ACER TravelMate P273-M Battery and CLEVO W350ETQ W370ET Battery

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In the design, ASUS G46V not only has a a domineering tough shell, but also attaches great importance to the details of the treatment of the fuselage, and ROG G55, G75 appearance somewhat similar, but G46V part of the switch, keyboard adjusted, ROG series notebooks essence heritage at the same time, enhance the quality of the product to a new level.

Evaluation room for everyone to bring a professional mobile workstation graphics, for those with the needs of consumers resolve their problem, it is the Acer TravelMate P273-M. ACER TravelMate P273-M Intel Core i7 3940XM (Extreme Edition) quad-core eight thread processors and the NVIDIA Quadro K2000M professional-level graphics, geometric drawing even better performance in precision industrial and medical-class computing applications, but also has 32GB DDR3 1600MHz memory, the 128GB SSD +1000 GB HDD hard drive, hardware called strong. Look at the hardware can not understand the real situation, then we look at its specific performance.


See this classic mold, the first reaction of the consumers usually think that this is a game of this, because a lot of games this with the same mold, but is not the same Logo nothing. This time, the Acer TravelMate P273-M with a 9cell ACER TravelMate P273-M Battery is completely not as the game was originally used, but as a professional graphics mobile workstation born.


In fact, in the classic mold behind the cost of significant savings, so that you can fight for more benefits for consumers, and many products of the same mold, it also proved this mold without any problems in terms of quality, in the heat also has a good performance. Acer TravelMate P273-M colors, mainly black on the top cover most of the area with a metal wire drawing process, the outside of the metal is made of ABS plastic side, where they are also wireless antenna position. Bat Logo on the top cover of the most prominent part, of course, if the consumer DIY spirit, can custom to select their favorite logo design on the product.


ACER TravelMate P273 with 7800mAh ACER TravelMate P273 Battery together a 15.6-inch LED backlit screen, the screen ratio of 16:9, the best resolution to 1920 × 1080, the biggest bright spot is its support eye-visible light range of 95% wide color gamut display , which can also be provided for each industry product designers more accurate, vivid display. Top of the screen is also provided with a 300-megapixel camera, a microphone on its left side.


This mold has a few features can not be avoided: big, stupid, stupid, so no advantage at all in terms of weight and thickness. The ACER TravelMate P273-M Total weight is 3.415kg, travel weight of 4.442kg, where the thickest of 5.5 cm. But for professional graphics products, it does not need to do too much movement, even a mobile much more convenient than the traditional desktop, so do not need too many requirements in this regard.


But sorry is the Razer Blade thickness is thin enough, but the weight of 3kg take up is not enough light, and the 17-inch fuselage relatively large, ordinary computer bag can not hold. Today, we introduce you to this high-end gaming notebook, graphics configure it with the Razer Blade is also the main mobile portable, even though he is not slim thickness, but its light weight and compact body, the current configuration and portable a more balanced a notebook, it is a new member of the SAGER  NP6370 with 9cell SAGER NP6370 Battery.


GNP6370 heritage ROG F117 stealth fighter shape design, with the same series of G55, G75 to maintain the approximate style, its fuselage on both sides of the miter design, whole body with mysterious black, coated with a special coating presents a unique visual effects, coupled with the the piercing body lines, looks pretty tough domineering, showing a game of momentum of the King.

W370ET operation of the main voice products, which is CLEVO laptop and other products The most obvious difference. In accordance with the CLEVO the words, W370ET with 9cell CLEVO W370ET Battery built-in array microphone and professional noise reduction chip design can be voice control up to a more optimistic level. Voice control of W370ET day-to-day access to the Internet, for example, open a Web page, open the software, shut down, etc., but also help us access to information on the Internet, check the ticket / tickets geographic location information. More advanced direct voice into text, direct entry into the office word!


Through these years of development, the design of the built-in voice W370ET can basically meet the general requirements, practicality or to be further improved. Conversely, voice operation is quite avant-garde design, the smart phone can only do a little something., Clevo can come up with such vigor in order to bring such a function. Which is W370ET to built-in fresh stuff We have to done on CLEVO7G 5S somatosensory W370ET With this application, in essence, is a software product. Somatosensory experience in the the CLEVO ultra-pole of the 7G 5s video editing test before the new CLEVO W370ET the somatosensory software equipped with and he is the same.


In addition to the body and power SAGERG NP6350 with a 9cell SAGER NP6350 Battery It also comes with a USB interface external DVD burner to make up the body did not provide a CD-ROM, in addition it also provides a SAGERROG gaming mouse. As targeting high-end gaming notebook, SAGERG NP6370 body is small, but the hardware configuration is low, it is equipped with the third generation of Intel Core i7-3630QM quad-core eight thread processor to 45W TDP 2 Hynix 4GB DDR3- 1600 memory configuration NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660M independent graphics card, 750GB 7200 rpm mechanical hard drive and 128GB SSD solid state drive two hard drives, use the 128GB SSD install the operating system and software, data with 750GB mechanical hard disk storage.


GNP6370 configure a third-generation Intel Core i7-3630QM processor, which uses 22nm 3D transistor technology, with four physical cores support Intel Hyper-Threading Technology and Turbo 2.0 to 45W TDP performance than 35W quad-core i7 stronger. CPU performance GNP6370 i7-3630QM is quite good, although equipped with the CPU of the and those huge volume game there is a little gap, but the i7-3630QM is not weak performance, multi-threaded Cinebench R10 processor performance from above test score can see, has reached the level of high-end gaming more than GNP6370 thread score.


Edit the three software running at the same time to test the thermal performance of W370ET, make editing satisfactory: CLEVO W350ETQ with 9cell CLEVO W350ETQ Battery overall temperature is not high, full control in less than 40 ° C, so the experience is very comfortable for daily use. The highest temperature location in the vents and touchpad for vents terms he must be very hot job otherwise heat is unreasonable, touchpad higher temperature can not be justified, after all, this is a commonly used equipment for use every day, and normal operation often come into contact with here in this editor does not get to the bottom of the cause, can only say that the touchpad is not suitable for prolonged use.

The W370ET intelligent voice notebook with a more stylish design, the whole appeared to be very thin and light, from the interface to the configuration are more practical, really is a suitable for ordinary users to use the computer. However, operating comfort poor keyboard can improve. The Finally, the voice control W370ET novel mode of operation, although not very practical, but can be used as a supplement of the traditional mode of operation, hand tired, try voice control CLEVO W370ET!

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