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The large size means more comfortable operation feeling, but for notebooks, the portability will be greatly reduced. Today we reviewed the ASUS A73AB is a located in the theater-level notebook, this machine uses a 17.3-inch high-definition LED backlit LCD screen, its huge volume called notebook computers in the cruisers. Although at the expense of some mobility, but the large size of the screen allows the user to get a better video experience. A73 practical design for the user to create cinema-quality visual enjoyment.


Advantage of 17-inch notebook is still in its interior space for cooling, and the life of the machine itself has to help, and the design of the interface can also be more rich, more reasonable arrangement. The most important point is that, relative to the small size laptop, big screen can also reduce the burden of the user eyes.


ASUS A73 shell with the common market, HP Imprint technique, evenly distributed in dot-matrix pattern. The huge the ASUS metal LOGO embedded in the middle position, the overall look simple, but without losing the fashion element. Due to its positioning in the theater-level notebook, so the large size of the screen is essential. The machine uses a 16:9 golden ratio 17.3-inch LED-backlit high-definition LCD screen, the resolution of 1600 x 900.


ASUS A73BY Battery detail:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V or 11.1V
Capacity: 48Wh / 6Cell
Weight:  357g
Size: 205.10 x 55.10 x 20.10 mm
Color: Black


Asus A73 screen border with ordinary black paint technology and the upper-left corner of the same shell embedded metal ASUS LOGO. Black design to ensure that users enjoy the movie is not affected by the surrounding colors, better viewing experience for the user to create a theater-level. The top of the screen built a 1.3 million pixel camera, to facilitate the user's daily entertainment needs.

Weight of its huge body weight is naturally proportional. By our actual measurement, the whole of ASUS A73 weighs about 3.25 kg. Plus the power adapter, travel weight is about 3.8kg, the weight has exceeded our weighing of the weighing range, it did not shoot the picture of the travel weight.


ASUS A73 German Red Dot Design Award pulp curved ergonomic chiclet keyboard, the design is also by the majority of users praise its key key way to moderate plus more fit fingers touch, allow users to get a good percussion feel. At the same time as a 17-inch notebook, A73 have more space to accommodate a numeric keypad, user-friendly for everyday use. Keyboard border with ordinary ABS plastic material, matte process, feel more desirable.


The top of the keypad with the metal material, and joined the drawing process, it is extremely delicate looking. Aircraft cooling vent design in the back of the fuselage, so the metal material in the region can enhance the cooling effect of the machine. Power button on the right design, embedded green light, the left is part of the status indicator (wireless, caps lock and numeric keypad lock). Rightmost printed speaker brand and the SRS symbol, indicating that the machine uses the Altec Lansing speakers and SRS Premium Sound audio restoration technology, so users can enjoy sound effects similar to surround home theater version of, so as to further enhance the video and audio of the user to enjoy the experience.


At the same time as another highlight of the Asus A73, we have seen in the left palm care at the "Feel the Cool the Comfort" flag indicates that the aircraft is equipped with integrated cooling technology IceCool (cool cool) design. On the motherboard, precision design, optimization of internal cooling module, and joined the the ASUS ADTD cooling technology to achieve a long time around the palm rest at the body's temperature is below 25% of the average temperature in the summer heat, allowing users to get rid of prolonged use of the hot issues brought annoyance, a cool summer.


ASUS A73SD Battery Compatible original Battery Code:
70-NX01B1000Z 70-NXH1B1000Z 70-NZY1B1000Z
70-NZYB1000Z A32-K72 A32-N71


ASUS A73 touchpad design is also very particular about using the popular one-piece design, and uniform distribution of concave points into a lattice-like, and with the surrounding palm rest at the HP Imprint process, the actual use of touch oris good. Observant users may have noticed that the touchpad is not designed scroll bar, the use will not be inconvenient?

In fact, change the touchpad supports multi-touch allows users to use two fingers for scrolling, it is still very convenient to use. The left and right buttons with the echoes of the metal with the top of the screen LOGO design, the key-way medium, feel good.


Interfaces, ASUS A73 left side of the fuselage design: two USB 2.0 ports, three in one card reader (SD / MMC / MS). The right side: external power supply, RJ-45 interface, VGA, two USB 2.0, microphone and headphone jack. For theater-level notebook, the HDMI interface is also essential, the interface is arranged in the fuselage behind the same design at the back there is the distribution of heat vent about all the security keyhole and the middle two. Overall, the interface design of the machine is both rich and practical, while for the placement of more reasonable, fully meet the daily needs of the user.


ASUS A73 AMD Turion Dual-Core RM74 processor, clocked at 2.2GHz, 2M L2 cache, 1800MHz front side bus, equipped with the ATI Radeon HD4570 in the end discrete graphics, and 2GB DDR2 memory, 500GB hard drive, and pre-equipped with the Windows 7 operating software.


Overall in the configuration, ASUS A73AB, practical-based and fully meet the position the daily needs of the target population. Equipped with end discrete graphics and high-capacity hard disk with a 17.3-inch big screen, which can be good enabling users to enjoy the charm of the theater-level products.

ASUS A73SM Battery Fit machine:
ASUS A73 Series
ASUS A73B Series ASUS A73BR Series ASUS A73BY Series
ASUS A73E Series ASUS A73S Series ASUS A73SD Series
ASUS A73SJ Series ASUS A73SM Series ASUS A73SV Series
ASUS A73SW Series ASUS A73T Series ASUS A73TA Series
ASUS A73TK Series


Compared with before the A71, A73 either design or hardware aspects of the new breakthrough, ASUS A73 is not only the Intel Core 2 Duo processor T6400 is also equipped with nVidia Geforce 9300M GS discrete graphics card, together with the 17-inch widescreenenough to powerful entertainment performance on its head. The detailed configuration, let us see quickly.


Design, ASUS A73 ASUS exclusive "Infusion" process, and the use of side A "ribbon style" Obscure perfect similar paint effects processing, on the whole visual effect to highlight the beautiful fashion. extravagance. ASUS A73 at the top of the 17.3-inch LED screen embedded in a 1.3 million high-definition camera, user-friendly and better maintain the communication between and his comrades, or demand for a variety of entertainment video anytime, anywhere.


Interfaces, ASUS A73 right side of the fuselage, power connector, card reader, five USB 2.0 ports, RJ11, RJ45 cable interface, arranged in a reasonable scalability. Configuration, ASUS A73 equipped with a Core 2 Duo processor T6400, the highest frequency of 2.0GHz, and uses the nVidia Geforce 9300M GS discrete graphics memory is 512MB; also comes standard with 1GB memory and 250GB hard drive, basically to meet the user need to use. ASUS A73 with 48Wh ASUS A73TK Battery is equipped with a 17-inch widescreen display with a resolution up to 1600 × 900 display is more superior.


Another highlight of the ASUS A73AB its own IceCool (cool cool) technology for laptop users in the summer heat, like a Popsicle to give users a cool feel. And the official price of the machine has a certain cost-effective, relative to a mid-range discrete graphics and 17.3-inch screen notebook, it is quite reasonable.


ASUS A73 as a 17-inch notebook has a strong entertainment and gaming performance, but the larger body and reduces the weight of its portability.

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