ASUS A46C A46CM Battery VS ASUS A56 A56CA Battery

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Restart time is about 18 seconds, thanks to the SSD solid state drive quickly store and read speed performance advantages are also ultra-extreme differentiation reflected. Ivy Bridge platform over most of this cooling effect, it should be a lot of people are concerned about the same 17W power consumption of the new platform processor, due the update process technology, and 3D transistor technology, in theory, a new platform for ultra-pole of the temperature will decrease, and this time we used FurMark tool notebook under room temperature conditions of about 25 °, continuous high load running half an hour, with warm gun test surface temperature.


The test results show that the ASUS A46C C surface temperature up to 46 ° C for half an hour waiting in the high-load operation, the main high temperature zone is concentrated in the outlet area above the keyboard, left close to the screen axis, the temperature and the previous generation of ultra-pole of this product is similar to this place far distance palmrest does not have any impact on the use of the palm rest part of the temperature of 36 ° C, very cool.


D surface temperature is normal, due to the back no outlet, the heat is concentrated in the shaft at the outlet near the maximum temperature of 43 ° C. Most of all the UltraBook notebook upgrade the Ivy Bridge platform, ASUS A46C with 44wh ASUS A46C Battery Core i7-3517U processor model, we can see through the CPUID testing this processor a standard clocked at 1.9GHz, Core frequency can then be reach 2.8GHz, 22nm process technology, the power consumption is only 17W.


Many people think that pixel screen, the human eye easily fatigued, In fact, for each person, the brain has a strong gestalt tendencies we see incomplete incomplete, or display rough content, The brain automatically fill us can not see things and incoherent parts, so from this point of view, we see something more, more details will reduce the burden on the eyes.


Processor performance, we use CINEBENCH R10 test A10-4600M, and its multi-threaded score of 8200 in the middle level of the current mainstream notebook, with the score of the previous generation Core i5 processor quite basic to meet the day-to-day application demand for processor performance. SYSMark a hardware performance assessment tool launched by BAPCo organization, it can test the performance and production performance of commercial operation of the computer. In such a test, ASUS A46C achieved a total score of 121 points, this score is below the average mainstream notebook that test, the test results CINEBENCH R10 AMD 10 performance and Core I5 ??quite its SYSMark 2007 score should be around 150 points, and now only 121 copies of the reason, may test software on Intel processor optimization better due to the actual use of the process, A10 can also be good to meet Photoshop After Effects, 3ds Max and other business office software running needs. 3Dmark VANTAGE is a benchmark DX10 API-based software, The GPU test section can be more accurately demonstrate the level of gaming performance notebook. In such a test, we open AMD dual graphics mode in the software settings 3Dmark VANTAGE GPU score 16,682 projects in a lower-middle-level performance in the current mainstream notebook, gaming performance is more general.

"White collar", has been the envy of the majority of people, a group, they work decent salary, it can be said that the vast majority of American parents make every effort to send their children to the schools, the ultimate aim is to train to become a white-collar groups .


ASUS A56 Series notebookwith ASUS A56 Battery fuselage roof made of composite materials to create the surface using the HP Imprint process handling, with similar piano paint bright effect, and scratch resistance surface than piano paint technology. In addition, the body cover large area with a sedate black, but under its roof black background, dotted with bits and pieces of small sequins, showing a low-key gorgeous.

Conventional impression, white-collar family salary, their shopping concept has been biased in favor of high-end products, the recent network also appear on the new white-collar standard, "a monthly income of twenty thousand, two-bedroom, 150,000 $ scooter, but the standard one, many people are consciously go in addition to the title of their own heads and white-collar workers, and even some netizens friends lamented that he has been is a pseudo white-collar workers.


As another theme of the current experience will be the presence of all the friends together to watch a movie called "Fantasy Heart Tour" micro-movies, which occur several times a ASUS over most of this lens, the Internet users through the details of the answer in the micro-film The problem is the huge prizes.


The Asus A46CM with a 4cell ASUS A46CM Battery and a new listing ultra-extreme, the aircraft continued the K46C design, concentric circle pattern of aluminum alloy material roof at different angles to produce dazzling laser light effect. IPS screen with a resolution up to 1920 × 1080 13.3-inch body, color performance and viewing angle than traditional TN panel screen good, quite a lot, bring users unprecedented HD experience.


Our testing method is still at a room temperature of 28 degrees Celsius, so this books run Furmark the 1.92 the pagers software and AIDA64 comes pager program, and then, after more than two hours, this notebook's internal core temperature body surface temperature. Surface temperature, temperature detection equipment to detect the cooling performance of the notebook. In order to facilitate the observation of the whole temperature distribution, we get the temperature distribution through the instrument detection, record and mark the temperature of the various parts of the aircraft most of the heat accumulation in the left area of ??the keyboard and the screen below the cooling air outlet position, the palm rest and the right area of ??the keyboard less heat, the temperature is more comfortable in the long-term practical experience in the palm rest. ASUS A56CA the temperature distribution is good, but the location of the vents is still a little hot.


The ASUS A56CA orthodox, belonging to the family of its fuselage materials and workmanship inherited a consistently high quality. The all-aluminum body is quite solid, tough lines with sleek corner treatment use just right. , The details of the border of the screen just the right not only inherited a series of excellent qualities, narrow frame design also greatly enhance the user's visual experience.


Hardware configuration, A56CA with ASUS A56CA Battery equipped with third-generation Core i7 processor and NVIDIA Kepler GT 640M significant independence, and battery life the aircraft there are more than five hours, it can be said that this is a highly integrated laptop . The fuselage materials, workmanship and hardware has long been a A56CA high prices, although the price is expensive, but also have to say that this is a good product. Of course, as the average consumer Faced with such a high price, or hope it cheaper

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