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In recent years, in the field of business notebook ASUS action not more than the launch of the business products compared to other first-tier notebook manufacturers launched. Asustek launched the ASUSPRO B Series notebook is the only Asus Business notebook series, which models positioning mainstream business, although the few products, but their model features a striking design, safety, performance and configuration both characteristics.


Most important for business people, the stability and security of the notebook, the notebook performance, entertainment and other aspects of the genus followed by a trusted business machine must be in a stable, safe in these two areas to be safeguarded. ASUS B23E The business of this, performance in these two areas are quite good, the next evaluation will be in-depth understanding of this business.


In this evaluation, to bring you the Asus B23E laptop, the classic 12.5-inch mainstream models, professional business as a high-quality products, excellent workmanship and solid materials are the main characteristics of the aircraft. Equipped with a Core i5 2430M processor, fully able to provide adequate office performance support for business users. The overall design of the product is stable utility-based, thick body gives users more reliable feel.

As one of the most talked about business notebook ASUS ASUSPRO main product, the 12.5 inches of B23E in the overall design continuation of the business classic style, pure black body is dignified and low-key, calm and restrained, in line with the business style. Roof surface with a fine matte painting process, commendable embedded roll cage to provide users with the most efficient data protection.


ASUS B23E Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V or 11.1V or 11.25V
Capacity: 5200mAh / 6Cell
Weight:  354g
Size: 203.50 x 47.70 x 21.40 mm
Color: Black


ASUS B23E a 12.5-inch matte screen, the standard resolution of 1366 x 768. Compared to normal glossy screen matte screen glare advantage applies to a variety of environments, especially in strong light place. For a business this is a matte screen to better reflect its business value.


Embedded screen in the Asus B23E above a user commonly used webcam to facilitate the business users to make use of web conferencing communication in video conferencing, the other camera is equipped with a physical mask, aspects switch camera video sneak the head, to prevent to a certain extent, network security can be protected.


ASUS B33E using business models and practical metal hinge shaft, and proud of this design principle, the screen opening and closing angle up to 150 degrees. In addition, this model of the shaft had been strengthened to deal with, can guarantee good damping force of the screen at any angle, and does not adjust the angle, the screen back and forth.

Interfaces, ASUS B23E fully equipped, and are equipped with a common interface and the interface of the needs of business people. Also, the machine hard drive with shock-proof design, shockproof hard disk dynamic sensing components of the G-sensor can protect confidential data safe and secure additional shock cushioning material can slow down the chances of hard drive damage during transport, as to ensure data safe and reliable.

ASUS B23E fuselage right side of the interface from right to left are the notebook keyhole, power connector, Modem interface, Ethernet interface, VGA output, USB 3.0 high speed interface, HDMI interface, an ExpressCard/34 slot and Smart Card The reader, from the number of interfaces and types are basically the same as with the mainstream business notebook, the distance between the interface design is reasonable.


ASUS B33E battery Compatible original Battery Code:
15G10N373800 90-NED1B2100Y 90-NWF1B2000Y
A32-M50 A32-N61 A32-X64
A33-M50 L062066 L072051 L0790C6


Fit machine:
ASUS B23 Series ASUS B23E Series
ASUS B33 Series ASUS B33E Series


Asus B23E business this interface is equipped with fairly complete, and the latest USB3.0 for data transmission to provide high-speed experience, business people, ExpressCard/34 slot and a common smart card reader on the notebook are equipped with. Can be said in the interface area, the B23E with a very comprehensive and useful. The keyboard part is the most frequent contact with man-machine, the keyboard feel is good or bad, and C side of the overall design of the layout is good or bad, directly affect the user's actual experience and sensory experience for business notebook does not need to design to do a lot of live flowers, just need to keep the overall style of the calm, be reasonable regulation of the keyboard feel, you can make the user is satisfied with. B23E do at this point the good, C side panel is also mainly black, matte surface coating treatment, in line with business notebook calm, simple features.


ASUS B Series as a business notebook, fingerprint identification equipment is essential. The fingerprint identification device with its supporting application software, implementation of the confidentiality of the boot, the screen to protect confidential and documents, confidential directory. Needed to decrypt the occasion, as long as the user's finger on the fingerprint window can be.


The floating keyboard is a keyboard design is more popular nowadays, its advantage is a wider space between the keys and key, floating keyboard drawback is the universal key process design shorter, the general feel, but the keyboard of the Asus B23E The key process control is more reasonable, the use of touch can still be comfortable to describe, in addition, this machine uses a spill-resistant keyboard can also give users more security protection.


ASUS B23E front of the fuselage is equipped with a commonly used wireless card switch and multi-card reader. The right side of the card reader system indicator, namely, the power indicator, battery indicator, hard drive status lights, wireless network status indicator and numeric keys light. The shortcut buttons, B23E has three mode buttons, located left of the keyboard, function of the power mode switch, the switch of scene modes, touch pad switches.


ASUS X73SJ Battery detail:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V or 11.1V or 11.25V
Capacity: 4400mAh / 6-Cell
Weight:  351g
Size: 205.11 x 55.11 x 20.11 mm
Color: Black or White


Subsection 17-inch new entertainment models - ASUS X73S the same exclusive ASUS Infusion "process A surface use" ribbon style "Obscure and paint-like effect of the perfect combination,the anti-irradiation of the light sheen overflowing. Unlike previous X71 roof are silver-gray paint the whole surrounded by palm rest at and touch pad are embedded in a very pleasant M50Vn bar texture, the whole visual effect highlight was beautiful fashion, extravagance full.

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