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AMD has officially launched a new upgrade of the new generation of APU products, Computex Taipei 2012, by a lot of media attention, powered by a new generation of the APU notebook overall performance substantially progress, especially the integration of a single significant image performance particularly well at the same time there are not a small improvement in processor power consumption and battery life, and the level of application software has also been strong support for many software vendors play a key role in the APU to accelerate.

Currently equipped with a new generation of the APU model has been officially listed, configure the Trinity A8 models keeping the prices of early 4000 yuan. This very competitive prices in the high-end notebook, also bought the notebook main reference price range. Trinity A8 models IVB Core i5 platform, but equipped with Core i5 + alone significantly overall higher price, probably in about 5000 yuan, so the Trinity A8 platform for cost-effective has no small advantage. That performance two platforms will be what difference does it make? Here we have to actually test some.


First, we take a brief look at comparison test platform, a Acer's V3-551G notebook, it is equipped with AMD's next-generation APU A8-4500M processor, while the other IVB Core i5-3210M dual-core processor with display of A8-4500M integration monochrome HD 7640G + the HD 7670M discrete graphics card crossfire mode, the Core i5-3210M integrated graphics with discrete graphics the GT 630M HD 4000 and the other is basically the same hardware configuration. Consumers currently pay more attention to the games and entertainment, and mobile office, and other factors in the purchase of laptop, so this we tested the emphasis on game performance, high-definition player with endurance.

APU recently released in the software support has been the attention and support of Microsoft STORM software giant, known there are more than hundreds of APU-based acceleration technology applications. STORM from the domestic well-known video playback software with the APU launched by the optimized version of the player, the player with built brand new AMD Steady Video video stabilization (Shake Reduction) technology.


Lifebook P772 with FUJITSU Lifebook P772 Battery and body size design is lightweight and portable use, bare-metal weight of 1.695kg, travel weight of only 2.02kg, with only 12-inch body, and of moderate thickness, and go out very convenient to carry.


AMD Steady Video video stabilization technology will be available with the latest drivers, keen on holding a cell phone, iPod like mobile devices everywhere shot shoot-off will certainly very fond of this technique. The technology uses AMD's own advanced algorithms to analyze the video in the background, eliminating the sway and instability. The technology is the exclusive function of accelerated computing technologies based on the AMD APP AMD platform does not support NVIDIA, Intel graphics card. Here we are coming through a video to the actual experience of the quality aspects of optimization results.

AMD Steady Video video stabilization technology is AMD APP accelerated computing applications embody one can fully mobilize the enthusiasm of both the CPU, GPU, and assign the most appropriate work for them, such as jitter Find mutual completed, the use of the intelligent processing of the CPU and GPU parallel processing, multimedia instruction, and the statistics component to the CPU processing and correction of the pre-video decoding and post-jitter of the GPU to get. It can be seen from the above video, the APU opened the AMD Steady Video technology platform video player obviously stable and smooth, the other hand, the Intel platform no improve.

The test software by adding the latest, most authoritative the PowerMark battery life benchmark testing software, the software with PCMark, 3DMark, launched by FutureMark has developed. It will run a test script based on the continuous cycle of user needs, including four common applications: web browsing, document processing, video playback, 3D games, so as close to the actual usage of the vast majority of users. Taking into account the needs of most users have to extend notebook battery life, we will be the operating system power management is set to power saving mode, in Powermark test project, we focus on extending the testing time of the Internet, the office scripts, and other commonly used applications, while maintaining notebook in the state has been running, the screen brightness adjusted to 100%, and turn off the wireless card.


The current price of the notebook has not officially announced the But Taobao pre-sale situation, the final price of the Compaq Presario CQ58 is likely in about 3000 yuan, but at the same time with the Acer AS4741, Lenovo G Series competitors COMPAQ advantages of there? Take a look.

COMPAQ Presario CQ58 notebook with a 6-cell is COMPAQ Presario CQ58 battery and a 13-inch notebook in his hand, feeling very light, originally found that CD-ROM drive utilization rate has been low for many people, the majority of CD-ROM is to put the bad rather than bad, so remove the optical drive to the notebook to reduce the design weight of the practice has become increasingly common. For cost considerations, the Compaq Presario CQ58 body does not use a metal material, but most of the engineering plastics. Aspects of color, I get this Presario CQ58 keyboard border of pearl white roof, and C surface is white screen borders and the color of the keyboard keycap is black, this black and white form a visual sense of jumping . In addition to this pearl white, Presario CQ58, Starry Night Black Matcha Green and Kitty pink the other three color from the color point of view Presario CQ58 is more suitable for young people.


In addition, thanks to a new generation of APU power control and optimization, the A8 platform can support laptop use a longer period of time to ensure that the user can successfully complete all the work without worrying about the battery is not to force a situation. This would have advantages IVB i5 processor than Intel's, to meet the demand for long-lasting battery life of mobile office people.

By the above test results, in the case of the battery is fully charged, the two notebook platform test share out a battery of 78% and 83% of electricity consumption, the end we got the Trinity the A8 platform for integration of the single significant operating life of 3 hours 13 minutes, the Core i5 platform, Core Graphics, 1 hour and 58 minutes, the Trinity A8 platform life time beyond the Core i5 platform about an hour or so. The two test notebook processor TDP is 35W, but the test results is a big difference, thanks to AMD's new generation of the A8-4500M the APU power consumption in heterogeneous excellent optimization and control endurance victory IVB Core i5 platform.

The above mainstream games, HD playback and endurance test, you can see with AMD's next-generation A8-4500MAPU platform Acer notebook in each test are better than the IVB Core i5, the actual integration of a single graphics performance has surpassed HD 4000 The graphics core, can not open crossfire mode, but also to give the notebook a good graphics performance. When using crossfire mode, the Trinity the A8 platform can run smoothly in the high-definition, large-scale 3D games. We can see from the comparison of the interception of the game screen frames Trinity the A8 platform crossfire performance improvement to ensure that the premise of the game running smoothly, the quality of detail and lighting effects in the game can get a better display.

In addition, AMD and many software vendors launched a number of APU acceleration software, close co-operation of the software company STORM with mainstream video playback, is one of the most representative. The player with built-AMD Steady Video video stabilization technology, mobile phones or digital devices can be filmed video judder processing, give full play to optimize performance heterogeneous computing on the movie screen, the video is more a more perfect correction, to ensure the video stability , giving the user a good visual experience.


Next, we will adopt the detailed testing of the aircraft in appearance, details of the design and actual use of performance, so that we can more detailed understanding of this product.5760Z with a high brightness of the glossy widescreen 15.6-inch 16:9 screen the introduction of the narrow design, the visual range is very wide, in 1366X768 standard resolution, the display is extremely delicate. Screen aspects of performance in contrast and color accuracy is quite good, more importantly, its color gamut is first class.

Appearance 5760Z with high capacity ACER TravelMate 5760Z Battery enabled ACER brand new ID design, together with the metal body, metal wire drawing process integration, to get rid of the TravelMate series has been in use orange waist, making the appearance of more mature and calm, low-key still without losing the flavor of the sturdy.

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