely be a good experience. The same advantage is also reflected in body heat on the back, a slightly higher temperature cooling module, the other the local temperature is below body temperature performance.


If the Cinebench R10 test is easier compared to the standard form, then join the Cinebench R11 is a gradual transition PConline evaluation room, the better version of the test program the system to drain the last bit of performance and fps units with more pts intuitive and more ordinary users can understand (fps frame unit, pts point unit). PCMark Vantage provides a more user-friendly features and a key test desktop, mobile, workstation, unified platform, test scripts, test software based on Windows system. PCMark Vantage can measure all types of PC's overall performance. From multimedia home entertainment system to the notebook, from professional workstations to high-end gaming platform, whether in the hands of professionals, or belonging to the ordinary user, can understand the system performance through the PCMark Vantage test test content can be divided into processor, graphics testing, hard disk test.


SYSmark 2007 Preview is a software platform for a variety of PC performance testing software integrated, it actually can be used to install most of our daily fidelity simulation software to run applications (word processing pictures, video playback, 3D performance, etc.), so its Test results for the office and entertainment applications are very true and accurate, has been recognized by the industry.


DELL Latitude E6430 Battery Fit machine:
DELL Latitude E5430 Series DELL Latitude E5530 Series DELL Latitude E6430 Series
DELL Latitude E6430 ATG Series DELL Latitude E6430 XFR Series DELL Latitude E6530 Series


In fact, for Latitude E6430, for both the materials used, the whole work, or the performance of the hardware configuration, users do not have to worry about, as a business notebook computer version of the renowned Latitude series, I believe that Dell will not result in lower costs makes this sub-series decline. The only worry is that the value of the Latitude series is designed to make a change in appearance, many business users are conservative, and that the new angular look never to force the old product, they simply will not buy it. But from a personal point of view, it is time to change business users, the Latitude E6430 so happy to lead you into the fresh career.

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