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The ACER Aspire 4810's biggest disappointment is the clearly audible internal fan.
They are fast replacing Nickel Metal Hydride cells as the preferred power in mobile phones. Laptop computers almost exclusively use Lithium batteries.


ACER Aspire 4810T battery feature:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V or 11.1V
Capacity: 6600mAh / 9Cell
Weight:  377g
Size: 270.80 x 43.30 x 20.90 mm
Color: White or Blue or Black


If you recharged with 50% capacity already, the battery would assign the half way point as the empty point, and cut the capacity in half.


Ideally, you should store at a 40% charge level. At 100%, you may have unnecessary stress and internal corrosion. But if the charge is too low, the battery can eventually become unusable because it will self discharge.


ACER Aspire 4810TZG battery Compatible original Battery Code:
AK.006BT.027 AK.006BT.068 AS09D31
AS09D34  AS09D36  AS09D41 
AS09D51 AS09D56  AS09D70 
AS09D71  AS09D78  AS09F34 
AS09F56  LC.BTP00.052 


Due to the large keypad integrated into the keyboard, the ACER Aspire 4810TZG's touchpad is offset considerably to the left of the keyboard deck. It's in perfect position for access when you're typing, but right-handers will find it an odd reach when not. I wound up using my left hand on it most of the time--contrary to habit. One warning: On our test model the Page Up key broke off at first touch, which doesn't inspire optimism for the keyboard's long-term sturdiness.


ACER Aspire Timeline 4810T Battery Fit machine:
ACER Aspire 4810 Series ACER Aspire 4810T Series ACER Aspire 4810TG Series
ACER Aspire 4810TZ Series ACER Aspire 4810TZG Series
ACER Aspire Timeline 4810 Series ACER Aspire Timeline 4810T Series ACER Aspire Timeline 4810TG Series
ACER Aspire Timeline 4810TZ Series ACER Aspire Timeline 4810TZG Series


Nickel-metal hydride batteries (Ni-MH)
Voltage: 1.2V
Service life: 1000 times
Discharge temperature: -10 ° ~ 45 °
Charging temperature: 10 degrees ~ 45 degrees
Note: At present, the maximum capacity of about 2100mAh.


The use of Lithium ACER Aspire Timeline 4810TZG Battery Iron Phosphate chemistry is the subject of patent disputes and some manufacturers are investigating other chemistry variants mainly to circumvent the patent on the LiFePO4 chemistry.


Some versions need to work at temperatures between 80 and 120oC for optimum results although it is possible to operate at reduced power at ambient temperature.

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