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In recent years, notebook products, more and more emphasis on the enhancement of sound quality, whether it is a mainstream notebook, or locate a more accurate audio level notebook, the introduction of various well-known brand of sound certification, many of whom we known Altec Lansing, the B & O, JBL, Beats Audio and so on, these certified sound system, to some extent, enhance the laptop speaker sound quality.


The series notebook hidden speaker design, and on its surface after the special design of the ripples cavernous It is understood that the use of such special design, on the one hand, in order of appearance of simple design style, while on the other hand, is to try to reduce noise generation, in order to ensure the release of the sound more realistic.

In addition, ASUS introduced the K / A Series notebook, also joined Altec Lansing high-quality speakers and SonicFocus audio software can hi-fi playing a variety of timbre, to restore the three-dimensional distribution of the acoustic source to create realistic full stereo sound bring about a new audio-visual experience for the user.

This conference, we also saw the ASUS golden ear technical director Wong Lai Hee solution to audition through his presentation and on-site debugging, in the latest release of N6 series of Asus laptop will join the more detailed software support, random software integrated into the the MAXX Audio Sound Manager, you can ensure that the sound emitted by the speaker more than 95% distortion free quality.


ASUS A45V Battery detail:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V
Capacity: 4700mAh / 6Cell
Weight:  347g
Color: Black


Late last month, Toshiba computer trends and technology perfect combination of the release of the new Satellite L830 Series notebook, this machine uses a metal body design, combined with the personality of the floating-point texture, highlights the metallic luster and exquisite workmanship of the notebook , giving a strong visual impact. In addition, the new Toshiba L830 series body evolution, thickness and weight are significantly reduced, and equipped with Harman Kardon speakers and SRS Sound Premiem 3D sound, so you have a proximity to watching the blockbusters through the shock.


Then I put this evaluation of the Toshiba Satellite L830 notebook dedicated to you, if you are looking for a high performance metal slim notebook, the following must be helpful to you.Configuration table from the point of view, this sent to test the bubble net Toshiba Satellite L830 is not equipped with the latest generation of Intel the IVB platform processor, but the use of SNB platform i3-2367 low-voltage processor, GT 630M (2GB memory ) discrete graphics, 4GB of DDR3 1600MHz and 640GB high-capacity hard disk.

In addition, the users in audio-visual music, can not only enjoy the shock effect of the B & O, but also by the MAXX Audio The audio manager can experience a professional recording studio grade, and provide audio enhancement, correction, custom EQ equalization and other functions, the voice for the detailed settings, more detailed personalized adjust different in tone and style of songs, each song can be restored to their own style of sound and be able to deduce the best results.


TOSHIBA Satellite L830 Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V
Capacity: 4200mAh / 6Cell
Weight:  352g

Color: Black


ASUS has always been committed to the notebook Sound area, with a strong power and sound quality and sound set-ups. New in 2012 launched a new notebook, especially eye-catching video level is the main N6 series inherited the previous generations of the N series product and good sound quality, its also equipped with the B & O sound system, N6, series models more emphasis on the delicate sound performance, built-in upgrade SonicMaster Premium audio technology from ASUS and Bang & Olufsen ICEpower common validation and development.


The SonicMaster divided into Sonicmaster Lite and Sonicmaster Preminum. The target means that the hardware must be better than the same level of brand, while also plus on the adjustments of a stereo bass effect. Preminum also a DSP Also attach a [company, this software is widely used in the studio, music producer make music as a tool, which allows the sound becomes more appealing, of course, Asus provide professional version, rather than the basic version.


The Asus notebook in sound to further enhance efforts to provide users with high-quality audio experience. As well as B & O ICEpower certified top sound, and joined the upgrade Sonicmaster Preminum sound optimization technology, making the notebook speakers sound more full and true. Software portfolio, professional-grade the MAXX Audio sound management can further improve the sound, repair music in the treble, bass and weaknesses, you can adjust the settings to create more freedom of personalized.


ASUS K45V Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V
Capacity: 50Wh / 6Cell
Weight:  348g
Color: Black or Grey

When you open a Toshiba L835 box, give me the first feeling is the full sense of this machine metal. The machine uses metal body design, cover and shaft with a metal material, metal material applications not only makes the notebook more durable, while the appearance of more texture. Its bottom metal paint coating, roof supplemented by the personality of the floating-point texture, and highlights the metallic luster and exquisite workmanship of the notebook, giving a strong visual impact.


Flip the fuselage look at the back of the Toshiba L835 can be seen that the thermal window distribution is fairly reasonable, thermal windows are mainly concentrated in the right side of the notebook D surface, the author in the normal use of the whole excellent cooling effect, when playing a game In addition to the right side of the fuselage some overheating of the outlet and hard palm rest area, other parts of the cooling effect is good.


Toshiba launched a new Satellite series, Toshiba L835 provides us with a rich interface, from songce this machine interfaces usually work, we often used in the Toshiba L830 has rendered.


As can be seen from both sides of the fuselage, the Toshiba L830 is equipped with the interface of the current mainstream market, the left side from the back followed by the hook locking RJ-45 network interface as well as two USB3.0 interface. The right side of the power supply interface, VGA interface, HDMI high-definition output interface, a USB3.0 interface and audio input and output interface.


TOSHIBA Satellite L835 Battery Compatible original Battery Code:
PA5023U-1BRS PA5024U-1BRS PA5025U-1BRS
PA5026U-1BRS PA5027U-1BRS PABAS259


Toshiba L830 thermal window in the right side of the fuselage, the operation of the mouse if the user for a long time then would feel an impact, thermal windows at the bottom of a more reasonable distribution and metal paint coating, combined with the floating of the personality point texture, highlights the metallic luster and exquisite workmanship of the notebook, giving a strong visual impact.

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