ACER Aspire 5732 5732Z battery VS LENOVO IdeaPad Y471 Y471A battery

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ACER company continues to expand its line of mobile computers home under the name Aspire. The new models

differ only in content but not form: Gemstone design remains unchanged for a long time. If at first it

looked very stylish and attractive, with time, these smooth contours very real stuffed mouth. This is

well aware of the company and ACER: new Aspire 5732Z-434G25Mi different from his numerous brothers

odnolikih. But not without surprises: an updated design of the notebook is only slightly revised version

of the latest models of buildings series Emachines. But first things first.


ACER Aspire 5732Z Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V
Capacity: 8800mAh / 12Cell
Weight:  420g
Size: 208.42 x 52.82 x 40.00 mm
Color: Black


ACER Aspire 5732Z-434G25Mi is based on Intel Pentium Dual Core T4300. The core of the processor

installed in the laptop belongs to a family of Penryn and operates at a clock frequency of 2.1 GHz. CPU

is made on the 45-nm process technology, L2 cache is 1024KB, FSB - 800 MHz, TDP - 35 watts. Supported

Technology Enhanced Intel Speedstep Technology, Execute Disable Bit, and Intel 64 Architecture. Enhanced

Intel SpeedStep technology reduces the operating frequency of the processor during partial load, which

is well impact on battery life. The Execute Disable Bit allows the processor to allocate an area of ​​

memory where application code execution is allowed and where it is not allowed. When a malicious worm

attempts to install their code into a memory buffer, the processor disables code execution, preventing

damage and the spread of infectivity of the program. But support for Intel EM64T allows you to install

and use 64-bit operating system. In CPU SIMD-guided instructions MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3, EM64T. SSE4/SSE4.1 sets are used.


Installed processor is an overclocked version of Pentium ® Dual Core ™ T4200. Increasing the operating

frequency of the nucleus led to a natural increase in productivity. At a low cost of T4300 in the tests

show excellent results. This processor will cope with any task, from simple to work with documents and

surfing the Internet and video encoding, and finishing with complex calculations.

The control chip set used in the laptop chipset Intel Cantiga GL40. This system is much simpler logic

cheapest way Intel
Cantiga GM45. Integrated memory controller Intel Cantiga GL40 able to maintain the standard RAM DDR2-667

up to 4 GB. In the role of the south bridge chip used ICH9M, in which an integrated sound core Intel

High Definition Audio.


ACER Aspire 5732 Battery Compatible

original Battery Code:
AS07A31 AS07A32 AS07A41
AS07A42 AS07A51 AS07A52
AS07A71 AS07A72 AS09A31
AS09A41 AS09A56 AS09A61
AS09A70 AS09A71 AS09A73
AS09A75 AS09A90 BT-00603-076
BT.00603.076 BT.00605.036 LC.BTP00.012

For battery,We recommend that you use the computer fashion into the battery module in order to prevent

small particles to enter inside the computer.To extend the life of the battery module, when the power

down from the fully charged state, the computer will not charge the battery immediately.In the 10 ° C-

30 ° C temperature range for charging the battery.No fully charged or discharged.


Fit machine:
ACER Aspire 5732 series ACER Aspire 5732Z series

To work offline in the ACER Aspire 5732Z-434G25Mi used a 6-cell Li-ion battery capacity of 48 Wh (10.8V

4400 mAh). The battery compartment is securely attached to the latch and lock mechanism with a push. To

charge using 65-watt power supply (19 V, 3.42 A). Plug the charger is convenient for a multimedia

computer T-shape. Because of this, the cord will not protrude from the laptop as an antenna, a compact

will be located along the hull. Possible time of the laptop battery life transpired with tests of the

package Battery Eater.


Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD (also known as Intel GMA HD X4500) is a DirectX 10 compatible

video card, built-in chipset GL40. Through the use of technology, DVMT, dynamically allocated from main

memory to 1695 MB for graphics purposes. Compared to its predecessor, Intel GMA X3100, Intel GMA 4500MHD

has two more shaders and core clock speed above 33 MHz. Intel GMA HD X4500 is capable of decoding HD-

format video AVC, VC-2 and MPEG-2 on its own. Integrated graphics chipset component of GL40, unlike

analogue of GM45, has no support for HDMI and DisplayPort.


 LENOVO IdeaPad Y471 Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V or 11.1V
Capacity: 62Wh / 6Cell
Weight:  367g
Size: 239.61 x 52.30 x 30.25 mm
Color: Black

LENOVO IdeaPad Y471 battery Tips:Dispose of batteries
 If you replaced the incorrect type of rechargeable battery module, then there is risk of explosion.

Battery module contains a small amount of harmful substances. As
 To avoid potential personal injury and damage to the environment, please note the following:
 • Use only battery type recommended by Lenovo.
 • battery module away from fire and heat.
 • Do not expose the battery module in the water or rain.
 • Do not attempt to disassemble the battery module.
 • Do not short-circuit the battery module.
 • battery module away from children.
 • Do not place the battery module to handle the garbage in the landfill. According to local laws or

regulations, as well as the safety of your company Standard to deal with battery


LENOVO IdeaPad Y471A battery

Compatible original Battery Code:
57Y6625 57Y6626 L10P6F01

Fit machine:
LENOVO IdeaPad Y471 Series LENOVO IdeaPad Y471A Series LENOVO IdeaPad Y471D Series
LENOVO IdeaPad Y471G Series LENOVO IdeaPad Y471M Series LENOVO IdeaPad Y471N Series
LENOVO IdeaPad Y471P Series

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