9cell DELL TM787 TM795 TX280 UY628 XU882 Battery|7800mAh

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Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  11.1V
Capacity: 85Wh / 9Cell
Weight:  430g
Size: 209.01 x 72.19 x 19.03 mm
Color: Black or Gray


Compatible original Battery Code:
312-0427 312-0428 312-0460 312-0461 312-0466 312-0467 312-0599 312-0600 451-10338 451-10339

451-10424 451-10482 CR174 GD761 HJ588 HJ607 HK421 JN149 KD476 MJ365 NR147 PD942 PD945

PD946 PP20L PR002 PY961 RD850 RD855 RD857 RD859 TD344 TD347 TD349 TM777 TM787 TM795

TX280 UD260 UD264 UD265 UD267 UY628 XU863 XU882 XU937


Fit machine:
DELL Inspiron 1501 Series
DELL Inspiron 6400 Series
DELL Inspiron E1501 Series
DELL Inspiron E1505 Series
DELL Inspiron PP20L Series
DELL Inspiron PP23L Series
DELL Inspiron PP23LA Series
DELL Inspiron PP23LB Series
DELL Latitude 131L Series
DELL Vostro 1000 Series


Optimized set power management options
For laptop users, we recommend using Windows XP/7 operating system, of course, if the laptop's configuration is too low or can not meet the minimum requirements for WindowsXP/7, it is another matter. There are many reasons, including the main point is that the DELL TM787 Battery power management for all computer operating systems is the most advanced, if we would be better with the Centrino platform. The Pentium-M 1.6GHz smaller load below only work in the 600MHz frequency. If your notebook supports Intel SpeedStep, AMD PowerNow or Transmeta's LongRun technology, we must remember that the latest drivers installed, to play its biggest utility, WindowsXP is automatic, you can build your own performance and power to find a balance.
Users can do the optimization of power management settings:

1). Do not use a screen saver.
2). DELL TM795 Battery Power scheme, select "Portable / Laptop", following the time set according to your need for reasonable, everyone's circumstances vary, the inconvenience made mandatory. Turn off hard disks of the time normally set to be slightly longer than the standby time, so as not to affect the hard disk life.
3). Into the "Power Options" attribute in the "Advanced" fair use "power button", give you great convenience, but also can improve the rational use of battery life. For example: the "closing the portable computer" is set to "standby", which left the laptop for a while, the only power but also the confidentiality of personal information of great help, and no waiting time to restart. For first-line maker of notebook computers (such as DELL IBM, SONY, HP, Toshiba, etc.), often provide better power management software, and has some special features: IBM's power management program can reduce the LCD screen refresh rate; DELLTX280 Battery 's power management program can direct the absence of sufficient power off your device by any of the specified; SONY proprietary power management program can set the fan speed can also be turned off without using the IEEE1394 interface and MEMORY STICK slots, in order to achieve the goal to power.


Here we summarize it so that you can use the attention.
1. Peripherals (DELL UY628 Battery)connected to the expansion port removed immediately after use, such as printers, scanners, digital cameras, mobile hard drives, USB floppy drive and so on. As long as these peripherals connected to the laptop computer, even if does not work will consume battery power;
2. If the PCMCIA slot expansion card no need to use, should be immediately removed;
3. A large notebook drive power consumption, no need to use the CD to be taken out, otherwise it will break to read, increased DELL XU882 Battery energy consumption.

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