ASUS Eee PC S101H S121 1002 Battery Tips

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Generally will have a lot of notebook peripherals can be used, but please note that as long as these peripherals connected to the notebook, even if the laptop does not work will consume power, so when we do not need to use ASUS Eee PC S101H Battery and these peripherals is best to them from the notebook taken down. There are a number of laptop such as the LPT port, COM port, etc., will not work, the power consumption of notebook, if you do not use these ports, preferably in the BIOS to disable it. If your laptop has infrared port and wireless card, when not in use can also put them off. When using the laptop a lot of friends like to use an external mouse, the need for power saving, better to use the mouse comes on the laptop, even if you want to use an external mouse, I suggest that you do not use the optical mouse, because it is more than ordinary mouse to be more cost electricity.
VII, software
Select the software running on the laptop, we do not have to use some functional and demanding, but the software on the system, we can choose some functions but with the same software at lower system requirements, such as the need for simplicity we only typing and ASUS Eee PC S121 Battery type, you do not use the OFFICE XP, its features, while powerful, but demands more system resources, we can use low-WINDOWS version of the OFFICE2000 even comes with WordPad and Notepad to achieve the same purpose, the so can significantly reduce the CPU and disk usage, also a good way to power.
The power-saving techniques for daily use
Daily use, some energy saving techniques adopted, the books can also be made to extend life for us, especially for some power-hungry "surveillance", the effect is very significant.
First, the notebook computer is a power-hungry LCD screen, reducing screen brightness can be very effective in reducing power consumption and extend battery life, dark environment does not require a higher brightness, we can appropriate to reduce it and save ASUS Eee PC 1002 Battery power. On the keyboard, most models a combination of keys to adjust screen brightness, for "Fn F6/F7", the specific operation instructions can be found randomly.
Second, reduce the screen brightness can reduce the power consumption of books.

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