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ASUS B53 keyboard does not change, this chocolate keyboard key-way medium, soft feel, on the middle of the whole keyboard feel, has a good performance in a similar keyboard. Addition B53 there is a one-piece touchpad, left of the touchpad is very wide. It is not known whether or not to support multi-touch support win8 system after the arrival of the experience will be more convenient to use. October 26th, Microsoft will officially release operating system, wIndows8, nearly a month since the new replacement a new win key bits identify. The ASUS B53 is also good upgrade Win8 preparation.


B53 small details change, such as a hollow hole at the top of the keyboard emerging. Of course, this line of hollow just for aesthetics, more importantly, can speed up the air flow below the hollow texture, speed up the cooling speed. Usually in this position to make a hollow design notebook based on experience are hidden below the sound unit, while the B53 of this design is to increase the heat. Generation 310E similar over most of this kind of lower shaft + wind hole design, the duct poor cause poor cooling, so the designers do some hollow hole in order to increase the air flow rate.


In addition to increase the heat hollow, B53 with ASUS B53A Battery bold with a dual-outlet design. Dual outlet inside the fan will bring noise but do not worry, we are in the process of using basic did not hear the fan sound, the overall feeling is still relatively quiet. In addition to increase the heat hollow, B53 bold with a dual-outlet design. Dual outlet inside the fan will bring noise but do not worry, we are in the process of using basic did not hear the fan sound, the overall feeling is still relatively quiet.


Found, B53 also replace the graphics card brand, have enough to meet the requirements of the performance and power of the previous generation of AMD alone significantly on our wrist rest, so I chose the most balanced performance and power consumption NVIDIA Geforce GT640M alone significantly latest IVB processor inside the machine hardware decrease in energy consumption can also reduce heat. Do so much to improve the design of the heating and select the actual effect how? Thermal testing: two heat-generating components of the CPU and the graphics card in furmark will machine all up and running, run for 30 minutes after the temperature at the meeting to a limit of height, we are using a thermal analyzer temperature detection (cross-amplitude temperature 28 ° C-55 ° C: below the lower limit of temperature displays black; exceed the upper temperature limit will appear white). ASUS B53's performance or expected to do a lot of thermal improvement, but the temperature is still relatively concentrated, two air outlet temperature have more than 60 ° C (140 ° F).


It is worth noting that the conversion in four modes, ASUS B43 with 6cell ASUS B43A Battery of the keyboard does not lock, so try to avoid the mistake caused by keyboard misuse. ASUS B43 for tablet mode state independent design several operating buttons, first the power button is located below the right side of the screen border, independent volume adjustment buttons are located on the bottom right corner of the screen. ASUS B43 built-in gravity sensor device in the vicinity of the power button can also see the corresponding switch. Same the notebook mode screen fixed in tablet mode can still similar fixed groove, but this time at A shell on both sides of the C shell on both sides of the rubber protrusions dual any.


ASUS B43 C shell, you can still see a lot of relatively short rubber protrusions, their duties buffer outside pressure, but I just conventional rotary screen use has been found that A shell has a curved mark, though, and not irreparable damage (can be wiped off with a wet cloth), but do not know the impact of a long time. Overall ASUS B43 Tablet mode use has been relatively mature, but not perfect. First is to convert each tablet mode to notebook mode, because not equipped with a stylus must undergo touch operation, has been contaminated with a lot of fingerprints on the screen, will more or less affect visual comfort, they still need regular cleaning . In addition, when used in tablet mode, the heat vent will be blowing straight human, blocking the live outlet, thus affecting the cooling efficiency.


Very cool the other parts of the body are maintained at about 33 ° C, this temperature performance is good in the state of roast machines are relatively cool temperature of the right-hand man often press the keyboard position. This looks out the outlet design itself is difficult to solve the heat accumulation troubled, if not sinking the shaft, then perhaps there would be no problem. the ASUS R503C Battery with question: How to choose to see the designer's ideas, this position heat consumer experience has little impact, but whether it will affect the life of the top of the screen is hard to say.


CineBench is a Cinema 4D effects engine developed for the film and television industry, you can test the CPU and graphics performance. Major consideration its CPU processing part of routine testing. The test is divided into two: The first test simply use the CPU rendering a high-precision 3D scene screen only run in a single-processor, single thread, if the system has more than one processor core or support multithreading, the first to use only one thread, the second run all the processor cores and threads. Strange i7-3615QM with 3610QM main parameters are exactly the same, the multithreaded test scores but only 18,488, compared 3610QM 21569 to be about 17% lower. In order to verify the results, we repeated the test several times found to fluctuate around 18,000 points, so you can conclude that the 3615QM the performance than the 3610QM To weaker, with 3612QM flat.


This year NVIDIA Kepler architecture alone significantly can be described as fame, because the increase in power consumption down performance, while the equivalent AMD alone was no confrontation touches on most of the new new release on the market are based on the "N card. GT640M entry-level graphics Kepler architecture, similar performance with GT550M and AMD 6750M, but it wins in a lower power consumption. B53 hard drive upgrade from 750GB to 1TB, however, the speed never 7200 dropped to 5400 rpm, increased disk capacity, read performance declined slightly. It built an m-SATA SSD, 8GB SSD is used for this the hibernate partition professional, fast wake-up function.


ASUS B43 with 5200mAh ASUS B43V Battery two speakers are located above the keyboard to the right and left sides, whether it is in tablet mode, standing mode or tent mode, the sound field is very direct, which sound effects can also achieve the best, the only downside is the ordinary notebook mode - While screen will live speakers. It would appear more reasonable 3 Series speaker design (in the B shell, the bottom of the screen), ASUS B43 screen is very thin, hard the speaker place to go, can not have both fish and bear's paw. In addition, ASUS B43 is also equipped with Dolby's fourth generation of home theater sound with a larger speaker, from the user experience theater sound shocking, nuances and visual effects for live performances.

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