9cell high capacity GATEWAY EC38 EC54 EC58 Laptop battery detail

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Laptop batteries generally last for 2 to 3 years. the impedance measurement, measuring its resistance to get the remaining battery capacity value.


GATEWAY EC38 Battery detail:

Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V or 11.1V
Capacity: 6600mAh / 9Cell
Weight:  366g
Property: GATEWAY Replacement Battery
Color: White or Blue or Black


Extreme temperatures can negatively affect your GATEWAY battery. According to Moses and Nadel, you should not expose your battery to extreme heat or cold. Heat causes batteries to lose their charge very quickly and cold batteries don’t perform as well. In addition, some Toshiba laptop batteries can detect when they have heated up too much, and will not charge even when the AC power is plugged in. The computer will display “AC power plugged in; battery not charging,” in this case. If this happens, you can charge the battery by shutting down your computer and letting the battery charge while the computer is off


GATEWAY EC54 Battery Compatible original Battery Code:
AK.006BT.027 AK.006BT.068 AS09D31
AS09D34  AS09D36  AS09D41 
AS09D51 AS09D56  AS09D70 
AS09D71  AS09F34  AS09F56 


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GATEWAY EC58 Battery Fit machine:
GATEWAY EC38 Series(All)
GATEWAY EC54 Series(All)
GATEWAY EC58 Series(All)


Adopt Hibernation Mode
If you are running or to run on battery power it is strongly recommended that you use hibernation mode.Don't mix standby mode with hibernation. If you put a system on standby it is still awake and running the battery power while hibernation will seize power consumption and will take you to the point you are when you put it on hibernation. Therefore, instead of put your laptop on standby try hibernate mode and you will be saving the life span of your battery.

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