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Speaking of the top of this game, I am sure you will think of Dell Alien series, alien game this not only has the body design of the super-cool, almost unbeatable mainstream desktop performance. In fact, in recent years there is a vendor are also high-end game constant force in the field, it is well-known board manufacturers SAGER. Today SAGER product line has expanded to laptops, peripherals, servers and other fields, the notebook line is full of ambition, increasingly rich product range.
This year the SAGER released a variety of professional-grade gaming notebook before NP9170 and NP9150 give the majority of game enthusiasts left a deep impression. Today to evaluation is a SAGER latest all-AMD platform top game of this model NP9130. This pure AMD platform to build games this equipped with AMD's top mobile graphics HD 7970M graphics performance is very strong addition equipped with a 15.6-inch 1080p Full HD screen has the face of mainstream games currently on the market there was no pressure, very superior display the effect of fine quality, 3D games, rich lifelike effect. The NP9130 wth 9cell SAGER NP9130 Battery also can be the perfect support for three-screen output, display aspects of scalability is also doing very well.


The SAGER NP9130 whole configuration AMD A10-4600M quad-core processor, 8GB DDR3 1600 Dual Channel Memory, 750GB mechanical hard drive, HD 7970M 2GB DDR5 alone significantly HD 7660G fusion single significant superior graphics capabilities of the machine. Prices, this pure professional game in this AMD platform is priced at just 7999 yuan, the price is very good. The machine songce Windows7 Professional Edition operating system, and the retail version of the NP9130 will be equipped with brand-new Windows 8 genuine operating system directly. The specific characteristics of this machine, see the next detailed evaluation of the content.


The exterior design of the professional game in this has been a very important place of manufacturers and game enthusiasts, basically as cool as possible. Assertive than the GT series, SAGER NP9130 body color compared low-key, pure black seems full of mystery. The fuselage then still more edges of the avant-garde of the game in this common three-dimensional design, A surface near the rear fuselage with a layer of similar skinned black honeycomb material, can play the role of non-slip, while other areas of the A side are piano paint materials occupy the, NP9130 whole body calm and without losing the domineering. NP9130 body A surface intersection of the four facades has SAGER polygon English LOGO LOGO internal honeycomb pattern only play an ordinary plane modified.


The ASUS A75 appearance with A75DE with 6cell ASUS A75DE Battery of different in our expectations. The Y570, A75VM corresponding Y470/480 is not the same, according to the usual practice ASUS Both products have their own appearance. Remove the new A75 orange waist, not A75DE the IMF printing technology in favor of a wire drawing process of aluminum shell.


Frames is the amount of the transmission of pictures in a time of 1 second, can also be understood as the graphic processor refresh a few times per second can. When the object is removed, the impression of the optic nerve of the object will not disappear immediately, and continue about 1/24 of a second of time, of this nature, the human eye is called "the eye's persistence of vision". Theory is to say, no matter how high your game frame rate of 60 or 120, and finally we are only able to distinguish about 24. If only 24 but the actual game screen, the visual experience and not very smooth.

Game frame reflects the standard of the game to run smoothly, and most cases can be so classified, slide level: 20; 2, playability is very low: the number of frames 20-30; 3, can accept: frames 30-50; 4, run smoothly: frames 50-60; perfect run: the number of frames is greater than or equal to 60. That is generally the number of frames is greater than 60 is not meaningful, then you can get better visual effects to increase the game quality.


Very satisfied with the test results makes the game most of the picture are floating around in 100FPS in the close-up of the individual players will be dropped to about 60FPS, in general, there is no pressure. A75 configuration almost identical because the two A75DE we received the hardware test game test results are almost the same. Read so many generations Y, Y, the most profound experience is the A Series one after another sales peak, did not meet the previous results, graphics capabilities can be extended to the new A75/400 in similar the product is very prominent, the small Y sturdy still continues. A75 compared A75DE with a more solid alloy shell, feel and texture have improved, in addition it also has a very cool red backlit keyboard certainly loved by many game users.


Professional game this due to taking into account the hardware configuration and cooling issues, so the body is very thick, providing enough space and flexibility but also to the expansion interface settings. SAGER NP9130 will all video output interface settings in the middle of the rear fuselage and rear fuselage interface from left to right notebook keyhole, power, RJ-45, VGA, mini DP and HDMI. Will need to frequently connect the data cable interface using style home design can significantly reduce the chance of data lines entwined.


Often need to connect the data cable interface design in the rear fuselage, the NP9130 the left and right sides of the fuselage space is very well-off, the USB interface design in which both sides are also more conducive to mating. The SAGER NP9150 with high capacity SAGER NP9150 Battery left side of the fuselage interface from left to right order USB3.0x2 SD card reader and USB3.0 interface, the right side of the fuselage interface from left to right as a headset microphone, audio output, USB2.0 and DVD drive .
The NP9130 interface variety, USB3.0 up to 3, in addition to HDMI and mini DP multi-screen technology with AMD graphics can easily achieve the three-screen display, regardless of the game or the day-to-day use are very practical.

15 inches with a DVD drive fuselage comes HD 7970M this monster alone significantly SAGER NP9130 body weight will naturally not very light. Electronic scales measured the SAGER NP9130 bare metal weight of approximately 3.395kg, travel weight of approximately 4.390kg, portability is very general, of course, buy this laptop a friend will not hold anything against the stalwart body and weight, after all, fish and bear's paw can not have both.


ASUS A75 keyboard surface and back the same process Hop brushed aluminum panel, so it's the use of materials cost than A75VM with ASUS A75VM Battery much higher. Metal shell not only enhance the compressive strength of the machine, but also to improve the passive cooling efficiency, and metal craft looks will upscale. The the ASUS A75 A75DE whole thickness similar to a thickness of 15.5-36mm, the whole weight of 2.827kg, travel weight of 3.314kg. Title game notebook in terms of weight and thickness is not very satisfactory, A75 portability natural can not be compared with ordinary notebook.


SAGER NP9130 is equipped with a 15.6-inch 16:9 1080p Full HD TN matte screen and a maximum resolution of 1920 × 1080 screen display is very delicate, matte material can prevent glare interference caused by the human eye The game this matte screen is very important. Piece of notebook screen is also HD 7970M best partner, NP9130 with this display and graphics is to allow you to play the game when the full effects, enjoy high-definition games bring visual impact.

Many 15.6 inches notebook with 1366x768 resolution screen, even including some of the games this self-evident the SAGER NP9130 piece full HD screen on the significance of the game, the actual display is very delicate, higher resolution also can bring a larger display area. Although the 1080p full HD screen, TN material or poor performance in the upper and lower viewing angle, of course, this is not a big problem for the game this is.


NP9130 with a raised backwards shaft design, the screen maximum opening angle of more than 180 degrees, very broad applicability, IPS material, the opening angle of over 180 degrees will be more meaningful. The game notebook also need a good quality cameras such as the player character state recording. NP9170 with a 9cell SAGER NP9170 Battery and a 720p high sensitivity camera, video screen delay is small, the quality is also good.

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