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ASUS A550C Ultrabook first glance some really V480s feeling, and with the first generation ASUS Ultrabook A450C appeared opposite design. If ASUS S450C more respect fashionable, that ASUS A550C must be low-key minimalist show business style.


ASUS A550C still using all-metal shell, through scrub process, plus the fashion element phosphor dots, which makes the visual part of the user will be able to attract the choice. Of course, specially treated casing feels more comfortable, Ice cool without noticeable fingerprints.


Shape aspects of the design, we can surely your mind from the "innovation" cognitive pull back to "inherit" on. ASUS A550C with 4cell ASUS A550C Battery machine using prism or, more precisely is a parallelogram design style, neatly designed, but also reflects the spirit of rigorous business people. After careful sanding edges, rounded elements added to neat appearance look less rigid, but added a comfortable "flavor."


By HD Tune software testing, the results show maximum read speed of 101.8MB / s average speed of 75.3MB / s, hard disk performance and speed performance in more general. 3DMark Vantage is the industry's first dedicated based on Microsoft DX10 API to create a comprehensive benchmarking tool, and can fully play multiple cards, multi-core processors, in the current and future period of time to meet the needs of PC gaming performance testing . By 3DMark Vantage test, 1024 x 768 resolution, scoring 12,976, of which 15,844 GPU score from the run of results, the graphics performance is quite good.


ASUS A450C with 4cell ASUS A450C Battery in appearance will certainly attract the attention of many consumers, the white coat, giving a very simple, stylish feel. On the hardware side, using the latest Haswell platform processors + HD8750M graphics card, or show us a very good performance, to meet domestic demand for consumer acceptance discrete graphics. In addition, the high cost price of 4,999 yuan, will give attention to slim consumers left a very deep impression.


For a business notebook computers, external expansion performance is very important. From the left side of the fuselage we can see ASUS A450CC with DVGA video interface, USB data interface, and audio output interface, the rear fuselage is a safety catch. The right side of the fuselage, he is equipped with three USB high speed transmission interface, HDMI high-definition video interface, power adapter, card reader blamed degree design in the front side of the fuselage. Comprehensive assessment of view, ASUS A450CC in interface configuration is still very rich, out of office business users to meet the basic needs.


Through the above test results we can see that the amount, after testing in a systematic, PRO A450CC with 14.8V 30Wh ASUS A550CA Battery consolidated results is still very satisfactory, especially in the software processor performance score, Fengyun dual nuclear power plant thread Core i5- 3337U chip in performance sufficient to meet business users daily multi-tasking, can run smoothly large PPT or Word, Excel documents. Powerful performance improvement is efficient office, in this regard PRO A450CC performance is relatively good.



CineBench is a use for the film and television industry, Cinema 4D special effects engine, you can test the CPU and graphics performance. It is the major concern routine testing of the CPU processing section. Compared to R10, Cinebench R11.5 CPU version of the test software still GPU performance testing and performance testing of two parts, the use of the new algorithm and scoring methods, R11.5 R10 compared to the processor's performance reflects more accurately, In this test session, we still focus reflects aspects of performance CPU changes. 3DMark 11 uses native DirectX 11 engine, the application of the test scenarios, including Tessellation Tessellation, Compute Shader and multithreaded new features, including a large number of DX11. It contains four graphics tests, a physical test and a comprehensive set of tests, and re-supply the Demo demo mode. The test program uses the Bullet physics engine, tested in the Performance link, GTX 780M gives the 7759 score, which is a very high score it.


Equipped with a fingerprint reader seems to have become a feature of ASUS A450CC with 4cell ASUS A450CC Battery models for user data safety, fingerprint reader with effectively avoids the user information may be stolen by others. For owned company sensitive information, personnel, fingerprint identification has security is secure way.


3DMark Vantage is the industry's first dedicated based on Microsoft DX10 API to create a comprehensive benchmarking tool, and can fully play multiple cards, multi-core processors, which includes two graphics tests, two CPU test items, six characteristics of test items, also joined on artificial intelligence (AI) and physics acceleration specialized tests. PCMark 7 includes seven different testing session, by a total of 25 independent workload composition, covering storage, computation, image and video processing, web browsing, games and other aspects of daily application PC. Compared PCMark Vantage, PCMark 7 test environment changed into DX10, have carried out a variety of test software updates, more in line with the current user's environment and habits.

Weight, ASUS A550C measurements for 20.4x234x333mm, weighs only 1.75kg, travel weight of 2.1kg, so whether you're a career woman or the workplace cutting-edge, ASUS A550C can bring you better portability, you can also Xpress it placed in any space. Of course, simplicity is the ASUS A550C brought us the biggest bright spot. And a lot of business people like the idea, simple is a kind of beauty, but also a "Fan" children, and ASUS seems to have grasped this point.

ASUS A550CC with 4cll ASUS A550CC Battery final test result is 3 hours 27 minutes, from a performance point of view of this life, three-cell 38Wh Li-ion battery capable of supporting a 14-inch laptop with a separate graphics card to use 3.5 hours endurance performance is very commendable

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