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June 24, Intel's next generation 3D transistor technology 22nm Ivy Bridge processor formally meet with you, However, in accordance with Intel's previous practice, the first released products are usually positioned high-end products, so the current Intel processors Ivy Bridge evaluation has focused on the new Quad-Core i7 processor notebook dual-core I3/i5 performance test is very rare.


Ivy Bridge is Intel's next generation processor, code-named, it continues a previous generation Core series processor product distribution and naming. However, in order to distinguish between the number of the new Core i3/i5/i7 followed by 2 to 3, for example, the protagonist of the next test i5-3210M with the previous generation, it is to use a third-generation Core of the latest 22nm 3D transistor, while i5, 2410M previous generation Core Duo processor.


Third-generation Intel Core i5, 3210QM processor core, code-named Ivy, Bridge, its main parameters are basically the same with the previous generation i5, 2410M has two physical cores, support Hyper-Threading Technology, and Turbo 2.0, with 3MB three very cache, TDP of 35W. However, the new Core i5 3210QM using 22nm 3D transistors, but also increases the AES instruction set to enhance the security of the system. In addition, the i5, a 3210QM the frequency and Core frequency than the previous generation i5, 2410M 0.2GHz, and it the first time on a mobile platform to support DDR3-1600 memory, to further enhance the overall performance of the notebook.


Acer's product has always been cost is known, after we have reviewed the V5 is a price also very cheap amount of foot 14-inch mainstream entertainment notebook, but the protagonist of our article today is not equipped with the new Core Duo processor is currently selling in full swing, instead of using a current called the "mystery" processor - Intel Pentium Dual Core P6000, while the product model is the Aspire One V5.


However, just recently we received a Acer Aspire V5 with ACER Aspire V5 Battery is equipped with Intel's new Core i5 3210M dual-core processor notebook, how its performance? I5 compared to CPU and upgrade be? Next, our common understanding.The Acer Aspire V5, the Acer Aspire V5 and tested before we belong to the N series of Acer next-generation video, both the appearance of mold design are identical, except that the hardware configuration of the Aspire V5 compared with the Aspire V5, slightly lower, due to the previously introduced the appearance of the Aspire V5, we first Secret i5 processor performance, and then we sent the Acer Aspire V5 appearance of mold.


Users are clearly familiar with Intel processors after Intel's Pentium dual-core processor has been the face of low-end users, the product sequence only T one kind, such as we are familiar with the T4200, and P series are performance high Core 2 Duo processor series, the meaning of P on behalf of the Power Optimized Energy Efficient higher Performance Segment, thermal design power TDP is 25W, while the T-series processor TDP compared to 35W can be said that the Intel P Series label decentralization to the Pentium dual-core level, but also conform to the current trend of low carbon environmental protection. From the performance level of judgment, this product uses the same 32nm process, the new Core architecture, but there is no Hyper-Threading Technology, and Turbo Boost Technology, roughly from the classification point of view and orientation in desktop processor G6950.


Level in the $ 900 price, the Aspire One V5 configuration can be said to have pretty good temptation, we can see in the body of 346mm x 247mm x 31mm specification such has a strong graphics capabilities, such as the NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M graphics card, , this graphics card configuration for the general gamers can still guarantee them a certain resolution, good game.


V5 of fashion elements filled the entire body surface B using a combination of class piano effect border and mirror LCD, but this combination, although the visual effects more stylish, but super reflective ability to let in some light compared with strong environment will affect the observation of the screen content.


Advantages: stylish, with a strong performance graphics processing chip, a more balanced performance for home entertainment, screen brightness, contrast, outstanding performance, this V5 with ACER Aspire One V5 Battery design is taking the fashion line, the style aspect to maintain the tradition of Aspire, corner with a smooth transition of the design, the color of the body they still make black B surface screen border with the popular piano-like effect, while the C surface around the keyboard panel with a brushed metal treatment effect with black formation a good contrast effect in the transition is relatively harmonious.


Today's commercial area, not as early as before as the blind pursuit of a simple low-key. With the accession of the young friends, the population average age of the business areas year by year. To cope with walking in the forefront of fashion young people, the daily use of the notebook is only a low-key and restrained features is not enough.

With the development of science and technology, the increasingly blurred boundaries between business and consumer, in order to meet public groups two-way business and entertainment needs, locate the fashion business notebook to the market. ThinkPad as a business leader in the notebook brand, of course, not backward. Today to give us the ThinkPad X230T is its outstanding work.


ThinkPad X Series ThinkPad classic technology heritage at the same time, uphold the thinking different to do different ideas into the more innovative elements, minimalist design, atmospheric style, bold color palette and excellent quality sets one of the ThinkPad's, a stylish business notebook concern models.


Today we will introduce this ThinkPad X230T notebook. ThinkPad consistent naming convention, the first letter "X" in behalf of the Series X-back of the first representative body size, if it is then that 13-inch, 4 14-inch; its final one on behalf of which processing platform, 0 represents Intel and 5 representatives of the AMD. We can easily find the ThinkPad X230T series, has shown that he is 14 inches equipped with AMD processors.


The ThinkPad X230T AMD quad-core A6-3420M APU, equipped with (6520G +6470 M) integrated AMD Radeon HD + dual independent graphics standard 2GB DDR3 1333 memory, 320GB SATA hard disk. Pre-installed Genuine Windows 7 Home Basic Edition operating system.


LENOVO ThinkPad X230T Battery Fit machine:
LENOVO ThinkPad X230T Series LENOVO ThinkPad X230Tablet Series LENOVO ThinkPad X230 Tablet Series

On the audio side, I was full of white, ThinkPad X230T DTS UltraPC II Plus technology, the author excerpt from the official propaganda on the text to explain:

1, DTS, Clear Audio intelligent adjustment at a specific frequency, and again when the detected ambient noise offset
2, the DTS Symmentry by balancing the perceived volume level to solve the problem of multiple audio to the original volume fluctuations
3, DTS Clear Voice through the integrated use of noise suppression, echo cancellation and beam forming technology to suppress the speaker feedback, and improve speech perception in noisy environments
4, the DTS of Enhance used to improve the natural sound balance and enhanced the MPS voice quality and music, streaming audio and Internet TV media consumption to enhance the low frequency audio
5, DTS, Audio Restoration has ? Chi-word analysis of the audio signal, and then repair to repair compression or re-recording of percussion and transient sounds, punch and clarity of compressed
6, DTS the Boost ? to maximize notebook computer built-in speakers sound power, the loudness level to avoid distortion at the same time.
DTS Surround Sensation ? simulated issued a surround sound listening experience from two speakers or stereo headphones


As in the previous analysis, the support of the industry chain, the APU is critical, It is gratifying that the APU release brought a large number of accelerated applications, many of whom are very popular applications. Of course, AMD needs to continue efforts also need more software applications, to support the APU acceleration, or even the even the best hardware, software applications support, but also powerless.

In fact, we have been hoping that AMD can severely beyond the Intel, a single large never in favor of consumers, is not conducive to market competition. But often do the test is always to AMD's data capabilities to worry about, of course, this time, Trinity did not let us disappointed with the new architecture of the CPU core, significantly improved the computational performance of the pure data. And no doubt every AMD always in their own 3D performance is extremely shocking performance, maybe that is identified by AMD graphics is the inevitable trend of future processors.

Overall, the performance of the Trinity the APU A10 AMD-4600M or give us a lot of surprises in the tremendous advances in graphics computing power, seems to be those mid-alone significantly the combination of the market completely disappeared, the question now is AMD the Trinity the APU A10 market positioning-4600M is a high-end notebook products, single-chip prices will probably not be too low. Finally reflected in the price of the notebook market price is at least mid-level products.


Industrial customers has been the battleground of the notebook manufacturers in recent years with the continuous improvement of the business office environment, the user's application environment also tend to diversify. More manufacturers also seek to require its own product innovation to meet the more complex application requirements of the office crowd, this songce this LENOVO X230 Tablet  with LENOVO ThinkPad X230 Tablet Battery choice of high-performance Core i7 processor with the configuration of the mainstream GT540M alone significantly is made more integration between multimedia applications and business office.


But in endurance performance and heat control, this product still need some upgrading, and demand characteristics for business users, but also need to strengthen the performance of this product is portable, allowing users to achieve a better user experience.

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