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Although the 17-inch sizes make the program portable Asus A73 at discounted, but the Asus A73 in outstanding performance at the same time it is to bring a better user experience. In order to ensure i5 430M processor with NVIDIA GeForce GT 325M graphics card with excellent energy consumption under control is still available, the product first introduced the NVIDIA Optimus technology, automatic identification system using Optimus routing load, according to the actual needs of users of graphics cards with real-time adjustments to the program. HD playback and 3D in the daily entertainment, each with a good performance, more suitable for those who are not demanding application requirements for mobile entertainment experience but focus on the effect of the mainstream players to choose.


Network communication capabilities, this product uses Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6200 AGN wireless LAN and Intel 82577LM Gigabit Ethernet combination, partial support 802.11a/b/g/n wireless LAN protocol, the maximum speed can reach 300Mbps, while allows users to create wireless LANs. The wired LAN connection can support 10/100/1000M, relative to other business notebooks, this product of network communications hardware used the same brand, for the overall stability is good news, and this is what business people need of.


In the interface and expansion capabilities, this A73 notebook has 3 USB2.0 interface, a D-SUB, 1 个 eSATA \ USB2.0 mix, 1 HDMI, 1 RJ-45, 1 x IEEE1394 and 1 group audio, Mike interfaces, in addition to a built-in 5 in 1 card reader, to meet the needs of the vast majority of everyday use. We use a series of test software to determine the actual performance of this A73, in the test, we installed the English version of Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Version 6.1.7600 version of the operating system to be tested. Test content will include a systematic review, PCMark Vantange other variety of test software.


Windows Experience Index score is the Windows built-in computer performance evaluation system for notebook computers performance testing. Evaluation software on the processor, memory, graphics, game performance, the main hard drive performance of the five components are given the appropriate score to help ordinary users to quickly determine the balance of the system and the basic performance of each subsystem.


ASUS A73SV Battery detail:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V or 11.1V
Capacity: 48Wh / 6Cell
Weight:  357g
Size: 205.10 x 55.10 x 20.10 mm
Color: Black


We received this A73 prototype uses a Seagate hard drive, this model ST9320423AS 320GB of hard disk with larger capacity, speed reached 7200 rpm speed, with the QM57 can achieve 3.0Gbps high-speed transmission, while 7200 caused by high-speed performance is also very good solution to the notebook system disk performance bottleneck is the problem. ASUS also another piece of data security with hard drive shock, can fully guarantee the security of user data.


From the test results, in standby and idle ASUS A73SV with good support for NVIDIA Optimus technology, the surface has a more ideal power control, the whole operation at high loads under the maximum power dissipation is 55.5 watts. As the body dies more space, high-load products in the long run the C side of the fuselage under the main areas produce almost no heat accumulation, the maximum temperature of 40.4 degrees Celsius. In contrast, the bottom vent location near heat slightly, reaching 40.8 degrees Celsius. The maximum temperature of the body where the - the temperature of the processor vent only 46.8 degrees Celsius, due to vents in the fuselage on the left, so the heat of comfort for the user to use minimal impact.


We learned through the previous test, Asus A73 notebook is the most prominent feature high performance at the same time, its capabilities and experience regarding the effectiveness of further optimization, such as carrying B & O ICEpower audio technology, world-renowned, the new USB3.0 specification, a new generation of dual graphics cards and the action too touchpad inadvertently switching technology, reflects a humanized design. From the performance point of view, although Asus A73 notebook located in the entertainment platform, but its application in performance is close to the versatile applications.

ASUS A73SJ Battery Compatible original Battery Code:
70-NX01B1000Z 70-NXH1B1000Z 70-NZY1B1000Z
70-NZYB1000Z A32-K72 A32-N71


Assessment from the system point of view, this A73 of the overall final score of 5.0 in each sub-item in the desktop graphics performance becomes the bottleneck of the whole system, but this result was 5.0 allows users to accept too, and that such performance AERO for users, and other operating systems on desktop effects do not have much impact. In other sub-item, with higher performance, memory and hard disk parts have been given a score of 5.9, and four threads with dual-core processing power Core i5 540M processor is 6.6 points has been the assessment of results. Assessment scores to analyze the integrated system, although some of the desktop graphics score is low, but as long as users avoid the application of those requirements for high performance graphics processing large 3D games and programs, such a great graphics performance or to meet part of the user requirements, and the processor, memory and hard drive are sufficient to meet part of the performance of mainstream applications.


Before testing the overall performance at the beginning, we focused on A73's processor and hard disk performance test, the test in this section, we mainly use the CINEBENCH R10, HD Tune Pro software for both a simple and intuitive test. CINEBENCH R10 use of film and television industry, software development, Cinema 4D special effects engine, you can test the CPU and graphics performance. Test consists of two, respectively, for the processor and graphics performance. The first test simply use the CPU rendering a high-precision 3D scene images on a single processor, single thread runs only once, if the system has more than one processor core or multi-threading, then the first time use only one thread, the first the second run all the processor cores and threads. The second test is for the OpenGL graphics performance.


Results from the final test, Intel Core i5 540M processor, thanks to its higher clock speed, 3MB of L2 cache and dual-threaded processor capacity nuclear power plant, in the single-core rendering test score of 3230, 7194 dual-core test score points. 3503 points score has fully proved the NVS 3100M graphics applications in the professional side of this excellent performance.


In HD Tune Pro test, this Seagate 320GB hard drive performance makes us feel quite satisfied with the hard drive's average transfer rate of 74.5MB / s, seek time was 16.1ms, burst transfer rate of 56MB / s, from such a performance point of view, this 320GB hard drive capacity sufficient to meet most of the daily work and entertainment needs.


ASUS A73T Battery Fit machine:
ASUS A73 Series
ASUS A73B Series ASUS A73BR Series ASUS A73BY Series
ASUS A73E Series ASUS A73S Series ASUS A73SD Series
ASUS A73SJ Series ASUS A73SM Series ASUS A73SV Series
ASUS A73SW Series ASUS A73T Series ASUS A73TA Series
ASUS A73TK Series

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